February 19, 2024
Best digital streaming device.

Best digital streaming device.

Best Digital Streaming Device.

Training in any sport will involve preparation, from the warm up to the workout itself.  This will come in many ways, I personally like to listen to music or watch a movie. Using the best digital streaming device, is a good way to focus my mind.  Because I find a good beat quite soothing and in some cases very motivating. When it comes down to either of these, there’s nothing like using an internet streaming device.

But which is the best digital streaming device? One of the popular products on the market is the Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player. This is a big favourite and comes to you via a number of devices. Yet this Is just one of many!  I have looked at a few  makes and models, in the hope of finding the best streaming device.  I do believe it’ll be a challenge but one I’m willing to undertake.

This review is about the best digital streaming device out there. Best for value, quality and durability. I hope my findings helps you to find the best digital streaming device for you.  Please read on.

Chromecast Ultra Dongle.

This device is very small but powerful enough to deliver all your favourite programs straight to your TV, P. C and Mac. It has a plug and play facility, which allows you to connect it directly to the HDMI port of your TV or streaming device. This will allow you to access and stream live t.v

Your quality stream will be broadcasted in a crisp 1080 or 2K depending on the quality of the upload of course. But where this device falls short is its streaming capabilities, unfortunately it can only stream up to 1080k. Now this isn’t bad but compared with the competition it’s quite poor!  Because of this I would place this digital streaming device in the average section and continue my search for the best digital streaming device.

My other concern would be hacking issues with this device, technology is on the move and I think a little more needs to be invested into this product to insure our streaming information is kept safe. When it comes to value for money this digital device isn’t bad but it’s not the best digital streaming device.


<img src ="usb dongle.jpg" alt="best digital streaming device"/>

Best price from Amazon is £23.49

  • ✔️High Speed Chromecast – streaming device dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and wirelessly mirrors what you see on your phone to your TV which is called casting. G-Cast Ultra provides fast mirroring, reliable performance with minimal buffering and smooth streaming In 2k Picture Quality for your IOS Tablet, Android device or laptop to stream from thousands of Cast-enabled apps.
  • ✔️Unlimited entertainment – on your schedule. Choose from hundreds of enabled apps and this second generation ultra device will play them it’s as simple as that, it will play apps such as Netflix and YouTube, or browse over 200,000 TV shows and movies, plus 30 million songs, games and more. Discover a range of free, subscription or paid content from thousands of chrome cast app.

Best Live Streaming Device.

  • ✔️Stunning picture quality – Enjoy a crisper picture, deeper colour and smoother video with this screen streaming dongle up to 2K content to a 4K TV with G-Cast Ultras new feature. Whether your TV is 4K or HD, it automatically optimises content for the best picture quality possible.
  • ✔️Small size. Big performance – Get your shows playing fast, smooth and reliably with G-Cast Ultra’s robust processing power. Even if your Wi-Fi network isn’t ready for the demands of HDMI Streaming 1080p or 2K, G-Cast Ultra has a built-in Ethernet adaptor so you can enjoy smooth streaming over a wired connection.
  • ✔️What makes it Ultra? – Use G-Cast Ultra to get the best performance out of such a small casting streaming device with it being able to upscale your TV quality you can watch your favourite TV shows and films in the best possible quality your TV can handle, while still enjoying all the features that already come with the device. NOTE THIS IS NOT A GOOGLE DEVICE!


<img src ="usb dongle.jpg" alt="best digital streaming device"/>


Best Price from Amazon £12.97

Unfortunately where this device comes unstuck, is it doesn’t have WIFI connectivity which should be one of its basic abilities. You also need to power your Chromecast with a Chromecast 2. The only good thing now is that they both can be hidden behind your t.v. So the search for the best digital streaming device continues.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus.

This is a powerful and very well-designed wireless streaming device.  But is it the best digital streaming device money can buy?  It can stream images in 4K, it has an advanced wireless receiver that is 4 times stronger than its predecessor and comes with a new designed remote control, which also enables you to control your t.v channels and volume from one device.

Stream to your heart’s content whilst sitting in your comfy chair, sipping your favourite tipple or enjoying a well-deserved snack. This little live streaming device has a lot going for it and reasonably priced too.

This could grab your attention, it has captured mine.  The best digital streaming device should be a multitude of things, well priced, designed for today’s lifestyle and be tough enough to handle the job at hand!

  • TV Compatibility HD TVs Up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) with upscaling from 720p, 4K UHD TVs Up to 2160p at 60fps (3840 × 2160) with upscaling from 720p and 1080p, 4K UHD HDR TVs Supports HDR10 technology.

Amazon Price with free delivery £59.00

Best Digital Streaming Device.

Fire Stick 4K Ultra.

  • The most powerful streaming media stick with a new Wi-Fi antenna design optimised for 4K Ultra HD streaming.
  • Launch and control all your favourite movies and TV shows with the next-generation Alexa Voice Remote. Use the dedicated power, volume and mute buttons to control your compatible TV, sound bar and receiver.
  • Enjoy brilliant picture and immersive sound with access to 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos.

Beauty In The Making.

  • Choose from 200,000 movies and TV episodes. Enjoy favourites from Prime Video, BBC, Netflix, ITV, Channel 4, Disney, Curzon and others.
  • Experience thousands of channels, apps and Alexa skills, plus millions of websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Reddit.
  • Do more with Alexa – view supported live camera feeds, check the weather, dim lights, and stream music.
  • Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes, plus ad-free listening to over 2 million songs with Prime Music.
  • With top apps from BBC, ITV, Sky News and more, watch your favourite programmes live, as they happen. Or if you miss your favourite show, you can watch it on demand later. (Additional fees may apply)

Best Price Deal from Amazon £49.99


This bit of kit now comes with Alexa voice control and allows you experience 4K due to its fast new processor. This is a best-seller and makes it one of the best internet streaming devices that money can buy.

Finding your new movie or t.v series couldn’t be easier, just add the new Alexa remote control with voice activation and off you go! The best digital streaming device has landed, best-seller for a reason I dare say.

A very slick device, designed for streaming quality content but unfortunately it won’t play any Apple products which in some cases can be a bad thing. But its abilities are enhanced when it’s voice capabilities are used with Alexa. Could this be our winner?

Technical Details

Fire TV Stick 4K

Size 99 mm x 30 mm x 14 mm (only housing), 108 mm x 30 mm x 14 mm (including the connector).

Weight 53.6 g.  Actual size and weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Processor Quad core 1.7 GHz


Storage – 8 GB internal (actual formatted capacity will be less) available for apps and games.

Wi-Fi Connectivity. Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO) for faster streaming and fewer dropped connections than standard Wi-Fi. Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks.

Best Selling Media Devices – The Update.

Well what can I say the public have spoken.  Which tells me the best streaming device title goes to the Fire stick brothers. Both models have been best sellers, beating all reviewed models.

I would like to say I knew it was a very big contender but I thought it would have been beaten by Apple T.V.  Mainly because of it being an Apple product, boy was I wrong!

Go Internet Devices.


BT 4.2 and BLE Voice Support

Yes, with the all-new Alexa Voice Remote (included) or free Fire TV App (available for download on Fire OS, Android and iOS).

IR Device Control with included All-New Alexa Voice Remote

The included all-new Alexa Voice Remote can control Fire TV Stick 4K and certain functions (such as power and volume) on a wide range of compatible IR-enabled devices, including TVs, sound bars and A/V receivers. Note: Support varies by country, certain functions may not be available on some IR-enabled devices.

Cloud Storage

Free cloud storage for digital content purchased from Amazon.

Ports HDMI output, micro-USB for power only.

Audio Support

Dolby Atoms compatibility, 7.1 surround sound, 2 ch stereo and HDMI audio pass-through up to 5.1.

4K Support

To watch movies and TV shows in 4K Ultra HD, you need a compatible Ultra HD TV. All services may not be available in 4K/HDR.


<img src ="apple tv.jpg" alt="best digital streaming device"/>

Best Price from Amazon £178.99


Apple TV 4K (64 GB)

Now here comes Apple. A brand that’s well known and loved by many, hated by a few. To be fair Apple have created a brand where all their products work seamlessly together. This isn’t any different, the quality is second to none.

I can imagine listening to your favourite tunes through a pair of beats or taking in every explosion from the latest blockbuster while watching it all in stunning HDR quality. Yeah Apple have maintained a standard and superb quality and it is quite expensive, when compared with its competition but this is where Apple have cornered the market. Their devices work seamlessly with all of their devices and that would make any loyal fan take it for a spin!

Apple By Design.

So sit in your favourite armchair and shout out your commands to your faithful servant Siri who will obey your every wish. To some this is the best product on the market but I feel this comment is made due to the fact that this an Apple product, which is quite biased. Make your own decision on the facts which should be based on cost, durability and whether the product ticks all your requirements?


  • 4K High Dynamic Range (Dolby Vision and HDR10) for stunning picture quality, Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound.
  • A10X Fusion chip for ultra-fast graphics and performance.
  • Voice search by asking the Siri Remote.
  • View photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad on TV.
  • Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, ESPN, and thousands more apps in the App Store.

Technical Details

  • Apple TV 4K
  • In the Box
  • Apple TV 4K, Siri Remote, Power cord, Documentation, Lightning to USB cable

Networking . Gigabit Ethernet; 802.11ac Wi‑Fi with MIMO; simultaneous dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz); Bluetooth 5.0

Ports. HDMI 2.0a3, Gigabit Ethernet, IR receiver

Height 35 mm (1.4 inches)

Width 98 mm (3.9 inches)

Depth 98 mm (3.9 inches)

Weight 425g (15 ounces)

The ratings speak for themselves. A very lovable product from a respected company. Could this be the best digital streaming device? The statistics are beginning to point in that direction. But is it and if it’s not the best live streaming device, then where would it fit in?

Now TV Smart Stick With HD and Voice Search.

Now this live TV streaming device is the baby of the bunch. It has the potential to be among the best but falls short. It says no contract and no hidden charges but to watch the good stuff, like sports or some movies or the latest episode of your favourite show, you require a pass!

That does seem like a charge to me! Its output quality isn’t the best but I suppose you get what you pay for. It doesn’t cost much to buy but customer satisfaction is low. I can safely say this is definitely not the best digital streaming device or even the best live streaming device.

I’m not sure where I’d place this among the best digital streaming devices, so I’m going to leave that one up to you!

Choices, Choices?

Take a look at its statistics, they are pretty average.  Not bursting with the best tech but it’s cheap and could be quite tempting but possibly end up being very unfulfilling.

  • HDMI and WIFI for Easy set-up, no installations – Simply plug in the Smart Stick and start watching instantly.
  • NOW TV Smart Stick With HD & Voice Search
  • Enjoy Catch Up TV & Awesome Apps including Sky Channels, iPlayer, ITV Hub, My5, 4od
  • Watch amazing entertainment. No contract. No hidden fees
  • Tell the remote control what you’re looking for and let the Smart Stick do the rest.




Well what can I say, I like this quite a lot!  This streaming device does exactly what it says on the tin. Its design is smooth and it is user-friendly too, so this could be what I have been searching for. A live streaming device that works!  The price tag is a lot bigger than its competitors but I would urge you to remember the saying, “You get what you pay for”.

Now, that might sound harsh but it’s true, there’s so many streaming devices to choose from and a lot of them are well below the standard I would expect in the 21st century.

<img src ="nvidia.jpg" alt="best digital streaming device"/>

Best Price From Amazon £178.00

  • Killer View – Movies, TV shows and games look unbelievably good with best-in-class 4K HDR or high-definition 1080p.
  • Enjoy advanced Android gaming and stream amazing PC games with GeForce NOW. (Required SHIELD Controller)
  • Get the most comprehensive search results of any streaming device with results from over 100 apps.
  • SHIELD is 3x Faster than the nearest competitor so it delivers the snappiest, easy to use streaming experience.

Technical Details

Brand name Nvidia Item Weight 249g Product Dimensions 15.9 x 2.6 x 9.8cm Batteries:2 CR2 batteries required. (included)Item model number L380397 Colour Black RAM Size 3GB Hard Drive Size 16GB Voltage 220 volts Operating System Android Lithium Battery Energy Content 230 watt hours Lithium Battery Packaging Batteries packed with equipment Lithium Battery Weight 0.11 Grams Number Of Lithium Ion Cells 1


Let The Streaming Begin.

Well where do you go from here? We have a variety of devices which are very popular for one thing or another. As a consumer we have our streaming needs, in most cases we also have a budget of what we are prepared to spend on our toys. The best digital streaming device that does exactly what it says on the tin.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and If you have any questions or comments please just leave them below and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Happy Streaming! UTG.

12 thoughts on “Best Digital Streaming Device

  1. Hello, thanks for this article. The gadgets you’ve listed here are really fantastic for streaming online. However, is there any possibility for me to know the number of channels I can stream with each device? Does any of these devices also grant me access to Netflix? Hoping to get your feedback soon.

    1. Hi Louis.  When it comes down to using a streaming device your viewing potential is endless.  I wouldn’t be able to give you a figure but every app you install will bring enable you to view anything you choose.  Most wizards will offer you a catch up feature and a box set feature just like Sky does but without the massive cost.  So the sky’s the limit.  Enjoy! 

  2. Thanks for bringing in all this best digital streaming device in the market, I must commend you for taking your time to put all this together and selecting from best of the best. I have use some streaming device in the past and many fell short of what I expect in streaming device.looking at all this streaming devices you review in this article which one is the best to stream live matches with good picture quality 

    1. Hello.  When it comes down to finding a device that meets your needs you can often fall short.  I believe you should be looking for a device that offers a good memory, storage space would be good and future proof processor.  Most devices on the market will deliver you the game of your choice providing you have a good download speed.  Please also consider using a VPN to keep your viewing throttle free. 

  3. Hi Derek,

    I must say you have compiled a great list of some of the best digital streaming devices available in the market in your review. 

    I have been using Google Chromecast and have been thinking of replacing it with something more powerful and better. I am sure your article will be of great help in this quest of mine. Also I will be gladly sharing this article with some like minded people.



    1. Nick I’m glad I was able to lend a hand.  When it comes down to choosing a new device that’ll last a few years, a good review is what is required.  If you need anymore assistance please don’t hesitate to give me a nod.

  4. Thanks for this breakdown of streaming devices. I am in the market for one and am still weighing up the options. 

    After this review I am leaning towards the Amazon Firestick 4k ultra. Do you need to currently have an amazon echo for the Alexa voice control to work?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Jess I’m sorry to say that yes you do.  Once you have one they will work perfectly together.  The Amazon Fire stick is a great choice, during my review I thought it would have come out on top but it was beaten by other devices such as the Nvida shield which offered just a little more value for money.  But there’s a device for everyone and for you it’s the Amazon Fire stick. 

  5. Technology is advancing at a very fast rate. We are inventing new ways to listen to music watch television, browse the internet with maximum comfort and convenience. So,I saw this Smart Televisions and streaming device at a friends,it was beautiful and all but I assumed I’d have to break the bank to get them. And here I am looking at these best digital streaming devices and the Fore stick sister which I would be choosing from ain’t even up to $500. I wanna ask though, do these streaming devices go with just any HD TV? Or is there a special television for them.

    1. Hi Vapz.  The devices are very sophisticated yet easy to use.  Now to answer your question, they work with any smart television.  The thing to ensure you have is a good download speed, I believe that your T.V will become super smart once a streaming device is connected to it.  

  6. Thank you for this beautiful article. The HDMI port feature is always a cache for me. Highlighting the need for ensuring the security of streaming device from compromise by a hacker is really a good look-up in purchasing a digital streaming device. 

    High speed, stunning picture qualities, portability are also to be considered. However, people often ask questions like how much will it cost, how long will it last, what can I actually watch on a digital streaming device, which features am I concerned about and do I want it customized? Almost all these questions have been answered in this article.

    For me, I may consider the NVIDIA SHIELD TV with Remote for my game optimization. Thanks again for this article. 

    1. Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my review.  That was also my choice!  I would like to also say I have had mine for over 5 years and no issues.  A superb device.

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