February 19, 2024
How to eat clean and lose weight.

How to eat clean and lose weight.

Do you know how to eat clean and lose weight? I’m back to a good old favourite of mine and that is food and weight loss. This is an amazing combination that just keeps coming back to the top of every subject. Everyone should know how to eat and what to eat in order to lose weight sensibly and have a chance of keeping it off. I really don’t see the point in going on a diet, losing weight, just to put it all back on again. Personally I’d prefer to avoid the diet, eat sensibly and lose weight sensibly and gradually, I hope you’re all with me on this point?

How To Eat Clean And Lose Weight.

We all have our favourite type of food or special dish that we simply love and would prefer not to be without.  Unfortunately most diets will say that it as to go. Yep that often means saying goodbye to that bar of chocolate and bye bye to that 2nd and 3rd glass of wine. It’s a game of, I’ll eat some of that now and miss out some of this.  It really does make me smile. But I know there’s people out there who are very serious about losing weight, without losing their favourite food so this post is totally for you.


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Let’s go back to the basics, I’m not going to tell you, you can’t eat but I must tell you, you can eat better! First of all we all know what the recommendations are, in relation to the amount of calories we should consume, but I’m happy to point it out to you again.

Men should consume 2500 calories and women should consume 2000 calories. It’s that simple but most people will stray away from this recommendation and wonder why they are putting on weight!

What to eat for great results.

Our meals should be balanced and consist of Protein, Carbohydrate, Vitamins and Minerals. Now we have quickly re-established that, I think we should now focus on the portions that each meal should contain. Your daily intake of carbohydrates should be approximately 50% of your daily intake.  Your protein intake should be 20% of you daily intake.  The other 30% of your meal consisting of fats.

The carbohydrates should be made up of good fats, which is needed for energy.  Which means you should be eating things like Beans, Lentils, Brown rice, Multi-grain, Potato, Yam, Sweet Potato and Pasta.  These should have a place on your plate. Your body thrives on this type of food.  With a 100% transference into glucose that the body can absorb easily and efficiently. These are known as complex carbohydrates.  A complex carbohydrate has the ability to release a steady flow of energy throughout the day.  So it will break down slowly, causing a slow rise in blood sugar levels.

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Eating clean.

Do your best to avoid the non healthy version of carbohydrates, such as sweet drinks, candy, chocolate and processed drinks. I do have a simple rule here and that boils down to moderation. This post started with me saying I wasn’t going to take your food away and I’m not, but you must be willing to have smaller portions to achieve your weight loss goals.

I would ask you to choose lean protein with your meals, such as Chicken, Lamb, Steak, Tuna or fish. Now that should work if you eat meat but if you’re a vegetarian or vegan your protein intake needs to be just a little different. This might mean you’ll have to rely on Nuts, Couscous, Lentils, Cheddar cheese, Eggs, Tofu and Quorn for your protein.  Keeping firm control of what you eat will help you to understand how to eat and lose weight.

Fats also have a role to play in every weight loss program and its role is pretty simple.  Our consumption should consist of monounsaturated fats which you can find in foods like Olives, Avocado’s and Nut oils.

What to eat for weight loss.

The best way to eat and lose weight is to follow a sensible regime of good food. Your meal times should be filled with sensible food using some from the list above or even creating your own list of equivalent products. The important thing is to get the balance right. Do your best to not overeat, which is the same as having really big portions or eating over your recommended daily intake.  This will lead to a total disaster and of course weight gain, which is the total opposite of How to eat clean and lose weight!

When to eat carbs and lose weight.

This part of the post should be very easy to follow, so here it comes. Carbohydrates should be consumed at breakfast, lunch and diner. There’s no meal that I would ever recommend you avoid eat carbs.  The simple reason is that carbs stops you from feeling hungry.  It regulates your blood sugar levels and also gives us energy. So to avoid eating them just doesn’t make any sense.

I would like you to apply a simple rule to your meal times.  Breakfast can be what you want.  Make your lunch like a dinner, but I’d like your diner to be of a smaller portion. To try to make this a little clearer, most people have a breakfast cereal for breakfast, this is


 usually carb based. When it comes to lunch, your lunch should be exactly what I’ve been talking about, well-balanced and within your limits.  Now for dinner, I would like you to eat a meal of smaller proportions. But still keeping it  balanced, with nothing left out!


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The conclusion on how to eat clean and lose weight.

Well there you have it.  I’ve given you a very simple but effective blueprint of how to eat clean and lose weight.  You can do this without skimping on any meals or without avoiding your carbohydrates.  If you’re serious about losing weight, give it a try. The whole blueprint consists of eating the type of foods you’re already eat but taking it back to the basics to achieve a steady sensible weight loss.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and I hope you’ve finally got a good grasp of how to lose weight and still eat enjoyable food. If you have any questions or comments about what you have read, please leave them below.  I will them answer as soon as possible.

Happy eating.

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