April 18, 2024
How to train harder.

How to train harder.

Do you know the difference between having a workout, training for a goal and how to train harder? There’s a difference! That difference is what’ll be talking about in this post. There’s gyms and health centres everywhere and people flock to them in the hundreds and thousands.  With the clear thought of getting fit.  This is a good thing, but unfortunately not many actually know how to train hard,  especially if you’re trying to achieve steady progress. This isn’t your fault and as such I would like to give everyone who wants to listen, some advice.

I’m writing this post, using the 43 years knowledge I have acquired as a competitor and coach.  A 6 times British title holder, who had to dig harder that I have ever done before.  To explain how it felt learning how to train harder, I’m going to be using my life experience’s.

How to train harder.

I believe that most of us are driven by targets and goals. If I’m correct and I hope I am, this is what pushes us to make sacrifices.  These sacrifices are what are required to train hard, to achieve our goals.  Now you’ve established what drives you, let’s take a look at what is required for you to move up to the next level. Which is how to train harder and what training is all about!

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How to train.

So, you roll out of bed, grab a shower, eat breakfast or not and get yourself ready to tackle your day. Today is your gym day, so you grab your kit and off you go.  Training has its benefits, one of which is to look good as well feel good! I fully understand and this is another reason why we’re able to push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion. This is because having a purpose, helps you focus.

No matter where your training begins, you’re going to start your workout with a warm up routine, that should raise your heart rate.  This is great, it’s a basic requirement and for us to learn how to train harder, we need to first learn and understand  the basics.  This is only the first step on the road to training like an athlete.

How to train much harder.

In this section you’re going to take steps two and three and combine them.  To help you crack, what it means and takes to learn how to train harder.  A workout will make you sweat and give you a feeling of achievement.  But it might hurt so much, that you just don’t not want to go there again!  But to train harder takes a lot more and I’m sorry to say some people don’t possess this kind of depth, and as a consequence always finish in second place!

So, are you ready? OK, here it is, to train harder you need to have a target and you’ll know if you have what it takes? You might just want to get fit and look great and that’s fine.  If it’s to get fit and look good, that’s your prerogative and I look forward to helping you achieve whatever it is, that you need from your training routine.

Step 3 is to aim higher!

Your focus should be to be the best at whatever you do. If your competitive, then you should be focused on matching and eventually beating, whoever the person at the top of your sport is.  In effect they are your target!  This thought process puts your mind in the right place to work, allowing you to dig deeper than you have ever done before.

Make sure you’re fuel intake is sufficient to keep your body peaking. To master this thought and output process isn’t easy and not many people can start something like this and see it to the end, do you have what it takes?  Keep a journal,  to monitor your progress.  Your input should contain how much rest your get, how much food you eat and when.  You might even add your weight and measurements to be accurate.

You wanted to know how to train harder and now you know. Now there’s going to be days when you just feel like you’ve had enough.  When these days occur and they will, your mind will need a little tweaking. At this point your thought process changes, just a little but enough to keep you motivated to achieve your best training session ever.

The thought I would like you to adapt is, “Is my competition resting.”  The answer is NO!  So, neither should you!

Training at the gym.

This would be a good place to start your new training ethics but it’s not the best place to get it right!  Let me explain what I mean.  When you’re at your local gym, some people do train,  but a very high majority go to the gym to socialize!  So, this could become a distraction, one we could really do without.  Either way this all boils down to a lot of distractions.

You’ll never be able to make any progress and any achievements you make, would only be a fraction of your true potential!  Once you’ve managed to get some alone time to reprogram yourself, then this might work but I wouldn’t advise it at the beginning of your training program!


How to train harder at home.

I bet you wouldn’t have thought I’d say, you’ll get your best training session at home.  To be honest, training at home might not work for everyone.  But there’s a method to my madness.  Home is always your safe zone. Unless you have loads of children running around.  But this is the place where you can take things at your own pace.  Find yourself and re tune your mind and body for hard work.

Try this!  If you like to run, go for a run but let’s say your regular run is 5k.  Do your 5k! But to really test your desire and drive, have a full on workout first, then do your 5k run.  Don’t change anything else about your run, if you have a set time, stick to it or beat it!  Don’t let your time slip and when it starts to hurt don’t try to blame it on the workout you had before! I’m not going to lie it’s going to hurt but if your mind is set on what you want to achieve, it will happen. Don’t give up!

My conclusion on how to train harder.

The road to learning how to train harder isn’t easy but if you want it, you’ll have to work hard.  I have been where you are and if you can stay focused, believe me, the rewards are great. There’s only one person who can make you you work hard, the same person is the only one who will experience your highs and lows!
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My final words are, ultimately only you can achieve the results you crave!
I hope this post helps you achieve all your goals and dreams.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Training hard is the way forward!

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