How To Eat And Lose Weight Fast – Give Your Body A Chance!

After all the research I have done regarding weight loss, I’m almost beginning to think losing weight is an art. The answer is simple and easy to implement. The question we are going to answer today is what to eat and lose weight fast. This topic needs to be addressed in a way that leaves everyone following this article with something to eat and that’s where most people go wrong!

How To Eat and Lose Weight Fast.

Lets start with the basics, we all need to eat and somewhere in our lives we all try to lose weight. In my many years of representing the Great Britain squad, my weight as always been a topic of focus. I have always been taught that to not maintain a correct fighting weight was very unprofessional, so I have never let it slip.

Occasionally I have come very close to not maintaining my correct fighting weight and loosing weight quickly is necessary. We all need to know what to eat and when but this article is focused on how to eat and lose weight fast. So lets take a look at how to achieve our weight loss goals.

Do’s and Don’ts of Weight Loss.

Always try to maintain a sensible intake of food. Keep in mind your basic calorie intake, men should consume 2500 calories and women should consume 2000 calories. This is the basic rule that I try to work with but when it comes down to loosing weight quickly I tend to eat on how I feel. This means that a basic meal should consist of protein (Meat, fish, eggs or beans, lentils, Seitan if you’re a vegetarian)

Never pass on your vitamins and minerals unless there’s some kind of allergy, if this is the case always find a substitute. Now back to your meal, you should also make sure you take on board some carbohydrates. This is another area where most people go wrong when it comes to losing weight.

Our bodies are very sophisticated and unique. Hence, maintaining a sensible intake of food is required to allow it to work efficiently on a day to day basis.

Your Weight Loss Blue Print.

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Never Miss Breakfast!

Make your breakfast a must have. Never miss out on this part of the day but keep it healthy, choose a breakfast cereal that is natural and keep you portion small. I would advise a porridge, my favourite is Quaker but you can choose your own brand. Your portion should be approximately three quarters of a mug. Now most people would also use skimmed milk here, I would go no lower than semi – skimmed milk. My reason for this is that our bodies requires good quality of food and using semi – skimmed milk reduces my vitamin intake but my weight loss doesn’t improve by much! So I would stick with semi – skimmed milk.

Lunch Like A King!

No I’m sure you have heard this before but I thought It’s worth covering again. Treat your lunch like a dinner, eat sensible portions of all the basics, Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals and if you have the space have desert. As you can see you must eat but eat well.

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Dealing With Your Cravings!

In between meals drink, now I bet you’re thinking alcohol NO! I would like you to drink cordial with water and fruit, this is very import to losing weight. Your body will be going through a new training program and It’ll constantly be asking for food, give in but keep it sensible.

Water is great for thirst and re hydration which is essential for good health but when the hunger pains kick in, it can create a filling sensation too. Unfortunately water on its own doesn’t deliver a sugar fix and believe me your body will be demanding this fix!

So take regular sips!

Avoid all fizzy drinks, crisps and cut your chocolate to a minimum!


Now don’t get me wrong, have some but try to make it your afternoon treat, your body will thank you for it. Nuts can also be a very good snack in between meals, although they do contain a high level of fat. So keep your intake small, if you don’t have an allergy to nuts, try adding some to your diet. Chocolate is going to be you guilty pleasure, please do remember your quest is to learn how to eat and lose weight fast, you’re not in prison – on rations!

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Make food a pleasurable experience.

Dinner Time – Eat Like A Pauper!

Now don’t take this the wrong way you must eat and I will keep saying this. This is very important to any weight loss program and when it comes down to how to eat and lose weight fast this is a must. The only difference here is that your portions needs to be small but still well-balanced.

I have come across so many people who believe that the secret to loosing weight is to NOT EAT! I couldn’t catch my breath. Our bodies are fine-tuned machines that require fuel and good fuel, regularly. When we don’t give it food at regular intervals, it holds on to everything it has been given, weight cannot be lost this way!

I have often compared my body to a car, a car works best if it’s serviced. Our bodies work better with regular exercise. To make our bodies perform to its optimum best we must give it food. A car will not run for long without petrol and water, the likeness between our bodies and a car is very uncanny!

Take Your Body On A Test Drive.

Learning about your body and its needs will help you to understand how to lose weight fast but safely. I know losing weight isn’t easy but it can be made easier.

You should now have a very firm grasp on how to eat and lose weight fast but remember to also seek medical advice before trying any diet or applying an exercise program.

Please leave your questions and comments below. I will answer them as soon as possible.

Good luck and be positive.

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