February 19, 2024
How to train on a heavy bag.

How to train on a heavy bag.

If you’re involved in any martial art, train at home or you go to a gym. Some point or another you’ll more than likely end up doing some punching. This could be pad or bag work, my aim today is to teach you how to train on a heavy bag. Bag work is a very important part of any training regime and can deliver great things but it must be done with care.

How To Train On A Heavy Bag.

Every tradesman always blames his tools when things go wrong. When it comes down to combat your hands are your tools and if you want them to serve you and serve you well, treat them with respect!

First and foremost you need to know the basics, when it comes to hitting an object you need to follow a few guidelines.

  1. Make sure your fist is clenched tight and your wrist locked.
  2. Short nails would also be beneficial.
  3. Hand wraps should always be used.
  4. A good pair of bag gloves.

Now let’s get down to some work.

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Your Tools Are Your Hands.

My first rule of training on a bag is not to treat it like a bag! Now that might sound strange but this is very important to anyone working out on a bag, never mind a heavy bag. “Boards don’t hit back” this saying says exactly what I’m trying to get you to understand. Your bag in effect is a sparring partner and therefore your guard should be up at all times and you should constantly move around as if the bag was chasing stalking you.

How to train on a heavy bag.

The whole concept of using a punching bag is to learn how to measure your distance, gauge timing and build stamina. When you throw a heavy bag into the mix, the basic concept is the same except the heavy bag is used to create power and endurance.

Now it’s called a heavy bag for a reason, it’s big, heavy and will absorb all your energy and keep asking for more. So are you prepared to do battle? Have you cut your fingernails and wrapped your hands? Just one more question, have you wrapped them correctly!!


Start with light punches as you move around the bag, using this time to check if there’s any pain from your hands, if all feels good then turn up the power.

Now please remember you must move your feet do not fall into the beginners trap of just standing still and wacking the bag as if your life depended on it. Your can start with simple jabs and crosses, uppercuts and hooks. Get a good grasp on what you’re trying to achieve, which is POWER. Move backwards and forwards throwing punches at your target, when I workout on a heavy bag I think of numbers. This usually form one to six and these numbers form the guidelines to how many punches I throw on each engagement.

How Long Should You Train – It’s All About You.

This is a good question and really one that only you can answer but let me try to guide you. If your aim is to improve your fitness and develop serious punching power.  Then you’re well on the way by just hitting the bag but if you also need to increase your stamina and endurance, which you will, read on.

This is because with every punch you throw that hits its target it’ll drain a little bit of energy from you! The only way to prepare your body for this is to push. I would suggest you workout for.

1. 12 Minutes.

2. 3 Minute intervals.

3. 60 Seconds rest in between each repetition, eventually dropping to 30 seconds.

4. Stay on this path for approximately 2 months.

You can change this to suit your own needs, the important thing here is to push yourself to achieve your best.

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Don’t Hit Like A GIRL!

You now have the basic blueprint on how to train on a heavy bag. The rest of it now lies in your hands.  Take all precautions to make sure you do as much as you can, without causing injury to yourself. Let the bag become a training partner that never moans when you hit them a little too hard! Aha… We’ve all had that one!

Train safely and enjoy!

Please leave any comments or questions below, I will answer them at my earliest convenience.

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