April 17, 2024
Good personal goals.

Good personal goals.

There’re many parts to living a healthy life.  The whole process starts with having good personal goals’ and having the determination to achieve the targets you have set.  Everywhere you look you’ll be reminded of how much exercise you should be having, how much sleep your body needs, how much water you should be consuming and why it is all so important!  These are all simply for our guidance, but it can be added to your own good personal goals‘ for real impact to your life.

This post is all about the things I believe are important to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I’ll be writing this post using my 43 years experience in the fitness world.  My goal is to help you achieve a healthy balance between work, training and living your best life.

Good personal goals’.

I have a strong belief in quality over quantity and when you’re focusing on creating and achieving good personal goals’. This should be at the top of your list at all times.  Because it doesn’t matter if you’re having an abundance of rest, exercise or work time.  What is important is developing and keeping a balance in all areas. So, how do we start to develop what it means to have good personal goals’.


Good personal goals.


Well, I’d like to start by saying it would be good practice to start with the basics.  By the basics I mean starting with how much water we are consuming and if our body is in full agreement with what we are doing.

Water consumption.

We cannot live without a regular intake of water and the importance of water should not be underestimated.  All health organizations will advise you to consume up to 3.7 litres of water daily.  This figure is slightly less for women, which is 2.7 litres.  This figure might vary when exercising but for the average person please consider the advice given.

Water plays a vital role in how our body functions. For instance our skin, organs and brain depends on a regular intake of water to function properly.  After all our body is 60% water and we lose a large part of our water intake when we sweat.  As well as when we go to the toilet.

Good personal goals’ means regular exercise.

Now, have you ever thought of your body as a machine, well to be honest it is!  Not in the same way as a car or digger but our body is a highly complexed organism.  That requires food and water for fuel and regular exercise for maintenance.  A major part of your good personal goals’ should be a regular exercise regime.  Exercise benefits us in so many ways, for instance we can improve our cardiovascular, bones, joints, mental health and muscles.

Taking part in a weekly regime is beneficial to our mind, body and soul.  I know from my experience in sport, there’re many levels of exercise and the benefits can and will vary.  To explain what I’m trying to say I’m going to focus on the average person.   Someone who just wants to lose weight.  Their regime might consist of a little gym work two to three times a week, for a couple hours at a time.

There’s nothing wrong with this and achieving their mission wouldn’t be impossible or difficult.  But I would bet you that they’re not giving 100% to their workout.  That’s simply because most people that visit their local gym, also use it for a social gathering!  Two hours is a great commitment but remember, quality over quantity!

You are what you eat!

Yes, you are what you eat and I use this particular phrase openly, because your food is your fuel.  In order for you to get the best results from your body.  Your body needs nutrient rich food and regular intakes of it too!  I’m not saying you have to be a saint.  But your choice of foods, should support your good personal goals’ in your life.  To be honest eating a balanced meal should do the trick.

Good personal goals.

Most people either go too far in one direction and don’t eat enough of the right kind and amount of food. Or they eat large amounts and more protein and as little carbohydrates as possible.   Now, this isn’t what a balanced meal means!  I would like to say your meals should consist of vitamins, minerals, fats (Good fats) protein and carbohydrates.  Maybe a quick update might help to make your food choices easier.

When we eat protein, which can come in many sources:

  • Meat.
  • Beans.
  • Fish.
  • Nuts.
  • Eggs.

Our body can build and repair itself, it is a major source for growth.  Protein can be consumed from all the above, this choice would be totally different for a vegetarian or pescatarian.  Carbohydrates comes from:

  • Potato.
  • Rice.
  • Pasta.

These are the main sources, you could also choose sweet potatoes or even yams.  But there isn’t much difference, although yams are known as a provider of complex carbs (Carbohydrates)  We consume carbs for energy and it’s also required to breakdown protein efficiently.

Vitamins and minerals can be found in:

  • Fruit.
  • Vegetables.
  • Dairy produce.
  • Fish.
  • Poultry.
  • Nuts.

The consumption of vitamins and minerals are very important for a healthy full functioning body.  So, as you can see making good personal goals’, means understanding what makes you tick.  I’ve found if you eat a balanced diet, on a daily basis.  Your body should get all the minerals, vitamins and proteins etc, it needs.

There is no real need to start taking tablets, unless you have some deficiency that needs to be managed.

Good personal goals’ lead to a better life.

Life can be like a jigsaw puzzle and when you choose to live a healthy life style.  Making good personal goals’ brings all the pieces together.  Creating a balanced life, enriched with an abundance of energy and good health.  What most people don’t often get enough of is exercise.  Exercise is a major part to creating good health, what you eat will help you maintain your physical activities.


Good personal goals.


The world we live in is filled with many types of exercise regimes.  Which should make it easier for us to find something we feel comfortable with.  Our choice of exercise could be chosen by our present health or family life and commitments.  But we will have a choice!  If, you’re struggling to make a connection with an exercise program, start by walking or rambling.  Little steps in the right direction is a big step to maintaining good personal goals’ in your life.

My final words on good personal goals’.

The journey to creating a healthy life isn’t an easy one but it is possible and within the grasp of everyone. It really doesn’t matter what is going on in your life.  There’s always going to be something you can improve, regardless of how small you think it might be.  Being able to achieve good personal goals’ in your life, is totally doable!  This post is hopefully going to give you the strength and determination to start your journey and maintain it.

If, you have found the drive from reading and implementing some of the ideas within.  I would like you to share and leave a comment below.  I will reply as soon as possible.

To your good health. UTG.


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