November 28, 2023
what's the best diet to lose weight.

what's the best diet to lose weight.

Everyone needs food, for some it might be spicy, sweet or even bland but it will be food of their choice. Our eating habits may cause us to gain weight from time to time and as a result of this we will do everything in our power to lose weight. So we will put ourselves on a diet. Hopefully to lose weight, but how do we choose the best diet that suits our needs? What’s the best diet to lose weight?

Even though we want to lose weight, we also need to eat and so the juggling match begins!

What’s the best diet to lose weight.

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Choosing the best diet to lose weight quickly and effortlessly is the key. On the market today there are many varieties to choose from, today I’m going to be looking at the best ideas to achieve our dieting goals.

Finding out what’s the best diet to lose weight isn’t easy but here’s a list that just might help.

  • 5.2 Diet.
  • Dukan diet.
  • Paleo diet.
  • New Atkins diet.
  • Alkaline diet.
  • Slimming world diet.
  • South beach diet.
  • Lighter life diet.
  • Slim-fast diet.
  • Weight watchers.
  • Rosemary Conley diet.
  • Sugar free diet.
  • Baby food diet.
  • Grapefruit diet.

As you can see there’s plenty to choose from, they all look at the same topic but with totally different views and methods. This is great because we all unique, so choosing what’s the best diet to lose weight is relevant.

The 5.2 diet – intermittent eating.

A diet based on eating normally for 5 days a week and eat a restricted diet for two days. The principles behind this kind of diet is simple but it can have its pros and cons. There isn’t a drastic change in your eating so losing weight can be achieved more easily.

The biggest down fall to this dieting system is, you need to be disciplined with what you eat during your restricted days and while doing so make sure your meals remain nutritional.

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Dukan diet – low carbohydrate and high protein.

This diet is based on allowing the candidate to eat as much protein as you want whilst restricting your carb intake. The plan as 4 stages to it. Your first stage is a massive intake over 5 days which is usually high in protein meat such as chicken or steak, no carbs are allowed – except for the occasional cereal.

Then a gradual introduction of fruit and vegetables are allowed. The idea here is to promote continual weight loss and easy management. The end stage to this program is to have protein only each day. All systems will have their ups and downs and this is no different. Weight loss can and will be achieved with the aim of losing 2 lbs per week.

This is a big pro for this system but the cons can be just as big which is bad breath, dizziness and possible constipation.

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The Paleo diet – adapting the past.

We are all made differently and our eating habits are also very different. This diet is better known as the caveman diet, now I have a friend who followed this dieting system and made amazing gains. From what she told me it was difficult to start with but after a month or so she adapted to it.

The diet consists of eating meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruit and seeds. I was told that the whole system worked on the principal that our ancestors and when I say our ancestors, I’m talking about approximately 10,000 years ago. Cave men would hunt and hopefully capture their prey, kill it and eat.

So what’s the best diet to lose weight?

But this wasn’t always the case, sometimes their hunt would end in failure. So some days would be a feast of meat and the other days might be fruit, nuts and seeds!

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A few paragraphs from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The nutritional patterns of our ancestors from the Palaeolithic era (2.6 million to ∼10,000 y ago), before the advent of modern (industrial) agriculture, differed considerably from current standards. However, there was no single Palaeolithic nutritional pattern. Food choices critically depended on the geographical latitude and climate.

Therefore, the diets of our Palaeolithic ancestors varied considerably in the composition of macro nutrients and the proportion of vegetable compared with animal foods. However, the food of our pre-agricultural ancestors was virtually devoid of cereals, new-borns were fed breast milk, but children and adults never touched milk products, and heating was probably the only significant food-processing procedure. Palaeolithic nutrition has gained popularity worldwide because of its putative health benefits.

What’s the best diet to lose weight?

“Paleo” was the most searched diet-related term on Google in 2014. However, a 2015 US News and World Report ranking of 35 diets with input from a panel of health experts placed the Palaeolithic diet dead last, citing a lack of research evidence that showed clinical benefits. Several randomised trials have been published recently, but these have not, as yet, been systematically reviewed.

The objective of this systematic review of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) was to evaluate whether current evidence supports the postulate that Palaeolithic nutrition improves risk factors for chronic disease more than do other dietary interventions in people with one or more components of the metabolic syndrome.

Atkins diet – new and improved.

Food is our fuel and our bodies requires a variety of foods/nutrients to keep us in optimum condition. The Atkins diet is based solely on a meat diet, with a very low intake of carbohydrates. The general idea is to force your body to break down body fat for fuel.

This can deliver great results in the early stages, which would encourage you to continue. This diet appeals to a lot of men because of the quantity of red meat that is required to be consumed, even though alcohol is reduced. Unfortunately there is an increased risk of heart disease, which should not be ignored.

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The Alkaline diet – neutralising form the inside out.

This requires a small chemistry lesson, one that explains the difference between acid and alkaline. Most people who are trying to lose weight often choose the wrong foods, that they’ll eat at the wrong time. The human body cannot consume too much of either of these, without causing problems. Too much acidic foods will lead to systemic acidosis and too much alkaline will cause alkaloids.

Which as been blamed for arthritis, osteoporosis, liver and kidney problems.

So you can see there needs to be a balance. Under normal circumstances, the human body tries to maintain an alkaline pH level of 7.4. This is obtained from mineral deposition and withdrawal from bones and soft tissues. The ultimate balance is 50%-80% of the daily food intake must come from alkaline foods to retain the body’s acid-base equilibrium.


Acidic foods.

Blueberries, prunes, cranberries, white bread, prunes, pasta, wheat, pork, beef, shellfish, ice cream, peanuts, beer, alcohol, string beans, kidney beans, walnuts, plums, store-bought juices, rye bread, brown rice, organ meats, eggs, cold water fish, pumpkin, eggs, sesame seeds, corn oil, sunflower seeds, fatty dairy products, honey, margarine, lima beans, skinless potatoes, navy beans, pinto beans, canned fruits, oats, white rice, cashews, coffee, pistachios, wine, turkey, chicken, lamb and majority of condiments.

Alkaline foods.

This is usually fruits like, watermelons, papaya, mango, grapes, melons, pears, apples, banana, kiwis, peaches, pineapples, cherries and avocados.

A range of vegetables such as parsley, spinach, okra, broccoli, squash, celery, green beans, carrots, beets, lentils, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and turnips.

Oils, which are grape seed oil, olive oil, canola oil and other food products like goat cheese, hazelnuts, chestnuts, raw sugar and wild rice among others.

To finish my analysis of this diet, I would say it offers good advice on sugar and alcohol. But the bad news is that our bodies will ultimately regulate its own pH levels.


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Slimming world diet.

There’s a diet for everyone and this is another diet that encourages you to swap high fat foods for low fat foods. This isn’t a new idea but it does strike me as being common sense. Your food choice comes from, pasta, rice, potato, meat, fish and eggs. These can be consumed in any amount.

There’s also an additional list of foods that you’re allowed, these are, milk, cheese, cereals and whole bread. The diet is designed to enable 1 – 2 lbs of weight loss per week. This is the target rather than the rule, we are all different and as such will lose weight at different rates.  This is a fact and helps you to determine what’s the best diet for you.  What is required is a sensible approach to food and exercise.

The south beach diet.

This diet comes across as being quite simple. It was originally targeted for heart patients who had more than 10 lb of weight. You’re encouraged to eat 3 regular meals and 2 snacks per day. Now that sounds pretty awesome to me, I believe most people do that anyway.

Your diet should consist of lean protein and a small amount of vegetables, to start with and then steadily increase it. I would like to say this is a rapid 2-week weight loss program.

The downside to this diet is similar to some diets above such as feeling weak, constipation and bad breath.  Weight loss is possible but because this diet is what I would call normal, it will happen over time.

Lighter life – for a brighter, lighter you.

The lighter life diet is different to most, it works by firstly controlling your calorie intake and then just to make sure you stay on the right path, throw in some counselling. A totally fresh look and a great way to keep you motivated. This was targeted to people with a B.M.I of over 30.

Your recommended food intake is 4 food replacement packs per day, this could be shakes, bars or mousses but unfortunately no normal food of your choice. At this point your only choice is to choose what’s the best diet to lose weight and go with your decision.

Again this diet is designed to promote rapid weight loss by controlling your calorie intake. This can sometimes be 1000 calories per day, now bearing in mind that to keep healthy we are recommended 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men.

It shouldn’t always about what’s the best diet to lose weight, sometimes it should be just about your health.

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Slim fast diet – fast is not always the best.

Slim fast is a diet based upon meal replacements. This comes in the form of shakes or bars. The target is for people with a body mass index (B.M.I) over 25, you’re encouraged to eat 3 snacks a day and crisps and chocolate are included.

This is a totally different approach because when it comes to losing weight the very first thing we all do is cut down or cut out the chocolates and crisps. This choice doesn’t take into consideration of what’s the best diet to lose weight.

Your food choice is scripted for you, meaning you choose set meals from the slim fast website and whereas with most diets you can’t stay on them for too long, with slim fast you can stay on the diet for as long as you want, hopefully without risking any ill health.

Weight watchers – the original.

A point system diet that applies points to foods and drinks, the breakdown covers protein, carbohydrates, fibre and fats. Your calories are controlled throughout the diet but it does leave you free to eat as many fruit and vegetables as you want. The good thing about this weight loss programme is it also promotes regular exercise. This is something that none of the other diets have mentioned. Is this because it should be common sense? I’ll leave you to decide that one.

Rosemary Conley.

This diet promotes a calorie controlled diet and a fitness programme, which is designed to promote weight loss of approximately 14 lb over a 7-week period. This diet will appeal to a multitude of people because of its meal and exercise plan. Eating food that has a low fat content, combined with regular exercise is key to successful weight loss.

There is also support on hand from coaches, there to teach you about eating the right portions which will help with long term commitment.

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Sugar free diet.

This diet means exactly has it sounds, you’re required to cut out sugar from your daily food content. In most cases this would be regarded as a good idea because we consume a lot of sugar. But unfortunately this is not easy to sustain. I’m a big lover of sugar, In fact I would say I’ve got a sweet tooth and in my younger days I spent a lot of time at the dentist.

I also believe if you workout regularly or should I say daily. Then you should be allowed to have some treats, without major consequences. You have what’s the best diet to lose weight in your grasp.

Baby food diet – mum knows best.

I thought I would add this to my list of diets, even though this really isn’t a weight loss programme. People who follow this diet programme are advised to eat approximately 14 jars of baby food per day. This is designed to help you maintain your body weight. It’s quite simple in its approach, no exercise is required but I have personally known this to be a process that bodybuilders use when their trying to lose weight but still need to keep their bodies balanced with healthy nutrients.

Research tells me that this diet is quite beneficial for anyone who suffers from heart disease or high cholesterol because of the reduced fats. Unfortunately the protein content is very low and a substitute is required. I would also like to add that most baby foods are quite bland and tasteless, I’m a big believer in food tasting good.

Grapefruit diet – juice of the gods.

I would see this type of diet has having a unique following. Grape fruits are very bitter and it requires an acquired taste, I don’t have it and I don’t need it. This diet requires you to drink grapefruit juice or eat a grapefruit at each meal. The diet requires you to have a calorie intake of no more than 1,000 calories.

This in some cases can be quite difficult to maintain, there’s a few types of diets which involves grape fruits but they all work around you consuming 1,000 calories.

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Example of a diet utilising grapefruit.

  • Breakfast. 2 boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon and 1/2 grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice.
  • Lunch. Salad with dressing, any meat in any amount. 1/2 Grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice.
  • Dinner. Any kind of meat prepared any way, salad or red and green vegetables with coffee or tea and 1/2 grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice.
  • Bedtime snack. 8 Ounces of skimmed milk.

Grape fruits are rich in a fat burning enzyme which will help to deliver quick results, with a promise of losing up to 10 lbs. This diet also offers the added bonus of boosting the immune system.

I hope with the end f this post insight you now know what’s the best diet to lose weight.

 What’s the best diet to lose weight – my conclusion.

Food is vital to our diet, well-being and development and as such, we should do our best to eat a well-balanced meal and take regular exercise. The diets I have covered make many promises, some of which haven’t been corroborated by any medical institutes.

This means that you could be putting your health at risk if you take what is said at face value. So having read my review are you any closer to knowing what’s the best diet to lose weight?

(I would like to add I am not a doctor or medical practitioner, I’m a sports coach with over 40 years of training, coaching and dieting experience. Please consult your doctor before undertaking any diet or physical exercise.)


I hope you have enjoyed my what’s the best diet to lose weight review. Please leave any questions or comments below.


To a healthier you.


12 thoughts on “What’s the best diet to lose weight

  1. Hello, one more of your great articles. I started following you and I learned so much from you. From the list above, I can say that my favorite diet is definitely Paleo, I managed to lose 7 kilograms in just one month. I need to read this text once again as I want to try the Alkaline diet, I heard it also work pretty well on our body.

    1. Hi. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.   I would like to say our bodies are very unique and when we find something that works, stay with it but always keep an eye out for alternatives. 

  2. I think the Paleo diet would rank the lowest on my scale.  Let’s face it, these people went through starvation periods and no health care.  I DO NOT want to put my body through THAT!  Atkins worked wonders for both my husband and I.  He developed diabetes and this diet helped him to lose weight and get the diabetes under control.  I lost 40 pounds on it.

    1. I love reading comments like this, thank you for the share.  My aim was to let it be known there’s a diet for everyone. 

  3. Hello there, thank you for taking out your time to share this well structured and comprehensive post explaining 14 of the best diets to loose weight. We find it difficult to get the ones suitable with us that actually works but from the knowledge gotten from this article, life will only become easier.

    I am surprised not to have found keto diet in this list. I am wondering why it wasn’t included. Can I get some enlightenment please? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post.  I would like to briefly explain why I didn’t include the Keto diet in my top 14.  The reason is, I believe in eating a balanced diet and combining this basic practice with exercise will result in better health and weight loss.  The Keto diet promotes a high fat intake and no protein.  It’s main goal is to lose weight quickly,  not healthily and everyone knows, quick off, quick on! 

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was interesting informative. I have got a lot of information about the best diet to lose weight. I love reading your article and my body weight is high and I couldn’t reduce my body weight in any way. Now after reading your article I learned how I can reduce my body weight and I want to reduce my body weight through diet. Food is our fuel and we need a variety of nutritious foods to keep our bodies in optimal condition. So after reading your article I have gained valuable information about diet and I have benefited a lot from this information and I hope other people like me will benefit from this valuable information. I have bookmarked your web site so that I can come back to your website later and thank you again for giving such a wonderful post and I wish you the best of luck.

    1. A big thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post.   It makes me happy when I read comments like yours and it makes every post I write worth while. 

  5. when it comes to diet, one size does not fit all but from my experience 70%of weight loss is due to making fundamental dietary changes and 30%comes from exercises I became a huge fan of natural medicine since starting brewing and drinking natural Tibetan herbs for slimming. I had  been struggling to lose weight for long time but now only after my first mini treatment with the herbs I have lost 18ibs already 

    1. Hi. When it comes to losing weight, it’s not easy but I totally agree with you, everyone is different.  What we all need and share is the dedication to change our eating and exercise habits. 

  6. Hi Derek, What an information-filled website that you have created here. Congratulations on such an incredible job! 

    While I was acquainted with most of the well-known diets like Paleo and Atkins, I missed seeing Keto listed as I have read enough about the cancer-fighting effects of the Ketogenic diet. Do you see it as a valuable diet? Would you recommend it?

    I was very pleased to learn something completely new to me in your blog, the Grapefruit diet. My daughters and I LOVE grapefruit! We prefer to eat the fruit as opposed to the juice so we get all the fiber. It seems very easy to implement too, so I will give it a try to shed off some extra pounds before the Spring is here 🙂

    Thank you for helping people with your expertise as a sports coach! Have a great day, Paula 🙂

    1. Hi. thank you for taking the time to comment on my post.  I think the Paleo diet is quite sensible in it’s approach.  I would also say I would tell anyone looking to lose weight to first try restricting and modifying their diet before taking any drastic steps.

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