November 28, 2023

No matter what time of year we are in there’s always a need for us to lose weight. The question at hand is what to eat to lose weight? The internet and t.v are full of adverts claiming, this is the one that will help you lose those additional pounds. When in reality the problem is what you are eating. As a martial arts’ competitor eating sensibly and maintaining my fighting weight was very important. Knowing what to eat and lose weight was a must.

What To Eat And Lose Weight.

Lets take a look at the basics here, food is our fuel and yes we need to eat. The problem I intend to tackle is what to eat and lose weight and still have a good quality of life. This is very important to losing weight and should be fully understood before we move forward. If you’re stuck for ideas click here.

I would also urge you to speak to your doctor about your overall health. Have you considered the fact that you could be ill? Now, straight away you’re going to say I’d know if was ill but what if your weight gain was from an under active thyroid? This could cause you to gain weight. Now, the good news is that I know this can be treated but because I’m not a doctor, I’m going to leave it at that. Back to the basics.

What to eat and lose weight.
What to eat and lose weight.


A valuable component to our diet, it gives us energy and depending on the type of carbs we consume it can give us a sustained amount of energy due Carbohydrates being released slowly into our bodies. I will pin point these in detail a little later.

The downside to our carb in take is this, we consume carbs for energy.  But any carbs that are not used for energy is stored in our bodies for later use, this is known as FAT.


If, I had to label these products good and bad then this would be known as the good component.  Every body loves’ protein, most diets available today are all based on low or no carbs.  Now, personally I would like to say both components are important. Let me explain why, protein is used by our bodies for GROWTH and REPAIR.  So, you can see why it’s important.


Now, I thought I’d touch on this subject because of its relevance to weight loss.  Our bodies love sugar, even though we don’t really need to consume it.

As you can see we have components in our diets that promote FAT and some that provide GROWTH.

Getting the right mix.

So, we are what we eat and we all need to eat.  Missing meals isn’t the way forward, neither is cutting out one component in favour of another.  This will not help us to achieve a sustainable weight loss and can lead to denying our bodies of vital nutrients, necessary for our bodies to perform their daily tasks.  So, you must eat a well-balanced meal consisting of both Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals.

What to eat and lose weight.
What to eat and lose weight.

When it comes to weight loss vitamins and minerals are great.  But they are not the leading components for losing or gaining weight.  If, you consume too much of these our bodies simply just flushes what it doesn’t need out in our waste.

Food for life – what to eat and lose weight.

We need a balance, let me say that again, “We need a balance”.  The reason for this is to keep the body working and when I say working, I mean our metabolism.

  1. Men – Should consume 2500 calories per day. This should consist of Protein, Carbohydrates and Vitamins and Minerals. If you’re very active then your intake will vary from this basic guideline but always remember any unused Carbohydrates will be stored as FAT.
  2. Women – Are advised to consume 2000 calories per day.  This is to maintain a fit and healthy body.

When it comes down to preparing your meals try to keep the portions small.  This will help people who have bigger meals and by having bigger meals take on more calories.  Than they can burn off and so they put on body fat.  The correct Protein and Carbohydrate ratio is 33/33/33 or 1 kg of protein per pound of body weight.

The science in the madness.

Everyone knows, or should know that Protein needs Carbohydrates to burn efficiently.  Now, that we are up to speed lets get to grips on the types of Carbohydrates we can consume and why?

  • Pasta.
  • Potatoes.
  • Rice.
  • Bread.
  • Bananas.
  • Sweet potato. (Complex Carbohydrates)
  • Yams. (Complex Carbohydrates)

Carbohydrates delivers energy to the body which comes from a number of sources.  So, you’ll never be stuck for a different taste.  Complex Carbohydrates delivers a supply of energy to the body but over a longer period.  Giving the body sustained energy for longer!

To put it in a nut shell the better the fuel, the better the performance.

But there’s more!

Eating a balanced meal regularly and daily is a basic rule to weight loss.  But have you also considered keeping a constant supply of water.  Yes water, now the best advice I can give here is take regular sips of water.  Throughout the day to keep your body hydrated.  The recommended amount is 2 litres per day, but everyone’s needs are different.

Drink when you feel you need to and use this as a part of your healthy weight loss program.  If, you’re drinking enough your urine will be quite light in colour.  And if you’re not drinking enough then it will be very dark.  These are the 2 extremes of what to look out for.  So, pay attention to your body.

The holy grail to weight loss!

Drink when you’re thirsty, eat small amounts regularly.  Keep your meals balanced and never miss out on meals!

Now, you know what to eat and lose weight.  I wish you all the best.  If, you’ve enjoyed and learned something about your body and weight loss.  Please share it.

Please leave your comments and questions below.  I will respond as soon as possible.

To your health and well being UTG.

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