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What About Wealthy Affiliate – 1st For On-Line Business.

We all have dreams and to be totally honest where would we be without them. What about Wealthy Affiliate. As children, we hope to be like our favourite footballer or become a doctor, even fly to the moon.

They are all dreams our expectations maybe high but these dreams are what manifests into reality.

What About Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I know that when it comes down to building a successful business it can be hard work. This can be made easier with the right guidance and a little forethought and planning. When it comes to building a robust online business, there’s no better guidance than someone who has done it before. By this I’m pointing the finger at Wealthy Affiliate, so what about Wealthy Affiliate.

Their aim is to help you create a business that will give you an income month after month, year after year!

How To Make Money From Home.

This is the dream that tends to dominate most individuals, from the moment we understand what having a lot of money can do for your life, compared to not having any. How can I achieve a bigger income? I wish there was more hours in the day! I wish someone would help me!?

These questions are very real and so is the resolution. I have always believed that the only person I could trust was myself. Sometimes we need to reach out for a little extra help and when it comes to creating an online business from scratch. Place your trust in the professionals, Wealthy Affiliate.


<img src="wealthy affiliate membership.jpg" alt="how about wealthy affiliate"/>


The chart above speaks for its self. Try it for free and when you decide its time to take it to the next level, they are there for you.


Will You Let Them Help You.

You’ve taken a big step by reading this article, which means you are looking for something special. I’m guessing you have dreams but you also have questions. Lets take a deeper look at this company because if making money on line was easy, everyone would be doing it, right!

I agree totally. The big difference with Wealthy Affiliate is they’re not a get-rich-quick company. Speaking from my own experience with building and running a business. There’s no part of it is easy!

You must work, you will have a group of like-minded people at your side, who will answer every question you throw at them but at the end of the day you must act on the advice you’re given. If you can do that, they promise you, you’ll be successful!

NOW WHO PROMISES YOU THAT! The answer is Wealthy Affiliate, that’s who. The internet is filled with stories of people who have achieved wealth through one means or another and 99% of them turn out to be scams. I am glad to say this isn’t one of them and the stories of success come from real people who also interact with you.

Promises, Promises!

So what about Wealthy Affiliate, what makes this company stand out from the rest?

1) They promise to help you create an online business from scratch.

2) They give you the knowledge you need in all aspects of web design and building.

3) They promise to help you in every way possible.

4) Act on what they teach you and you’ll succeed.

5) They can teach anyone.


<img src="wealthy affiliate.jpg" alt="how about wealthy affiliate"/>

These words are very powerful and confirms what Wealthy Affiliate stands for. The brand is strong and their accomplishments are just as strong!


The Lottery.

Now tell me how often do you buy a lottery ticket and what success have you had? the odds of winning the lottery are huge but its a dream that many individuals share. Now I’d be an hypocrite If I didn’t say I have shared the very same dream. Week after week, month after month and I’m sorry to say year after year!

We’ve all brought into something that statistically might never happen, even in a few lifetimes. Yet taking the steps to developing and growing an online business is too much trouble, even when the outcome is proven and guaranteed!

<img src="lotto.jpg" alt="how about wealthy affiliate"/>

What About Wealthy Affiliate.

I have looked at Wealthy Affiliate for quite a while now and I’ve come to the conclusion that this company is head and shoulders above the rest. They have over 13 years experience and over 1.4 million users all over the world! To members W. A is known has the family.

Learning the ropes through their online university is what really makes the difference. Imagine having the knowledge of 1.4 million people at your disposal, that’s exactly what you’ve got and If that’s not enough you also have the knowledge of the owners too!  Yes Kyle and Carson stay a part of the community.

Take A Closer Look.


You could stick to what you’ve been doing and buy your lottery tickets or you could be constructive and live your dreams. For some the answer is simple but for others it will require a big push.

A) Now by a big push I mean, a lot of free information. They give you that.

B) A Guarantee of success, If you don’t give up. Yep you have this too!

C) A reward for your success! Didn’t I mention that!

Oh yes for those who achieve and by achieve, I’m referring to the ones they call “Super Affiliates”. This is the elite group of marketeers who have made it and then some! They have made their dreams come true in a very big way. My hat goes off to these guys. But I can also say these guys inspire me.

They started out like everyone else, eager to earn a living from their dream. They’ve shown me that earning an income with Wealthy Affiliate is real and of course possible.

Who Says You Can’t Choose Your Family!

I’m happy you have found this review and I hope it’ll be exactly what your looking for. If you decide it’s what you’re looking for remember all the knowledge and guidance you need is all there for you but the hard work and dedication to achieve is an ingredient you must add.

Please leave a comment or leave your questions below.



21 thoughts on “What About Wealthy Affiliate – 1st For On-Line Business.

  1. Wealthy affiliate is a dream come true for me, The benefits are enourmous, this is the platform that has changed my financial status in the past few months I joined. I have never regretted my actions for once. I learn on the platform and earn at the same time. Thanks to kyle and carson for this innovations

    1. It is so true, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be.  The knowledge and their professionalism has placed high above all others.  

  2. Wealthy affiliate is a dream come true for me, The benefits are enourmous, this is the platform that has changed my financial status in the past few months I joined. I have never regretted my actions for once. I learn on the platform and earn at the same time. Thanks to kyle and carson for this innovations

  3. I have been earning online for many years now and I have never found a more amazing platform like wealthy affiliate. They have lots of lesson one can learn on how to make passive income online and they always provide opportunities one can use to earn on their platform. I am really proud to be part of wealthy affiliate

    1. There is no bigger compliment than from someone who is achieving and happy to share their good fortune.  This is within every ones grasp, if an online business is what you want, you need Wealthy Affiliate.  

      Keep up the good work.

  4. I have to say you’re spot on about the odds of winning the lottery! Of course, while people think that the lottery is free money, they often forget they still have to buy a ticket. 

    How long can you stay a free member before you have to upgrade? Outside of the cool chart, could you succeed by staying free or would you recommend going premium? 

    1. Hi.  You could stay a free member for as long as you wanted to and I do believe you would still succeed but I would say it would take a whole lot longer. You get a whole lot of perks as a premium member, IE. You can talk to other members, you gain full access to all their training videos, present and new.  I would say for what you are given becoming a premium member is so worth it. 

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Wealthy affiliates is a great and amazing way of making money from home through online method. Wealthy affiliates offers training and live chat among it’s member. Am a proud member of wealthy affiliate. Thanks for the review. Best regards 

    1. Thanks for sharing your kind words.  I have read other reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and I haven’t found another company that even comes close.  I do believe it’s easy to write about something you believe in and my heart is sold by the quality of Wealth Affiliate. 

  6. Wealthy Affiliate is the best avenue to ensure financial freedom online. Since I joined the wealthy affiliate community, I’ve received tons of training materials and software to enable my online enterprise become a success.

    With the ever loving Wealthy Affiliate community, I’m sure my business will come good, because I have a lot of people to help me out when I hit rough patches.

    If I’m unable to renew my subscription, would I lose access to the Wealthy Affiliate community too?

    1. I love to hear from people who have been smart enough to work with such a great company.  The community or family I would say is a big part of Wealthy Affiliate.  They are part and parcel, if you leave the Wealthy Affiliate company you would also leave the family network. Now who was it that said you can’t chose your family!

  7. Thanks for this amazing post,  indeed wealthy affiliate is my best online affiliate platform at the moment because they taught me everything I know now about affiliate marketing and better amongst the rest I’ll surely recommend this to anyone who is looking to build a successful online business empire. Good job! 

    1. Your words touch me!  I have learned so much while working with Wealthy Affiliate, I thought I knew quite a lot but I am surprised about how much I didn’t know.  If you want success online then this is the place to be.

  8. I am also privileged to be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, and i must confess that i do not regret joining this wonderful platform. What i love most about it is the consistency in their pay every first day of each month. Their bootcamp training program is also magnificent and top-notch. Thanks so much for this wonderful review you have shared. I will definitely bookmark your page and share to prospective members to read all they need to know about this lovely platform. Cheers!

    1. When it comes down to training and making money online they are number one.  Nothing about Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and paying on time is just another thing to boast about. 

  9. Does wealthy affiliate allow the moving of hosted website to another host? How can I make use of the WordPress faculty to the fullest as a free user? Can WA  release the training materials all in one batch for offline study? What happens if i did not pay my subscription for a month or more after becoming a certified commenter , will I retain my status on returning? I will like to have answers to these questions.

    1. Well I have tried to work with other companies and I have found their work ethics to be a little shady.  But Wealthy Affiliate are totally different, If you want to leave and take your website with you, it’s not a problem.  To be honest not many people really leave and that’s because what the offer is unique. Learning to use WordPress to its fullest will take time, I have had a site for over 25 years and they are teaching me a thing or two. All their study material is given to you in stages, this is to promote learning and understanding. Nothing is restricted from any premium member, new comers can study and ask questions for a limited period only. If for some reason you’re having difficulty with your payments then I’d speak to Kyle or Carson direct and believe me they are very fair.  Now if you were to leave and then return at a later date, yes you would drop down in the rankings because rankings are based on your interaction. But I know leaving isn’t an option.

  10. I have been with the Wealthy Affiliate community for about a month now and it has been a splendid time. 

    Making friends, making money, learning, teaching, facing challenges and conquering. These are just a few of my testimonies. 

    I got my first pay from this platform yesterday, and I didn’t have to leave my house to go to any work. I am so happy to be part of this family. 

    1. Just by reading your first few words I can tell you are making the best of what they have to offer.  Success comes for those who try and you’re doing just that. Congrats on a splendid choice.

  11. Wealthy Affiliate is a training portal for subscriptions. If you have a business idea or hobby but do not know how to translate the idea into a success, wealthy affiliate will train you from scratch to do that. For 6 months, I was a member. Before signing up, I thought I was aware of what affiliate marketing is, but I realized that I wasn’t that smart. 

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for getting in touch.  The internet is riddled with get rich schemes and I must admit it took me a while too.  But since joining I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be nothing but fair, fun and a fantastic place to learn all about growing and an online business.

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