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Time waits for no man! A statement that is oh so true, time is a part of our lives. It governs our daily routines to the point where nothing really exists without its intervention. Time is constantly slipping through our fingers, even though 90% of us have a smart time piece strapped to our wrist. The best of smartwatches, be it digital or analogue we cannot control it. The basic fact is we are all slaves to time!

Making Time For Time!

Time is in control of our destiny and the best of smartwatches won’t help but they do look good! Technology is another unstoppable force, everything around us is governed by time and time controls the pace that technology changes. Today I’m going to focus up on smartwatches. I will be visiting a few brands, looking at how they have evolved over the last five years and what has driven this change.

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Smart Choices.

Take a look around at the variety of time pieces that is around and you’ll be amazed. As i mentioned, we cannot control time in any way, shape or form. Watches are for us to stay in sync with time, we get up at a specific time. To go about our daily routines. From that activity we leave for our next destination, paying strict attention not to be late. We are slaves to time. The best of smartwatches cannot help.

I would like to add that our only break from our time controlled world is an holiday! This is the only time when we will disengage from our time restraints. Even though our super smartwatches will be firmly strapped to our wrists, just in case we need them.

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The Best Of Smartwatches.

When you become truly in sync with the world other things start to happen. Time becomes our friend and our guide, it allows us to track various aspects of our lives. How we sleep, work, train and breathe. Time is a very powerful thing, that we have now learned to use for our own goals. When you acquire your first smartwatch, your focus and thoughts isn’t about time, it’s all about how it will look on your wrist.

Our choice could be Fit-bit, Apple or Samsung, they all offer a watch that will help us monitor our daily routines, second by second. But this all comes second to time its self. I’m not trying to say our smartwatches aren’t useful, what I’m trying to say is watches and phones are also linked. A phones basic function is to allow us to take and make a verbal connection with who ever we choose. It then evolved to adding the ability for our beloved phone to send messages, known as text. A watch is basically a device that allows us to stay in link with the world. Smart or not, its first function is to tell time.

Our Hearts Now Beat In Time!

Whether we are training, sleeping or monitoring our heart beat. We can conduct all of these activities on our smartwatches. Every brand of watch offers a different function or should I say specialises in a different gimmick. Now some smartwatches have made their name on these gimmicks. Apple has a heart rate monitor that also links in to the wearer and can even send out a distress message if that wearer falls or their heart rate changes. This has been marketed on the old and infirm. It has achieved phenomenal success on the back of this gimmick.

Fitbit has always been about fitness and its apps have been based on just that. I have been told that its heart rate monitor is much better than Apples but that’s pure hear say, we should make our own decision regarding this. Both brands offer apps to monitor your steps, how much you climb and how well you sleep. All based upon time and how much we do in a set amount of time.

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A watch is a very clever device and a smartwatch is a very useful tool. In some cases I would say overrated but never the less it has its place in our daily lives.

Technology Is Our Friend.

The ultimate time piece will come loaded with a variety of apps all designed to help us through our daily and training routines. How we use these tools is up to us. I would also like to add, all smartwatches in one way or another are worth their weight in gold but to put another spin on this, just to keep you thinking.

Would you continue to wear a watch that couldn’t tell the time? I’m guessing the answer to that question would be a big no! Which takes me back to the fact that no matter what our smartwatches offer us. If they cannot manage their basic function of telling time, they have to go!

I hope you enjoyed my look at smartwatches and how I see them working in our day to day lives. If you have any questions or would like to comment, please leave them below.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Of Smartwatches – How To Buy The Best.

  1. I love the watches, I had a cheap one but did not last very long and now that I have started training again I need a watch that will keep count of my heart rate, steps, calories and everything else. I was thinking of getting a Fit Bit or maybe a Samsung, for a much as I love Apple I always get stuck when I need to set it up. Which one would you suggest would be the best for a woman?

    1. Hi. Thankls for taking the time to read my post.  I think it would have to be a FitBit!  They have smart watches specifically designed for women.  Although most watches are also a fashion accessory too.  Apple watches are of a generic design, but if you like the bulky look it’s fine!

  2. Hello :), 

    it was really nice reading your views on smart watches and i do agree with you. A watch’s primary duty is and would always be to tell time so a watch that does not fulfil that basic function in not a watch. 

    We would continue to be a slave to time and also technology if you ask me, as more and more smart watches add more features i think we begin to lose time. 

    A smart watch wouldn’t help you manage your time anyway and while it looks good, you are ultimately in charge of what you do with your time.

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