July 22, 2024
5 Best body weight exercises.

5 Best body weight exercises.

Losing weight isn’t just something we do at summer. What’s the 5 best body weight exercises to lose weight.  We should aim to lose weight throughout the year, utilizing body weight exercises.  Losing weight by using your body weight alone, as been proven to be more effective method, than using weights.

The reason for this I intend to explain in this review.  Highlighting the main reasons for this fact and how you can benefit, from training with your body weight.  There’re many ways to achieve weight loss and to tone up.  But it really depends on which one you’re trying to achieve.

5 Best body weight exercises.

Trying to lose weight can be a number of things, fun, stressful, costly and daunting.  But it really doesn’t have to be!  Most people have their own views, on how to lose weight and what method works best for them.  I do know running is a good way to keep your weight under control, but unfortunately it’s not an exercise everyone can take part in from day one.

Exercising at home can also be, unproductive without the right or should I say the best equipment.  To target the trouble areas of our body.  Have no fear, this is where the 5 best body weight exercises come into effect.  What is this method of training and will benefit me?  Well, the concept is exactly what it says, your training routines will all revolve around using your body weight.

5 Best body weight exercises.

This type of exercise is also regarded as Isometric and can be performed by anyone, without any joint or muscle issues!  The 5 best body weight exercises are:

  • Press – ups.
  • Lunges.
  • Squats.
  • Pull ups.
  • Sit and stand ups. (Which I refer to as Nigel Benn’s – after seeing this boxer perform them).

To make sure you perform them correctly, please let me give you a break down of how they should safely, be performed.

Press – ups.

Press ups can be performed in a number of ways.  They average person would place their hands shoulder width on the floor and lower themselves to the floor.  Pushing back up before your body touches the floor.  This method would target your pectorals, shoulders and triceps. Bringing your hands closer together, by forming a triangle with your fingers would change the target focus to your triceps.


In most training routines the quadriceps usually play a major role.  The reason being that they’re very dense and powerful, so by implicating them in your workouts.  Will burn more calories, hence speed up weight loss.  When performing lunges care should be taken not to over load the knees.  If, you do suffer from knee related issues, please take care or give this routine a miss altogether.

Performing a lung is relatively easy.  Stand with both feet together and step forward approximately 1 meter apart.  Then, bend until the rear knee, lightly touches the floor.  When this exercise is performed correctly, it will implicate your, quadriceps and gluteus maximus.  If, you’re injury free and of good fitness, try these with a small jump!


Taxing the bigger muscle groups is very effective and is a must in my 5 best body weight exercises. Performing squats, target similar areas to lunges, but they are also effective in their own right.  The muscle groups are the same but worked in a different way.  To perform a squat properly stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend slowly, to a ninety degree angle.  Please take care not to place any stress on your knees and repeat the exercise.         



Pull ups.

Performing a pull up will require upper body strength.  It can be performed by using a chin bar or an old frame.  The exercise will work all of your major upper body muscles.  Such as your chest, upper and lower back, deltoids, triceps and biceps.  This exercise will truly test you, the only downside to this workout, is the strain that can be placed on your wrists.

The safest way to perform this exercise, is by using a chin bar.  Start by positioning the bar so that you can safely reach your bar from the ground.  Position your hands shoulder width apart and allow the bar to take your body weight.  Once, this is done, slowly pull yourself upwards, keeping your movement slow and smooth.  Aim to raise your chest towards the bar, take it slow and gradually build up your repetitions.

Sit up and stand up.

This exercise will require a partner and should only be attempted by someone without any knee issues.  I love this exercise and I would recommend it to anyone looking to push their training to another level.  I call them Nigel Benn’s, yes named after the boxer, who’s also known as the dark destroyer.

Nigel Benn’s target the quadriceps and gluteus maximums.   Now, to explain how to perform them safely!  Your starting position is sitting on the floor, legs bent, with the soles of your feet on the floor. Now, for your partner, their starting position is sitting on the floor.  Their first job and is to keep your feet on the floor, the best way to do this is to place their hamstrings on them.

Once, you are both in position, it’s back to you.  To start things going you’re going to perform a sit up, at they end of your range, stand up.  This will only be possible with the help of your partner, who will have their hands at the top of your calf’s.  Their role now is to support you during the standing process.

How to benefit from body weight training.

As, you can see the benefits of the 5 best body weight exercises can very useful to anyone.  In all the exercises I have mentioned, they all rely upon you using your body weight.  Building a training regime a round your weight is very cost effective and beneficial, to any weight loss program.  Especially, if you follow the set guidelines within.

To fully benefit from your training routine, I would ask you to consider your body as a weight. This shouldn’t be too hard to do.  In your mind push out every repetition, as if you’re pushing or lifting weights.  Our limbs house some dense muscles and using them, in a slow controlled manner will cause them to burn additional calories.

5 Best body weight exercises for men and women.

We are all unique and have different preferences to weight loss, training regimes and general keep ideas.  There’s a big difference between the male and female anatomy.  The difference ranges from bone structure to muscle mass, which is important to every workout.  So, adding the 5 best body weight exercises to your daily workout, isn’t going to give you an end product.

Your workout should be sport and body specific to obtain maximum results.   The main reason for this is men tend to target:

1. Quadriceps.

2. Latissimus Doris muscle.

3. Biceps.

4. Triceps.

5. Pectoralis major.

6. Rectus abdominis.

7. Calf muscles.

8. Hamstrings.

The reason for choosing this group of muscles, is that they are all relevant to enhance your physique.  Now, this will vary from the choice a woman might choose.  The difference isn’t huge, but please also bear in mind that women would also target problem areas.  Muscles targeted by women might involve the following groups:

1. Pectoralis major.

2. Biceps.

3. Gluteus maximus.

4. Quadriceps.

5. Core.


7. Latimuss Doris.

8. Rectus abdominis.

9. Hamstrings.

As you can see the muscle groups are quite similar but will be trained differently, depending on gender.  The 5 best body weight exercises can be used by either gender.  I would say the difference would be found in the intensity of the exercise.  My advice at this point is to experiment with your routines.

Get a great understanding on what gives you best results, start with small repetitions and slowly increase.

5 Best body weight exercises.

My conclusion on 5 best body weight exercises.

The first job for anyone looking to improve their health.  Is to first of all find the 5 best body weight exercises that challenges your ability!  A majority of people perform the same routine day in and day out. After a period of time there’s no challenge and no progress.  Your body will adapt to your workout program.  You can easily tweak the 5 best body weight exercises to make your session harder, by increasing the repetitions.

Start by pushing the bigger muscle groups, such as your quadriceps and latissimus Doris muscle groups.  Vary the intensity and make sure all groups are factored in over your weekly training sessions. Don’t forget to warm up and stretch before and after each workout, to minimise the risk of injury.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review.  If, you have found it useful please share it.  If, you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  I will answer them as soon as possible.

To your health.



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