June 24, 2024

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Thanks for dropping by, in this post I’m going to be talking about how to improve cardiovascular fitness. This is one of the components that we should exercise to improve our overall health. In order for us to achieve this we will perform a physical exercise, that causes our heart rate to rise. I will be looking at a variety of exercises and who they are more suitable to.

How to improve cardiovascular fitness.

There’re many ways to improve your cardiovascular system, this can be done by running, cycling, skipping or swimming. These are a few exercises that comes to mind, that I have performed myself in the past with great success. If, your goal is to improve your health, then learning how to improve cardiovascular fitness is ideal for you.

What does cardiovascular mean?

In the world we live there are many parts of our body, that’s referred to by its correct medical name. Now please don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this but we could sometimes make it easier for everyone to understand. The term cardiovascular relates to your heart and the blood vessels relating to it.

The only way to improve our cardiovascular system, is to exercise to the point where your heart beat rises and your breathing is elevated. I would like to point out that exercise needs to be undertaken in a certain way. This means that I would advise you not just wake up and think, “I’m going to get myself fitter” without first consulting your doctor, especially if you’re not already taking part in a fitness program.

The other thing you should know is that your heart has a peak rate. There’s a calculation that advises you on how many beats per minute your heart should perform for your age. This simple guideline will help you to stay within your limits. This calculation is 220 – your age = your maximum heart rate.

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How can I improve my health and fitness fast?

Before I answer this question I would like you to take your general fitness into consideration. How fit are you and do you have any issues that would impede your training?

Once you have answered these questions honestly, you’re ready to go. I’d like to put 4 exercises in front of you, these are:

Swimming can be used by anyone with a good health. But I would say it is more suited to someone who is learning how to improve cardiovascular fitness but is slightly overweight. My theory behind this advice is simple, swimming is very gentle on the joints, which could already be agitated due to being overweight. The joints in question could be hips, ankles and knees. Swimming will allow you to take part in exercise and not cause you any further issues.

Running is a great form of exercise but it does require you to be in good health


before you start. I wouldn’t advise anyone who hasn’t been running before to just jump in to this form of exercise. It can irritate already stressed joints or create new problems.

Cycling can be performed by almost anyone but will require you to have a bike and be able to cycle too. This isn’t for everyone because of the safety element, that is also involved with this type of fitness program.

Skipping is another great form of exercise, its FREE, you will require a skipping rope but to buy one won’t break the bank. Although this is a great form of exercise and will help you to achieve your goals, it can cause joint issues, so your hips, knees and ankles could suffer but the impact is far less than running!

Can I improve my cardiovascular fitness from home, without running?

How to improve cardiovascular fitness can easily be done almost anywhere. Taking part in a fitness program from home is the first step. I would say you should be looking at running, if your body allows it? If your body doesn’t allow running but you’re pretty nimble on your feet, try skipping.

These are 2 great forms of exercise that doesn’t require any financial outlay. Running can be performed outdoors, anywhere where there’s open space. Whilst skipping can be performed in the privacy of your own garden. Please be aware of your surroundings and wear sensible attire.

The best ways to improve my cardiovascular fitness for beginners.

Sport is a great way to keep fit and improve cardiovascular fitness. We should all have some starting level of fitness and have a good idea of our physical ability. My advice to you as a beginner, who

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is learning how to improve cardiovascular fitness would be to start with speaking to your doctor.

Your next step, once you’ve received clearance from your doctor would be to start with a simple walk. This will not improve your cardiovascular system but it’ll give you an idea of your overall physical health. The next step would be to try a gentle run, taking your footwear and clothing into consideration before you start. If running doesn’t cause you any issues, then you have 2 choices. You can continue running or you can add skipping for variety.

The choice is yours, try to monitor your progress with a smartwatch to make sure you don’t over do your ability!

The conclusion on how to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Your health and well being is very important. To keep our bodies working performing at its best we should exercise at least a few times a week. For most people this is easy but for others it can be quite difficult. Putting my recommendations on how to improve cardiovascular fitness into practice is important.

Your heart is a very important organ, without it there would be no life! Keeping it working to its optimum level should be the choice and duty of everyone who is physically able to do so. I hope this post has given you the knowledge you need to choose a form of exercise suitable to your ability and the guidelines to undertake your chosen activity safely.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I will answer them as soon as possible.

To your cardio fitness.

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