May 28, 2024

If, you want to get the best from every running session and stay safe, you really need to know how to buy the best running shoes for women.

Women are designed totally different from men. Most men will agree with this statement but in a totally different way, but in relation to training there isn’t much difference. Women can work as hard as men and sometimes harder. Even though they are much lighter in weight. They can still compete in other ways and surprisingly at a good level too!

But I’m not going to lie women can also be quite delicate too and in this post I would like to point out why they should take extra care when running by selecting the best running shoes for women.

The Best Running Shoes For Women.

When a woman decides to do something, they commit to doing that activity to the best of their ability. This In my eyes is very admirable. Men are quite different we only commit if we are doing well and that can take some time! So a lot can be learnt from the training ethics of a woman.

If I counted how many times I have seen a woman jogging on the side of the road I’d be super rich by now. They out number men, the ratio I have in mind is roughly 10 to 5. This isn’t a bad thing, I’m just trying to point out how much they are dedicated to getting fit.

The best running shoes for women.
The best running shoes for women.

Wearing the right running shoes is a must, unfortunately I can’t say I could see what type of running shoes they were wearing. And I wouldn’t stop to perform an on the spot survey. But wearing the right training equipment makes all the difference.

The runners I have witnessed would have been wearing running shoes, that I do believe but how did they choose them? What was their process for choosing a pair of running shoes that offered comfort, performance and safety. I hope to educate you on how to obtain the best running shoes for women.

What’s Your Favourite Brand?

This is a very important question, I have found over the years that designer brands tend to make shoes for a certain foot type.

The best brands out today are:


1. Adidas.

2. Nike.

3. Asics.

4. Brooks.

5. Puma.


These are the market leaders in sport shoes. They are also quite a few steps ahead of their rivals, when it comes to competitive running shoes too. Most people stick to a brand that they’ve grown up with or they just feel comfortable in.

This would be the best place to start, finding a shoe that makes you feel good will allow you to focus on your running and not on your foot wear.

Each manufacturer will have put their product through a very strict, rigorous program to insure you get the very best product. Gel soles, instep protectors, durable and breathable fabric.  All of these will have been used to guarantee that you get the best performance and comfort from your running shoes.

How Did You Do?

Now lets see if your chosen shoe ticks all the boxes. Ask yourself these questions to help you make a sensible decision:

1. Did you have your feet measured. Knowing your length and width is important.

2. Does your favourite brand specialise in making wide or narrow shoes?

The list of manufacturers above all make world-class running shoes for wide and slim feet.  Knowing you foot type will aid you to choose not only the right shoe but the best shoe for you. The brands that offers running shoes for Asics, Adidas and Under Armour. I would like you to remember that comfort and confidence in your equipment promotes performance!

Are Your Fit For Your Shoes?

Now, this is a little flip on choosing your ideal running shoes. But are we fit enough to wear them.  And better still, be able to achieve the best performance from our new running shoes?

We all want to and more than likely will blame our equipment if we don’t achieve our best workout ever and this shouldn’t be the case. We have a duty to our selves to be of a reasonable fitness before we dive head first into our first marathon or even your local park run.

Your new running shoes will only get you so far, the rest is really in the preparation and that is all down to you.

The Best Feet For Running Shoes!

I believe most women do just that. It’s like I wrote earlier, women will commit to something that takes their fancy and in doing so will work hard to achieve their goal. The market is flooded with many types of running shoes from many manufacturers but women also like to pamper themselves.

So your new running shoes for women needs to help you with your training regime and at the same time protect your feet. I might be going out on a limb here, but I believe most women wouldn’t want to have their feet deformed in any way. In fact, I don’t think any man would either. Ha Ha Ha.

But women will pamper, paint their nails and treat their feet to the finer things in life. We have now created a match made in heaven. We have acquired the best running shoes for women. Boosted our longevity by making sure our feet are also up to the task ahead.

The best running shoes for women.
The best running shoes for women.


Working For Your End Game.

All things taken into consideration we are now in position to have our best run ever. We have running shoes that are made for our feet.  Our feet have been measured and we have also had our step and stride measured to tell us exactly how we run.

There are no mistakes! Everything is good!

Now about that park run! Lets take our training to new heights, the secret is to start slow and build it up step by step.

I have given you my view on how to find the best running shoes for women, I have dealt with all the relevant pit falls that you may incur.

I hope this guide as been useful to you but if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Happy trails!

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  1. Although size and the width of the shoe are important when choosing running shoes, I think it would be important to discuss other things as well as the weight of the shoe, the proper arch support, as well as the amount of time it generally lasts.  The appearance of the shoe is to be considered of course but I do not feel that it is the most important characteristic.

    I would like to read more.

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