November 30, 2023
what is the best way to lose belly fat.

what is the best way to lose belly fat.

What is the best way to lose belly fat.

So, what is the best way to lose belly fat? Well, let me explain what belly fat is. Belly fat is the presence of excessive fat in the abdominal region. This gives an ugly look to the figure of the person. It’s also referred to as visceral fat. This is located beneath the abdomen. Belly fat can become a problem, I would advise anyone with this problem to make certain changes to their lifestyle, in order to break down and eventually remove their belly fat.

But what is the best way to lose belly fat? This isn’t easy to manage and will require some determination. Today, it has become an epidemic problem. For women, having a waist size of 35 inches or more indicates a high amount of fat. On the other hand for men, the optimal measurement is 38 inches. If your waist size surpasses this figure, you enter into the red zone for belly fat.

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Types of belly fat.

Generally, there are two types of belly fat. But what is the best way to lose belly fat?

Visceral belly fat.

This is commonly known as belly fat. This type of fat is present in the abdomen. Its main function is to surround the internal organs and give them a cushion. The risk of type 2 diabetes is greater in anyone who has too much visceral fat. Every cell in the body performs a particular function. Each organ produces hormones and secretions. When, visceral fat cells are higher in numbers they produce high numbers of lasting inflammations.

Subcutaneous fat.

This is visible from the outside. This is present under the skin and is similar to a Lipoma, the best way to describe this is knots of fatty tissue under the skin. Having a diet high in fat will promote this type of growth. It’s present in everybody but some factors like a good diet and regular exercise can encourage or discourage the excessive accumulation of this fat. Fortunately, this type of development can take months or even years before it becomes a visible problem.

Causes of belly fat.

Belly fat is the jiggle you feel in the abdomen. Many factors are promoting the accumulation of visceral fat.


Some studies show that 18 genes are linked to obesity in a person. The researchers confirmed that they have to analyse 14 other regions as well. Some genes affect the metabolism and appetite. Recent studies suggest that 40-70% of obesity is with the genetic contribution of 50 genes.

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Many people tend to spend more time in beds and chairs. In many offices employees sit for long hours, this causes inactivity in the body and promotes the accumulation of belly fat. When, do not move for long periods of time your muscles are at rest and the intake of fat is not burned. The unused fat starts gathering around the organs of the body.

Habit of smoking.

In many studies, there was found no direct connection between smoking and belly fat. But scientists are more likely to believe it, for the simple fact that smokers carry more belly fat than non smokers. Although smoking tends to have a lower overall weight – yet it helps the fat to adjust in the abdomen.

Poor management of time.

To stay healthy and in shape, a person needs to take some time for themselves. If you carry on doing your chores and skip on taking some exercise. This will lead to severe weight management problems. Which will punish you for having an inactive lifestyle.

Alcohol and drinks consumption.

Alcohol slows down the metabolism. It helps the fat to accumulate around the belly. Similarly, the soda has been found to cause more visceral fat in its user. The sugar concentration in the drinks is also one of the major causes of obesity. If you consume 1 serving of sweetened beverages or a soda per day, it will add 27% of the visceral fat in your body.

Low standard diet.

If you keep on adding junk food to your stomach it will cause obesity. But if you take quality food on board, such as vegetables and fruits it will help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Slow metabolism.

Some people are observed to have a slow rate of metabolism. When, you’re inactive on a daily basis it encourages your metabolism to slow down. This causes the burning of fat to cease. It will start accumulating under the belly and will cause serious obesity. The most important thing is to stay active so that fat added in the diet may burn properly.

The major role of beverages.

Beverages contain high calories due to a high concentration of sugars in them. It contains 90 kcal per serving. This is a huge amount. The body finds it hard to burn such a heavy dose of sugars. The added sugar in the beverage is difficult to burn and digest by the body. This results in your body storing it as fat.

Empty calories in alcohol.

These calories have no nutritional value. These drinks are made through fermentation and distillation of starch and other sugars. It has seven calories per gram. It reduces the amount of fat burned by the body. Alcohol is risky for the body if you are looking to shed extra pounds from your body. A glass of beer contains the same amount of calories as present in one large pizza.

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Effective methods to reduce belly fat.

It can be hard to lose fat off your abdomen. It will take determination and passion to shed excess fat from your body and I will be the first to say, when it comes to putting on belly fat it’s very easy.

Intake of soluble fibres.

According to research made over 1100 adults, 10 grams intake of soluble fibres can deliver you 3.7% decrease in belly fat over 5 years. Soluble fibres help you to reduce weight by giving you the feeling of being full. This will make you eat less and consume fewer calories. You can easily get soluble fibres in avocados, blackberries, legumes, flax seeds, or Brussels sprouts.

Skip alcohol.

Alcohol has shown some health benefits. But its harmful effects overshadow its advantages. It can cause serious harm to your body. Its excessive intake increases the risk of central obesity. You do not have to abstain from drinking alcohol, but limiting its consumption can be marvellous.

Protein diet.

Eating a high protein diet is an extremely important component in losing weight. With the intake of protein, a hormone PYY is released. This is referred to as the fullness hormone.

This decreases the level of appetite and keeps you full for many hours. You can find protein in fish, meat, eggs, beans, supplements, etc. This might be slightly different if your a vegetarian or vegan. Also, read a previous post about what foods to eat to promote weight loss.

Stay away from sugars.

Fructose in sugar leads to several chronic diseases. It includes heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. You can substitute fructose with real honey to avoid harmful effects of sugars. This can be a difficult one because we have sugar in a lot of our foods. Take away meals are super high in calories and sugars, try to avoid too many of these.

Cardio workout.

This is an effective remedy. It keeps you energetic and helps you stay alert at all times. This is necessary to give spare time to cardio. Do not jump for the final results. You should mix your workout with low and high-intensity cardio to get better results.

The conclusion is easy, enjoy your food, drink alcohol in small portions and include a high cardio programme in you daily workout. Knowing what is the best way to lose belly fat isn’t enough, if you’re not prepared to put some work into fixing the problem.

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Conclusion to what is the best way to lose belly fat.

Researchers have given us guidelines to help us reduce belly fat effectively. Many factors are helping in fat accumulation. Many doctors believe that due to the inactive lifestyle and consumption of sugary beverages. This is leading to the epidemic of obesity. Sodas and alcohols are pounded with thousands of calories, which is not an easy task to burn as a result they gather around the belly as fats. On the other hand, inactivity supports it. Thus, to get rid of belly fat it is important to lead an active lifestyle and avoid beverages.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post on what is the best way to lose belly fat. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will reply as soon as possible.


To a healthier you.

10 thoughts on “What is the best way to lose belly fat

  1. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I always wanted to lose weight on the stomach but I found it very hard to achieve. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because you explained everything in detail, I will follow your tips and advice and see how much can I lose in a month.

  2. Although I do work out and I no longer drink alcohol, I still have problems with belly fat. In fact that’s really about the only place I do carry fat, but I love sweets with chocolate being number one. Now that I am getting older I have realized that I cannot enjoy it as much as I did when I was younger, but I still have some from time to time. Now when they come out with a zero calorie chocolate bar I will be first in line!

    1. Lol, chocolate is our guilty pleasure.  I would urge not to give it up. Life is for living, so enjoy it in moderation. 

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I’ve been in a lot of trouble with my belly fat for a long time. It was too embarrassing to see me .I couldn’t figure out how to solve my problem  .Because I was very intoxicated with sugar as well as alcohol .I was not very aware of the diet . But through your articles, I have found the best way to solve this problem .I did not know what kind of problems Belly Fat might have caused me to know through your article .I will definitely exercise regularly to stay away from sugar and of course alcohol .

    I hope I get my desired result soon and will I definitely share it with you. And for all to say, those who read this article will definitely benefit and hopefully follow these tips.

  4. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I found a very nice topic through your article and my own belly is also fat and I wanted to see how I could reduce my fat. I was in a lot of anxiety with such a big belly and when I went somewhere I faced  embarrassed situation so I always wondered how I could reduce it. You mentioned a lot of reasons and one of the reasons is smoking and what I do and the other reason you mentioned is not to control our diet.  From now on I will quit smoking and maintain a good diet and regularly walk in the park daily in the afternoon. I hope the belly fat will reduce. And I will share my experience with you very soon and I also hope that after reading your article many people will come out of this problem

  5. Really, belly fat can be seen as a very stubborn fat in the body. It can be very hard at times to eliminate when done wrongly. Sometimes, it can be frustrating. I have battled a lot of time to see how I could deal with this until I followed some basic principles like, I tend not to over eat, add veggies and protein to my diet, sleep well, and many things you have outlined above. This is very helpful for people trying to loose belly fat.

    1. It sounds as like you have made some amazing progress but you didn’t mention cutting back on alcohol? I’ve know people to cut back on alcohol alone and lose half a stone in a month.

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