December 1, 2023

As we get older, our bodies tend to slow down in quite a few ways.  One of the tell-tale signs can often be seen on our midsection growth!  This could be due to gaining unwanted pounds or even water retention, which does tend to affect women, more than men.  Either way, there’re many ways to lose weight, some are more effective than others.  The best way to lose abdominal weight for you, might not be the best way for someone else!  This is purely a statement, my opinion, because I know we are all different, in fact we are all unique.

My review is going to be focused on how to firstly avoid putting on weight and if all fails. Then, we need to have a great understanding of how to remove it.  If you’re new to losing weight and living healthily, then you’re in for a treat.  If you’ve travelled on the road to weight loss before and you lost your way.  I’ll be more than happy to help you get back on the right road to achieving your goals.

Weight loss, when done safely and sensibly, can bring many health benefits to your life and health.  So, let’s get our bodies back on track!

Best way to lose abdominal weight.

The first thing you need to understand is your body, how it functions and what it likes! Did you hear what I said? I hope you didn’t miss it!  And how I said it! I referred to your body, in the third person.  I tend to think like this about my own body and it makes sense to look at yours in the same way.  Your body is a living breathing entity, I hope you agree with me. It can assist you in doing many things, but in order for this to happen you must give it certain things:

  • Nutritious food.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Treats.
  • Nature.
  • Physical challenges.

Try to imagine how you would get a child to eat its food.  Does using your spoon, as an aeroplane spring to mind?  That’s the very first thought that popped into my head and If you’re a parent or you’ve fed a sibling, you can relate to it.  When it comes down to eating, we need to eat a healthy balance and being consistent on when we eat it, is important.

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The funny thing about this statement, is that most of us are unaware of how to achieve the best from our own body!  But to be honest with you, it’s not something I was taught at school.  I have had to learn about it, because of my love for sport and competition performance.

Nutritious foods.

Eating the wrong types of foods, is one of the main culprits for gaining abdominal weight.  What is the wrong types of food?  Well, to be blunt and straight to the point I’d say the wrong types of food are:

  • Chips or fries.
  • Burgers.
  • Pizza.
  • Kebabs.
  • Unbalanced mealsHigh in salt, unhealthy sugar and fats.

The list above is all about fast foods and unfortunately, fast foods are loaded with carbohydrates.  The best way to lose abdominal weight or to reduce it, is to avoid fast foods.  The calories they contain and the healthy complications they can cause, are far more damaging than just gaining body weight!  Each and every meal should be balanced, containing protein, carbohydrates, vitamin and minerals.

To be crystal clear, your protein intake can be any of the following sources:

  • MeatSteak, chicken, beef, turkey, etc.
  • BeansKidney beans, black eye peas, butter beans.
  • FishTuna, salmon, herrings, etc.
  • Eggs – An excellent source of protein.
  • Nuts – A good source of protein but can also be high in fats.
  • QuornVegetarian.
  • TofuVegetarian.
  • Cheese.

We all like food variety and eating healthy food is not just about how it tastes or looks.  Our food intake also contributes to your health and helps to boost your energy levels. To allow you to undertake your daily chores.

The power of vegetables.

Vegetables, should be a large part of your diet. Vegetables contain a very high supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which should not be missed.  The best advice I can give you here is, the greener the leaves, the more benefits they will contain.

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You should be aiming to consume:

  • BroccoliContains manganese, vitamin K & C, potassium sulforaphane.
  • CarrotsGreat source of antioxidants, vitamin A and beta-carotene.
  • SproutsContains vitamin K & C and kaempferol.
  • Cabbages Including red cabbage.
  • SpinachAntioxidants and vitamin K & A.
  • Garlic Contains allicin and is great to regulate blood for heart health.
  • BeetrootsFilled with antioxidants and anti inflammatory benefits.
  • PeppersContain vitamin B6 & C, beta carotene and folta.
  • OnionA cancer fighter, that is rich in manganese and vitamin B6.
  • Asparagus – A source of fibre, vitamin A, K & C and folate.
  • Mushrooms – Good for helping with cognitive function development and vitamin B & D.

The health benefits of vegetables is truly amazing.  They have the ability to aid certain ailments and prevent others, like certain types of cancer.

Regular exercise is important.

The most important organ in your body is your heart.  Exercise is one of the best ways to improve and maintain your heart’s health. Taking regular exercise 3 – 4 times a week will help to improve your overall health and fitness.  When you put on weight, especially around your midsection, removing it can be a difficult task!

Exercise is one of the best and most effective things you can do, to fight your weight gain.  Regular exercise will also improve heart health and your overall well-being. There’re many types of exercises available at the touch of a button.  In fact there’s something for everyone, regardless of your age or ability.

  • Walking Burns up to 100 calories per depending on your weight.
  • Running – Expend between 11 and 17 calories per minute, depending on body weight.
  • Swimming – Burn between 400 and 700 calories per hour depending on how vigorously you swim.
  • Circuit training – Burn between 240 and 298 calories depending on your body weight.
  • SkippingLose between 200 and 300 calories every 15 minutes.
  • Weight training Burn between 90 and 133 calories per floor session, but the more muscle density you have, the more calories are burned per session!
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I would suggest that, if you haven’t been involved in any physical activity for a while, your first port of call should be your doctor! Your body can overcome a lot of obstacles, but I would still urge a little care, especially on your first few outings. Start with free exercise’s, I. E walking or running.  My advice is to choose walking to start with, if you’re not used to exercise and as you improve start a running program.

Planning your treats.

I do believe that there’s nothing wrong with having treats, if you understand when and what is good for you!  The best way to lose abdominal weight, does depend a lot on how much sugary foods you eat and the amount of physical activity you get.  But, living your life, will or should I say, should involve treats too.  So, you should make room for chocolate, cakes and alcohol.  They key thing is to have a great understanding of how much and when to consume your treats.  Which can be:

Types of fruit – banana, melon, grapes, kiwi fruit, strawberries, blueberries, E.T. C.

  • CakesHome made or brought.
  • Pastries.
  • ChocolateDark, milk and white.
  • Boiled sweets.
  • Nuts – Brazil, cashews, peanuts, pistachios E.T.C.

The main reason why we crave a treat is the sugar or salt content.  Our body loves sugar and salt, both of which are regarded as drugs.  Now that you know that, you can now manage your urges in a balanced, educated manner.  Fruit contains sugar, but healthy levels and where needed you could always add chocolate sprinkles to a bowl of fruit.  Studies have shown that dark chocolate is much better for us, rather than milk or white chocolate, but I’d still lean towards moderation, rather than a type of chocolate.  We are encouraged to eat up to 5 types of fruit per day and this is a great place to start, while understanding your your sugar needs.

Mother nature.

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle, will go a long way to helping to burn additional calories.  But have you ever noticed that, sometimes no matter how many sacrifices you make, with what you eat, you still pile on the pounds!  That’s because of your genetic make up and the best way to lose abdominal weight, lies in making multiple regime changes.

Exercise, sleep, healthy eating are among the changes that need to take place.  But before you start making changes to how you live your life, I would first of all suggest you discover your body type.  My body type, you say!  Yes, your body type will give you vital information about how and where you’re more likely to put on weight, but also where you might lose it too!

This is what Mother Nature has given you and I’m truly sorry to say, you can’t beat Mother Nature!  You should know and understand your body type and you’ll be a step closer to achieving your weight loss success!

What’s your body type?

From the day you are born, the shape of your body has already been preordained. And whereas, you can make changes to your physique, it can be a struggle.  Some might choose a third option, which is cosmetic surgery, a choice that can be very effective but also expensive!

Men and women have 3 main body types, these are:

  • EctomorphYou’ll have a sleek physique, which can make building muscle difficult.  But weight loss should be easy.
  • EndomorphYour body shape is often referred to has pear shaped. Your body is also prone to storing fat.  If your body type falls into this category, you’ll probably find that your body will store fat around your waist, hips and thighs.
  • MesomorphIf you fall into this category, losing weight and building lean muscle will be easier than the other body types.

Knowing your body type, is like having a blueprint to target your weight loss goals.  This is easily the best way to lose abdominal weight and avoid any disappointments.

Train it away or diet?

There’s always a choice and your choice, at this stage is do I start a training program, to reduce my mid section.  Or, do I go on a strict diet?  I’m not a big fan of diets, only for the simple reason that not all diets work.  The sensible choice would be to change your lifestyle.  Make healthy choices, in all aspects of your life.  If you can adapt healthy choices, you’ll soon notice the changes in your appearance, especially around your midsection, depending on your body type!

If you’re ready to start a training program, then you will need to commit to at least 3 to 4 days a week, for approximately 15 to 30 minutes at a time, to give yourself a good chance of success!  Combine this with the knowledge of your body type and you’re off to a great start.  Add your targeted exercise with a healthy lifestyle change and you’ve created the perfect recipe for abdominal weight loss success.

Physical challenges.

Most of us, would like to think that we’re perfect and although no one truly is perfect. There are a lot of us who are born with physical challenges, which can make losing weight difficult.  In this situation losing weight or even keeping in shape is not easy. Having a body type that also stores body fat, would make the whole situation worse.

Whatever you do, please don’t make any disability a reason not to achieve your fitness or health goals.  Yes, I agree it will not be easy, but there’s nothing in life that’s easy!  What’s important, is what you’re willing to do, to achieve your target.  You’ll need to be mentally stronger than Mr and Mrs average.  But, I’m 100% sure that if you were born with any physical disabilities, you’ll possess a mental aptitude that will help you achieve anything, you put your mind to!

I’m very happy to say that your positivity means, it’s not the end of the road.  There’re special places and training facilities, designed to help you achieve and live a healthy life.  So, whatever your situation or category you fall into, never give up trying to achieve your goals!

My experience with abdominal weight loss.

I can remember my own battles with abdominal body fat.  For me, it was a matter of just wanted to look good, show off my chiselled abs.  Because I have always been involved in sport, at a national and International level, it wasn’t even excessive but I’ve always approached training, with the philosophy that I can always do better!

I was never complacent with my results in and that meant living a healthy lifestyle to improve my performance.  I found the best way to lose abdominal weight loss and keeping it off, was easy if I had a workout 4 -5 times a week.  But, not only did I train, I put the work in! You can only get out, what you put in”, so, for that reason I worked hard!

My healthy lifestyle consisted of meals at regular intervals, I still made room for treats too.  My weakness was chocolate and I mean all types, dark and milk chocolate was my favourites.  But I also realized that I could eat almost anything and providing it was in moderation, it didn’t really affect my training regime or my performance.

My conclusion.

We all have a life to live and I believe we should do our best, to achieve the best from our lives, no matter what.  Losing weight in a healthy way, can only benefit and enhance our life.  Because this review is about the best way to lose abdominal weight, it is specifically targeted to losing weight around the midsection.  I’ve spoken about the simple do’s and don’ts, in relation to food.

I have also focused on why starting an exercise program, would be of benefit to losing abdominal weight.  This is providing your physically able and you have consulted your doctor, prior to starting your training program.  Keeping your body fit and healthy, will have many bonuses to your life.  It will improve your sleep and skin too.  I would like you to adapt this philosophy and focus your new healthy lifestyle on being healthy.

It might take a little time, but from improving your lifestyle, by eating sensibly and working out daily.  Or where possible, you’ll start to notice the transformation in how you look and feel!  Making weight gain a thing of the past!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and I would like you to know, I will be available to answer any questions you might have.  If, you would like to leave a comment below, rest assured I will answer them as soon as possible.

Your fitness matters!

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