June 25, 2024

The health benefits of daily exercise.

We all know that regular physical exercise is good for our health but we still don’t take it as seriously as we should. The health benefits of daily exercise is huge and unfortunately we don’t do enough. Most of us have not made exercise a priority and only exercise when we remember. Some of us don’t even exercise at all, using the reason that they don’t have anytime. Who said you need 3 hours to exercise? You can even exercise for 20 minutes and still get to enjoy the many benefits that come along with regular exercise.

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You don’t need to go to the gym for you to exercise because there so many types of exercise that you can be sure to participate in. Some people exercise by participating in running, swimming, dancing, and walking just to mention but a few. You just need to find an exercise that you can enjoy and can participate in daily, because consistency is the key. If you do that, you are going to enjoy the following benefits.

Exercise boosts brainpower.

Well, I guess you already knew that exercise improves your physical health like building muscles’ and losing weight. But you might not have known that exercise improves your brain function too. The human body is made from:

  • Bones.
  • Muscles.
  • Nerves.
  • Veins.
  • Arteries.

These components combine to create a very sophisticated machine.  The health benefits of daily exercise will enhance, develop and maintain our bodies in ways we never knew.

When you exercise, the levels of serotonin is increased and this leads to improved mental clarity, which means your thought and focus is vastly improved. This would allow you to think more clearly, if you’re having a dull unproductive day. Studies have shown that those who are active in exercises are more productive in their workplaces, than those who don’t.

The health benefits of daily exercise for everyone.

Exercise can make you feel happier.

Are you having a dull day? Well, maybe exercise can help. Several studies have shown the effects of exercise when it comes to improving moods and decreasing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Exercise brings about changes in parts of the brain that regulates anxiety and stress. Studies have also shown that exercise increases the sensitivity for nor epinephrine and serotonin which helps relieve the feeling of stress and depression.

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Exercise also accelerates the production of endorphins, which are also known as the feel-good chemicals. These chemicals are known to help produce a positive vibe after a session of exercise. Furthermore, studies have shown that exercise decreases the feeling of anxiety and can act as a good distraction from your fears.

What makes things even more interesting is that you can benefit from exercise regardless of the intensity of the exercise you participate in. People who participate in a more intensive exercise regime tend to benefit more and will enjoy these benefits more than those who don’t.

Can exercise help lower weight.

We all probably already know that exercise is the most effective component of a weight-loss campaign, alongside a good diet. There are even some studies that have shown that lack of exercise can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of obesity.

While having a low-carb diet can help cut some pounds without necessarily having to participate in exercise, but exercise plays a vital role because it increases the metabolic rate which in turn, increases the burning of calories and hence increasing the rate at which you lose weight.

Other studies have shown that combining resistance training and aerobic exercises can maximise loss of fat and increase the building of muscles’, which are the main objectives of a weight-loss campaign.

Exercise is good for your bones and muscles.

Having strong bones and muscles’ is something everyone should be looking to achieve. It so happens that regular exercise is required in your daily routine if you want to develop strong bones and muscles’. Physical activities like lifting weights and increasing your protein intake, will help build strong muscles’ within a very short time.

Studies show that physical activity helps to release hormones that promote the muscles’. In turn your muscles’ will absorb amino acids and when amino acids are absorbed your muscles’ become stronger and will have a reduced breakdown. As we age, the muscle mass tends to reduce and this can lead to diseases and disabilities. But engaging in regular physical activities can help maintain your muscle strength, even as you age.

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Also, studies have shown that regular exercise helps improve bone density. The health benefits of daily exercise will also play a major role into your older years. Regular exercise will play a significant role in helping prevent osteoporosis later on in life.

Higher intensity exercise tends to improve the bone density and building of muscles better than the non-impact exercises. So to enjoy this benefit, even more, make sure to participate in more intensive exercises such as playing football, basketball, running, weight lifting, and such exercises.

Exercise increases energy levels.

Exercise is a huge energy booster to both healthy people and those suffering from different medical conditions. One study that was conducted, showed the impact of exercise on reducing fatigue. It showed that it is very effective when it comes to fatigue. The study showed that all the 36 people who participated in the research reported reduced feelings of fatigue.

Also, exercise can help boost the energy of people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic diseases like arthritis. In fact, exercise has shown to be more effective in combating chronic syndrome than any other medication available like passive therapies. Exercise can also help boost the energy levels of people living with progressive diseases such as HIV/AIDS and such diseases.

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Exercise can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Failing to exercise increases your risk of chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and some types of cancers. However, participating in regular exercise can help lower the risk of such diseases.

It is now proven that regular exercise improves the sensitivity of insulin, fitness, cardiovascular fitness. Exercise can improve your body composition and it decreases blood pressure in the process.

Lack of exercise even for a short term leads to the build up of belly fat which doesn’t look so cool. Which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. This is why regular exercise is recommended to help lower belly fat and lower the risk of serious chronic diseases.

My conclusion to the health benefits of daily exercise.

The health benefits of daily exercise and a good diet have many rewards, such as lowering the risk of chronic diseases, boosting energy levels, and making one feel happier. We should all try to engage in regular exercise to enjoy these benefits.

The reason for daily exercise as never been more important, make a choice and stick to it.

I hope you enjoy the read and I look forward to any comments or questions you might have.


To a healthier you.

4 thoughts on “The health benefits of daily exercise

  1. Because of my busy schedule with my business, I’ve tried doing exercise every other day so it’s near to having daily exercise. Aside from the benefits that are listed in this article, what I’ve found beneficial to me is the stamina that I have developed with my heart especially when I’m doing the cardio set of exercises. It is a set of supposed to be daily exercises developed for strengthening the heart, and once the heart is strengthened you can move up to having the other parts of your body, your other muscle groups easily strengthened too. If I got good results doing it every other day, then what more if I can do it every day. 

  2. Hi I am a 48 year old Obese male. Until 2 years ago I was at the Gym 3 days a week Boxing. I also used the cross trainer and punch bag at home on my other days. Unfortunately I have had some health issues over the last few years which have drastically hit my fitness levels. My weight has increased dramatically. I now cycle every day but I am not lossing weight at the moment due to a Thyroid problem. My thyroid is being removed on the 12th of November and I am hoping to return to regular exercise again. When I was boxing I was at my happiest in life. The mental high is amazing after a serious work out. I do not  know if I will ever box again because it is very intense but I am hoping to carry on Mountain Biking and other exercise. Thanks for the post. Mark

  3. Whenever I exercise and then stop for a while I realize what benefits the exercise has done for my body such as boost my metabolism and attention throughout the day. I feel more energized every day as well. I realized that sticking to a consistent workout program is key to maintaining a healthy weight and staying healthy all around. The tips provided here are what I have seen in my experience. 

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