Foods To Eat And Lose Weight – Mini Me!

Our amazing world contains billions, upon billions of foods. Food is our fuel, our bodies needs food for a number of reasons, for instance repairing damaged tissue, supplying us with energy and to help us perform at our best. But what is the best foods to eat and lose weight?

Martial Arts Sparring Gloves – Love And Hate.

Martial arts Sparring Gloves. Let me take you to the contact zone. Picture this, you’re standing in a cage and the only other person in there with you is guy intent on causing you harm! Not really a nice position to be in but this is the nature of the

Training For Punching Power – Punching Your Weight.

All Major Muscle Groups Required. Training for punching power isn’t everything but neither is it not important.  Depending on your sport and your body type this could be the deciding factor.  Increasing your punching power will not happen overnight but with the correct training and working with a sensible diet

The Best Cushioned Running Shoes – Heaven For Your Feet!

The Best Cushioned Running Shoes.   We are all unique in many ways, how we talk, move, habits, likes and dis-likes. Yet most of us have the same standard equipment, by this statement I mean limbs. Two arms, legs and of course attached to our legs the most peculiar things

How To Avoid Injuries From Sports – Taking Control.

Taking Back Control.   Whenever we set out to get fit our goals always superseded our thoughts and all sensible logic. The mind is stronger than our body, our bodies will ultimately try to for fill our dreams and desires but if you haven’t participated in any sporting activity for