April 18, 2024
best stomach exercise

best stomach exercise

The human body relies on its core muscles for strength and balance. This review is about the best stomach exercises and what you might need to do to improve your abdominal muscles. I will also be taking a look at the type of exercises you will be able to perform from home and what kind of results can be gained from them. This review will be constructed using my 43 years experience as a fitness coach, martial artist, international competitor and coach.  So without any further delay let’s get stuck in.

Best stomach exercises.

Our stomach muscles are very important to our bodies stability, it’s something that we do take for granted. Most of the time we see our stomach muscles as something we display, we start to exercise only when summer approaches, with the main goal being to look good and to become beach ready.  But our core muscles do play a more important role, which is to help stabilize our back muscles.

So having strong abdominal muscles offers a greater benefit to our body, other than just for appearance. Now that we’ve established the role our muscles play, what can we do to assist these muscles. There’s a variety of exercises we can do to train this particular muscle group but what is the best stomach exercise and what makes it the best?

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Best stomach exercise

These are the questions that we should be asking before we start performing a workout routine that might not meet our goals.

What is the main purpose of my stomach muscles.

As human beings we walk upright on 2 legs, keeping upright with every step we make.  Our stomach muscles work has part of a group of muscles to make this possible.  That group of muscles is known as our core.

The core muscles consists of rectus abdominis, which is known better as our stomach, external abdominal oblique, transverse abdominals, internal abdominal oblique and lower back. These muscles are fundamental to our movement and are required to be strong enough to do their job.

Participating in any sporting activity would be difficult, without this group of muscles working at their best.  To be honest trying to go about our daily routine would be a painful too and it would probably lead to an injury.  So we need to take the right steps to make sure these muscles are well maintained and we’re going to do this by utilizing the best stomach exercises for the job.

Best stomach exercises for a 6 pack.

OK, So you want to improve your abdominals and you want the best stomach exercises.  Now I can tell you there’s quite a few exercises around, but this review is about finding the best exercises, so Let’s start with a list:

  • Sit – ups.
  • Crunches.
  • Twist sit ups.
  • Leg raises.
  • Tucks.
  • Plank.
  • Cardio workout – running.

Now this is the basic stomach exercises that a majority of people will perform.  They can be all be made harder to do by adding weights or changing the angle of the exercise but I’d advise anyone starting a stomach or core routine to start slow.  There’s no need for a beginner to be adding heavy weights to a routine, that they might already be struggling with.

A sit up is the first exercise I encountered for working on my stomach but I quickly learnt that sit ups, didn’t just focus on my abs (Abdominals) they also gave my back a workout and it wasn’t always good.  So sit ups were ok but they’re not the best stomach exercises we can do.

I found crunches gave me a great workout, without causing any back issues.  Although I needed to perform them in quite a few ways to achieve a full stomach workout.  This is because a crunch can target your upper, middle and lower abs.  To add that finishing touch to your stomach workout, I’d suggest increasing your cardio.  Providing you don’t have any joint issues give running a try.  The calories burned can help to add that chiselling effect.

Stomach muscles play an important role.

Performing a twist sit up is another good workout, but it did tend to have the same pitfalls of a basic sit up. This exercise offered the benefit of working the abs but also targeted the obliques.

I believe the best stomach exercise would be tucks, now this is my opinion because of the results it gave me. I would also like to say it did give me a little back ache and when that happened I switched to crunches!

Training my stomach from home.

All the exercises I have listed can be performed from home. They can be performed without any additional equipment being required.  The most important thing is to workout which is the best exercise for you.  This is something you’ll only find out through practice.  I have listed a plank as an exercise you can perform to improve and strengthen your abs.

But I have found the risk of back ache with this workout is too great and I would advise that you only perform a plank under professional supervision.  So, I would say your home workout should be tucks and crunches, to keep it safe.

When you’ve achieved a good level of strength, try adding a few more routines to create a all round workout.

Conclusion to best stomach exercises.

I have compiled a list of a few exercises, that I have tried and looked at in depth. To find the best stomach exercises.  I have explained why stomach muscles are important. Why you should choose a certain exercise over another.  Ultimately, you have the last word.  But regardless of how you use this information.  You should make sure you have clearance from your doctor.  If only to make sure are in great physical health before you start your program.

As always if you have any comments or questions please leave them below.  I will answer them as soon as possible.

Now get tucking!

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