April 18, 2024
Good ways to stay healthy.

Good ways to stay healthy.

The road to being healthy is long.  I would like to talk about good ways to become healthy and stay healthy.  I see this topic as being quite vast and it relies on quite a few factors, before we can truly understand the meaning of being healthy.  The plan is to break this down into categories to make it easier for you to understand.  So, without further delay, let’s take a look at good ways to stay healthy.

Good ways to stay healthy.

Being healthy is something we all should strive to achieve but what does being healthy mean to you? Everyone will have a totally different definition of what this means, so, I believe the best way forward is to break it down and put it under the microscope.

  • Am I healthy if I look good?
  • Does being thin mean I’m healthy?
  • Can I eat chocolate and chips and still be healthy?
  • If I exercise and diet daily, am I fit and healthy?

As you can see there’s a lot of questions surrounding the word healthy. Looking at what I have written so far where would you place yourself? I dare say there might be a few options that might seem appropriate, but all said a done you’d still ask are these good ways to stay healthy.

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What does being healthy really mean?

The word healthy relates to quite a few different things. Training, be it daily or a few times a week, it’ll go a long way to getting healthy and keeping that way. But ultimately, there’s more to it, if your route to well being is by regular exercise.  Which is advised, then you should also be eating balanced meals.  In my opinion you’re now doing what I would say is 2 out of 3 things right.  The last part of this puzzle is quality sleep, are you getting enough?

The recommendation is between 6 – 8 hours sleep per night. Are you getting enough?

If not then you need to make a correction to your daily/weekly routine. I would like to consider myself as being healthy and I eat chocolate and from time to time, I eat chips. It doesn’t make me unhealthy, because I have these guilty pleasures in moderation. I’m not thin and I’m not overweight, so I’d put myself in the middle, where would you picture yourself and how often do you succumb to your guilty pleasures?

Taking your health to a good level.

In most cases the definition of being thin points to being undernourished, unless there’s another underlying issue, for example a thyroid problem. An over active thyroid gland can cause your body to burn excessive calories, hence you’d constantly lose weight and look unhealthy. You could be eating well, getting the right amount of sleep and doing regular exercise but your health would still be in question.

On the other hand you could have someone who looks well. They exercise daily, get 8 hours of rest but cut out the occasional meal and replace it with a protein shake or two. Is this your definition of being healthy? Well I’d like you to know there’s a large portion of our population that falls into this category. It’s not the best way forward but on a short term basis it’s OK, long term it wouldn’t be a good idea and that would not be the way forward to good health.

Getting fit by not drinking alcohol.

This is always a touchy subject, can drinking alcohol and being healthy ever be mentioned in the same sentence?  Well I would say in moderation it’s possible. But this is coming from someone who doesn’t really drink. Firstly alcohol is a poison and in large quantities is very harmful to our bodies. That being said I do enjoy a glass of Guinness, which I tell myself is good for me because it gives my body iron. It’s also a recommended drink for ladies who are pregnant, but again in moderation!

Now I would also add I was told by my doctor that a glass of red wine is good for me. I’m not one to argue with the doctor so yes you can be fit and have a little drink of alcohol.

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Good ways to stay fit by being active.

The best way to keep fit and stay in good shape is to really do a mixture of everything I’ve mentioned so far, but everything in moderation. Eat well and exercise, sleep well and exercise, drink in moderation but make sure you get enough exercise! It’s really that simple, this is the good ways to stay healthy.

If your thing is to run, then run, try to run 2 – 3 times a week, but know your limitations.  Let’s focus on 5k, to cover this distance swimming in a 25m pool you’d need to swim 200 lengths, which for some might be an easy task but for others not so much!

You could try skipping which is also a very good form of exercise. Now it’s not easy to measure this exercise routine by distance.  The average person can burn between 200 and 300 calories per 15 minutes of skipping.  This is pretty good but isn’t suitable for everyone.

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The best ways to stay in shape.

At this stage you have quite a lot of information to digest. The good ways to stay healthy should be easy to follow using the information contained within.  Do what you can when you can, be sensible with your alcohol intake.  Get a good night’s sleep, it doesn’t have to be 8 hours, do what feels good to you.

Give your body a little tender love and care and make it enjoyable, which I believe is very important to maintaining a good regime balance.  Please also remember that you’ll not see any changes overnight.  Extend your expectations to see results in months, rather than days.

My Conclusion on good ways to stay healthy.

Good ways to stay healthy, starts with eating well and combine this with a sensible, realistic exercise routine. I would recommend something that you can maintain over a lifetime. If you can do this, you’ve nailed all it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about yourself and you now have what you need to become healthy and stay that way. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below.  I will answer them as soon as possible.

To your fitness and health.

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