November 27, 2023
10 Best workout programs.

10 Best workout programs.

Taking part in a physical workout can deliver many rewards. And because you’re reading this review, I guess you’re in need of some guidance. This review will be guiding you through the 10 best workout programs. Workouts that you can undertake from home, because not everyone wants to go to a gym. I’ve found that when it comes to training, most of us know what we want but we’re not quite sure how to get there! Does that ring a bell? Well in this review, I’m going to help you find the way.

10 Best Workout Programs.

The world we live in is constantly changing and with it, the way things are done. To get the best results we need to adapt. There’s workouts and then there’s workouts! Today you’re going to be introduced to the 10 best workout programs and how they can benefit you. I suppose your next question is, “Is there a program for me?”. Well the answer is yes, regardless of your ability and fitness level. There’s a workout program for you.

To find your ideal program please read on.


Targeting your body.

The only way you’ll achieve stunning results is by knowing what you want to achieve. If you know what you want, then you’re in position to target your workout, for better results. I am hoping that you’ve got an idea of what you’re aiming for, but just in case you’re still unsure, here’s a few choices to consider:

  • Fat loss.
  • Body toning.

This is how you should be thinking. What are your goals? It can be as simple as losing weight, to training for a marathon. Get a firm grip of where you need to be 6 months from now!

Fat loss program.

Choosing a program from the top 10 best workout programs that will help you body fat is easy. Providing you have the drive, commitment and can follow the nutrition plan. The best program is:

1. Insanity – Base Kit.

Insanity is a high intensity, Interval workout program, which a part of the Beach Body productions.  You will be tested with every aerobic, anaerobic, plyometric drill you do.  This program in my eyes, is head and shoulders above the rest. It boasts a large array of techniques designed to help you burn calories and lose body weight.

It’s ideal for the professional but beginners can also gain from this intense program. The program runs hand in hand with a nutrition plan, designed to help you recover and stay energized to continue your training program!

This will give you 10 high quality discs to train through, in the convenience of your own home. Buy it new from Amazon for £118.94.

Body toning.

If this is what you’re aiming for, then I would recommend Insanity, I suppose it’s because I’ve tried it. This would be my first choice. P90X would be my close second place. The exercises are quite similar but I see insanity has having the edge because it does what it needs to do and still keeps an element of fun.

<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="lady stretching on a mat.jpg" alt="10 best workout programs"/>

2. P90X2 – Base Kit.

If you’re an exercise professional or a beginner, this could be the program that’ll help you achieve, all your weight loss, fat burning and body toning goals. This exercise program also has a nutrition plan, that caters for vegans.  The plan is to complement your recovery and energizes you to be able to complete your training.  The program consists of 13 DVDs, which contains 12 new break through workouts.  All designed to improve your core, agility and balance.

Pricing. Buy it from Amazon for only £114.83. Buy it now!

3. Focus T25 Gamma.

Have you ever wanted to achieve better results from all your training. But not had the time? Well this could be the answer. Focus T25 Gamma was constructed just for you. You’re now able to achieve 1 hours results, by only working out for 25 minutes. The Focus T25 Gamma should be on everyone’s 10 best workout programs. The workouts are intense but the results are worth it! Don’t forget to stick to your nutrition plan.

Pricing. You can own your own copy for £30.23 from Amazon. The program contains 4 DVDs that will guide you through every step to creating a new you.

4. PiYo.

As we get older our bodies go through a number of changes. We lose muscle tone, put on weight and our joints can start to stiffen. Exercise is a great way to slow down the aging process. PiYo offers benefits on all fronts, it’s a low impact workout. PiYo delivers excellent results, without all the straining and grunting. A workout program developed from fusing Pilates and Yoga.

PiYo gives you all the flexibility and strength from Yoga. Combined with muscle sculpting and core strengthening from Pilates, a truly great mix. Your program consists of DVDs, on which you’ll find 10 easy to follow workouts, to sculpt and change your body. A program that’s suitable for all ages and abilities.

Pricing. The Best Buy is £59.80 from Amazon.

  • 2 Accelerated 30 minutes, strength slides.
  • A calendar.
  • 1 Free mat.

Now everyone can have a Beach body!  Start creating yours here!

Keeping your focus on results.

I’m not going to lie, exercise can be hard work and the only way to make the whole concept acceptable. Is by achieving great results! I would like to think that you fully agree with me. OK, let’s look at it another way, would you go to work for nothing? Uhm, I guess that would be no! Exactly, getting some kind of reward for your hard work is expected and necessary to keep you going. So choosing the exercise program that gives great results, in the shortest of time, is what you’re looking for. I’m only half-way through introducing you to the 10 best workout programs, that will do just that!

<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="lady stretching back on mat.jpg" alt="10 best workout programs"/>

5. Peloton Digital.

Burn calories, trim your body, especially your legs and sweat. Yes, this is what you can look forward to. I’ve given Peloton a mention on my list because it’s a great workout. There’s no denying that, although to take part you do require a bike.

This workout program will help you achieve weight loss, boost your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories but requires equipment to take part in this program. This can be costly, especially if you decide it’s not for you!  Peloton also offers workout programs that doesn’t require equipment, so there’s always another option!

If you’ve already got an exercise bike, then it would work for you.

Using the cycling program on its own wouldn’t deliver the same body sculpting and shaping promise like all the others. But there’s always the option to back it up with another of their workout programs.  With other options to consider, could Peloton be what you’re looking for?


  • Basic package £1,990.00 or pay £52 per month. (For 39 months)
  • Essential package £2,129.00 or £55 per month. (For 39 months)
  • Family package £2,389.00 or pay monthly £62. (For 39 months)
  • Peloton tread £2,295 or pay £59 monthly (For 39 months)

Peloton Tread – Body training.

This is a new addition to the Peloton range.  Peloton has come out swinging.  Now, I must admit Peloton has a very impressive range and if it wasn’t so expensive, I’d probably be onboard.  But they do get and give great results to their customers and this post is all about the 10 best workout programs and this is among the best!

The system is designed, like all products relating to the Peloton brand.  Which is to help you achieve a fitter, leaner body.

To be honest, I like what Peloton have done and I look forward to their next innovation!

6. Qspeed 21 Day Fix – Extreme Workout.

I love sport, no matter what form it comes in. I’m guessing you do too. The main idea behind UTG is to deliver the best information relative to your sport. I’m proud to say we’re right on track. I don’t want to seem biased about any product that I review, if it’s good, it’s good – period!

So, here’s Qspeeds 21-day fix program. It contains 2 DVDs, with 7 – 30 minute workouts, designed to help drop weight in 21 days. Using cutting edge routines to develop strength, while encouraging weight loss. The system offers:

  • Portion control containers. (Colour coded)
  • 21 Day eating plan.

The system works, it does require your commitment and strength of mind. But it works! There’s no doubt about it. There’s no working out your meals or portions to think about either, it as all been taken care of!  You just need to follow the plan and be amazed. The 21-day fix boasts, that you will lose a minimum of 15 lbs in 21 days.

Pricing. Secure your copy for only £33.67 from Amazon.

7. Cize Dance – Base Workout.

I believe life is for living and losing weight or getting in shape, shouldn’t come at a cost. Cize dance comes from Shaun ‘t, the same guy who created Insanity. His workouts are fun and they deliver results. This is designed to be fun, yet an effective way to sculpt your body, lose weight and tone your muscles. If you’ve tried classes in Zumba and you enjoyed the workout. Then this one is just for you. Bounce to the beats and lose those excess pounds. The package contains:

  • 6 DVDs which contains 6 workouts and an abdominal workout.
  • Eating plan.
  • Calendar.
  • Weekend survival kit.

Has you can see, everything is prepared for you. The last ingredient is you.

Pricing. Pick up your body bouncing, hip shaking copy for £39.42 from Amazon.


8. Insanity – Max 30 Base Kit.

Now I’ve tried Insanity and I know how much it hurts. But it does deliver results. This is a scaled down version of the original Insanity program. Don’t get me wrong, when I say scaled down I didn’t mean it was easier or delivered anything less than it’s big brother. I only meant it was all packed into a smaller amount of time – ouch!

Again Shaun T has designed a program that will test you to the core.

His promise is it will burn max body fat, from a max workout, to deliver max results. All in 30 minutes! How far would go to achieve your goal? It’s a case of mind over matter, will you win? And are you prepared to test yourself?

  • 10 DVDs – which contains.
  • No time to cook calendar.

Pricing. Grab your Max – 30 base kit for £114.83 from Amazon.

9. Sweat.

There’s a workout program for everyone, I’m almost at the end of my 10 best workout programs and I’ve focused on programs that will give you what you’re looking for or need. This program moves away from the Beach body brand, I have passed the gauntlet to Kayla Itsines. This program has been marketed for women of all shapes and abilities, not forgetting postpregnant women.

I’ve not had the pleasure of doing any of her sessions but she does have a huge following. Her routines are known for being tough and designed to strengthen and build strong core muscles. So if you’re looking for a low – impact, high intensity workout, then welcome to sweat.

Pricing. Taking part is easy, go to a class or stream it straight to your home. Pay per month £16.27 or pay yearly £97.63. The choice is yours?

10. BBG (Bikini Body Guide).

My last program is going to Kayla Itsines. From the title you should be able to tell it’s for women only. I do believe most workout routines can be applied to either sex, regardless of how they are marketed. I’m going to stick with who it was meant for. BBG is very similar to Sweat. They both offer their customers a high intensity, interval workout program. Aimed at delivering great body sculpting, weight loss results. The sessions can be accessed through an app. Like Sweat, women of all abilities are welcome.

Pricing. Pay per month £16.42 or pay per year £199.60.

The Best Way To Boost Your Workout Results.

Do you remember the saying, if  It’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well? Well those words relate to this subject, to gain any lasting results from your workout program, you must follow the guidelines. How simple does that sound?

This is the only way forward, you need to put the work in and pay attention to all the nutritional advice given. If you can do this you’ll succeed, in all aspects of your training and weight loss regime.


<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="lady performing stomach exercise on mat.jpg" alt="10 best workout programs"/>

10 Best workout Programs From Home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 10 best workout programs review. It’s packed with lots of ideas, for your next workout program. I must admit it has been fun to write and wow, didn’t it bring back some memories. Now it’s over to you, there’s a lot to choose from. I would advise you to search with an idea in mind of what you want to achieve. If, you need a hand or you have any questions, just ask. If you happen to have any comments please leave them below. I will answer them as soon as possible.

To your success! UTG.

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  1. Hey
    I was looking for a long time for that one perfect workout program that might fit me. This is packed with lots of ideas. Thanks to you, I believe I can finally choose a program. I think I will go with Insanity- Base kit as mentioned in your post.

    Thanks for posting such useful information. 
    With regards,

  2. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your article as I really enjoyed reading it especially as my field is Fitness and Well-being. 

    You have given a lot of detail here with regards to the different fitness programs available which I really liked. Whilst I would not necessarily agree with the Best 10 on a personal basis,  you have given a really broad spectrum which I really enjoyed. It is really important to have a balance to the type of workout and your Best 10 definitely do this so I really liked this.

    If people took an element of most of these and tried them they would definitely improve their fitness and their health.

    Thank you as I really enjoyed this article and will definitely try those that might not have been on my initial agenda.

  3. Hello there are really nice workout program to keep one going. I have tried some online workout programs before now and I can tell you they are not as efficient as they claim to be. Most of them do not give feedback on time as at when you need them. But then I think I might just give this a try and purchase the workout programs on Amazon

  4. Heloo Dear, I so much agree with you that taking part in a physical workout can deliver many numerous benefits/rewards. Have actually been engaging in phisical excercises and a healthy food plan diet for a long time, which I must say have been really productive, am as fit as ever. I was able to loose fat because I was very consistent to my program. Consistency is a key. 

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