December 5, 2023
Can exercise improve physical health.

Can exercise improve physical health.

To maintain our well being we are encouraged to keep fit.   But can exercise improve physical health? My answer from the get go is yes it can. But exercise alone isn’t the key, it requires a good sleep pattern.  And a diet that suits your daily routine. Combine these units together and the benefits to your well being will be greatly enhanced. The benefits are immediate and long term.

Can Exercise Improve Physical Health?

The human body is made from living cells, these cells need fuel.  This comes from our food and hydration from what we drink. The cells form bigger groups, which are muscles.  Your muscles will require a steady stream of protein to maintain them. But it’s not just your muscles that benefits from your protein intake, your whole body benefits too!


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Benefits of exercise.

So exercise should be a part of your daily, weekly routine. The benefits to our body is quite extensive, exercise is key to building strength, increasing blood flow and muscle tone. So back to your question, can exercise improve physical health, the answer is yes, which should be more apparent to you too.
Let me take you back to your childhood, I would like you to focus on your primary schooldays. Have you got it yet? Now can you picture when you were taken on your first school cross-country run, which for some reason always seemed to be when it was raining. I personally couldn’t understand why we had to do it but we did and there was no getting out of it!

I can now see the bigger picture and it hurts me to say I’m thankful, for those torturing runs. The benefits were there I just couldn’t see or appreciate it.

The importance of exercise – can exercise improve physical health?

We all have a reason why we do the things, the reason why we do exercise is exactly the same. Even though exercise is important in many ways:
  • Heart disease.
  • Lungs – cardiovascular disease.
  • Blood flow.
  • Stress relief.
  • Strength.


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I would like to start by saying that your heart is also a muscle and your heart is the main reason why we are encouraged to exercise.  Any prolonged physical activity will encourage your heart to work harder, which will make it stronger and that in turn will benefit your health and well being.

When we undertake a long run, our heart needs to work harder because our muscles will require more blood. But our lungs also have a role to play, it’s job is to provide our body with oxygen. This process oxygenates our blood that is pumped around the body by the heart. This allows us to continue working at a higher than normal level comfortably.

Keeping in mind the role that our lungs and heart plays to allow us to for fill our daily choirs. Exercise is like a double-edged sword because during a workout it taxes our heart and lungs to perform, yet during rest it relaxes our heart our breathing shallows.


The mental and physical benefits of exercise.

Exercise has a large role to play in our lives, even though most of us don’t understand it. Please let me explain, we get up in the morning and perform our bathroom rituals before we go for breakfastA few hours later we contemplate going for a long run.  This is our mental aptitude trying to guide us in to make the right choices for our well being.  Providing we go along with this thought pattern we will take up some form of exercise.

The process I have just talked you through is the process many people face on a daily basis.  Once this process is complete our body will feel calmer and for filled, our mental aptitude becomes positive and our focus is razor sharp.


The disadvantages of exercise.

The world we live in believes in balance, that being said I’m not sure there’ll be a complete balance here.  Exercise for me delivers a lot of positives, negatives only arrive due to other underlying issues. We all know that too much of anything is bad for us and I suppose exercise is the same.  But this does depend on whether you’re getting adequate rest, exercising and eating a well-balanced meal.

Failure to be doing this can leave your body weak and undernourished. In this state exercise becomes counterproductive.  This can also affect you mentally on all levels of your life.

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Can exercise improve physical health – the conclusion.

Exercise can improve physical health and well being but exercise should only be undertaken after you have spoken to your doctor. Once you have his or her approval you’re ready to experience the full benefits of exercise.  It’s something you won’t regret once you’ve started.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


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