The Best Is Jaaxy For Keywords – 1-2-3.

The Best Is Jaaxy For Keywords - 1-2-3. 1

OK.. So you have a dream! But does it include using Jaaxy for keywords? Your plan is to start an online business and earn lots of money – am I right? Of course, I am and to be honest it’s a very good idea, except you haven’t taken into consideration a few things.

You have an idea and you’ve got you niche but how do you plan to increase your website traffic and eventually gain revenue. Now that’s where using Jaaxy for keywords comes in.

Jaaxy is a very useful tool and when it comes down to online marketing or blogging there’s no better keyword finder than Jaaxy.

Jaaxy For Keywords.

Jaaxy is packed with a multitude of tools and to be honest trying to explain it could be testing but lets try. The first thing you need is an idea, type that in Jaaxy will produce words and phrases that are relevant to your chosen word.

How clever is that, hey. But it goes a lot deeper than that, it’ll also give you available website names and once you have chosen a keyword, Jaaxy for keywords will track your chosen word and allow you note your progress!

<img src="scrabble words.jpg" alt="jaaxy for keywords"/>

Now just imagine being able to choose the keywords that are being searched for by the public. This amazing program can allow you to target your customers and if you get this right, imagine the traffic you could drive to your website.

Now lets reevaluate where we are, we have a website and our keyword for our niche. We have used Jaaxy to research our keywords. The process is quite simple for instance.

  1. Input your keyword. Jaaxy will then show you how many people are searching for your keyword each month. It will tell you how many websites are being found for that particular keyword.
  2. The key to finding a keyword where you can get ranked and the goal here is to get ranked on page 1. Try not to choose searches that have a large QSR because your less likely to achieve a first page rank with these keywords, try a smaller number. I would suggest anything under 100 QSR. This will increase your chances of achieving a first page or even a place rank.

<img src="mind mapping.jpg" alt="jaaxy for keywords"/>

The Power In Every Word.

Taking the time to do some research to find the right keyword will pay dividends. I have found whilst searching for the right keyword I often come across other words that grab my attention, this is a good thing and Jaaxy knows this will happen. I bet you know what’s coming next, yes you’ve got it, Jaaxy allows you to save other words that you might decide to use at a later date. So as you can see Jaaxy as this covered. The ability to track every web page you create from your keyword is also at your finger tips.

Trust me it’s all good stuff that makes the whole process easy.

<img src="word create.jpg" alt="jaaxy for keywords"/>


Joined At The Hip.

Jaaxy is only one part of the winning ingredient, the other important part is a company called Wealthy Affiliate. I have spoken about this company before and their role in this is market themselves as affiliate makers. They have over 1.4 million members which speaks volumes, unless you think that 1.4 million people are wrong of course.

They regard themselves as a university for anyone who wants to start.  Grow and succeed with an online business. They are not a get-rich-quick scheme and like any business work is required.

The Best Is Jaaxy For Keywords - 1-2-3. 2

Enjoy educational courses, videos, live chat all designed to educate you on how to build, nurture and essentially grow your online business.

Their package is a fair one as you can see below.

<img src="wealthy affiliate prices.jpg" alt="jaaxy for keywords"/>

Gin and Tonic.

They are the ultimate mix, together you get a company that’ll teach you all you need to know build and grow an online business (The gin) and Jaaxy has the whole keyword searching and monitoring process sewn up (The tonic)


Choose Your Poison.

Now it’s all up to you. I have outlined how essential working with Wealthy Affiliate and utilising Jaaxy for your keywords and researching your progress. So take a sip and if your tea total then have a juice but please don’t sell yourself short.

I hope this review helps you to make the right choice on building your online business. Using Jaaxy for keywords will increase your chances of success.  You have an unfair advantage, within your grasp.  If you can find any product that even comes close to Jaaxy, please let me know!


Good luck!

4 thoughts on “The Best Is Jaaxy For Keywords – 1-2-3.

  1. Great information on the use of Jaaxy and supporting metrics.  The tool is really indispensable if your doing any keyword research for your online business.  I use it and from a first person perspective, I absolutely think is the best or nearly the best tool in the keyword arena. The transition to the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program is very smooth.  I think WA is the best of the best in a world of crowded and over promising affiliate program sites.  Their tools are exceptional and the network has to be the envy of the industry.  The founders are still involved on a day-to-day basis and bring loads of value to their community. I use WA and glad to be part of the community.

    1. I am very pleased you have found the same level of success using both platforms.  Jaxxy and WA are a mach made in heaven and using both will increase your chances of success! 

  2. Hi, I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, and I have only just started using Jaaxy’s Research Tool.

    The training that I receive at Wealthy Affiliate, has given me great value when using the Jaaxy Research Tool. I know for a fact, that it has helped my own website , built in and hosted by Wealthy Affiliate also, to rank on page 1 in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    You are absolutely right about using it to save searched keywords for later use. I use this when I write my contents. This helps me save time from having to think up new keywords, each time.

    I have only used Jaaxy for searching keywords, and I am still learning about the other useful things it can assist me with, in growing traffic for my websites. Using Jaaxy can be quite addictive and I get really excited with the results that Jaaxy leverages for my business.

    You mentioned that it could track every keyword that I used in my website on a daily basis. I would really like to know how to do this. It will be interesting for me to see, what key words used in my website, are actually attracting  traffic. Thank you, for giving me more tips to further develop my skills in using Jaaxy.

    1. Hi. I’m very happy you have found Jaxxy a great program to use in your business.  I would like to say I feel I’m learning more about it day by day.  When it comes down to tracking your keywords Jaxxy is head and shoulders above the rest, If you use the Jaxxy keyword search for Google, Bing and Yahoo and combine it with Google analytics to know exactly which keyword is performing and where. 

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