November 28, 2023

F & Q’s

F & Q’s.

The whole learning process involves f & q’s.  Asking questions not only gives us long sort after answers. But it enables us to grow and develop a great understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  Losing weight, now or in the future, our aim is to keep your focused, determined and driven to succeed!  If, you’re planning your training routine and it requires some know how.  We are here for you!

The truth is our f & q’s page will be a valuable source of knowledge.  That will help the newbie and the advanced individual, in all their endeavours.  But if, you are unable to find the answers you require, just leave it in your comment below.

Getting to the root of the problem.

Q.  At what age can I weight train and why?

A.  It is advised the safe age for weight training is between 7 and 8 years of age.   But this really refers to a strength program.  Lifting heavy weights at an early age can cause growth problems to the joints.  But with correct tuition, light weights can be used safely.

Q.  Should children be placed on a diet?

A.  As children grow they will naturally carry some body fat, but providing they are taking regular exercise and eating healthily.  There is no need for concern, most, if not all additional body weight will disperse when they enter puberty.

Q.  What’s the pro’s and con’s of running?

A.  The pro’s, improved vascular system, weight loss which is determined by your pace, weight and duration.  The con’s, possible wear to hips, knees, back and ankles, depending on running technique and your body weight.  Adding a decent pair of running shoes can help prevent such injuries.

Q.  Will taking part in exercise help with problems, associated with the menopause?

A.  Yes, the menopause can cause quite a few issues, one of which is brittle bones.  Taking part in regular exercise, especially weight bearing exercises like weight training.  Can help to reduce the problems associated with the menopause.

F & q's.
F & q’s.

Learning from f & q’s.

Q. Is flexibility a form of health?

A.  Yes, having good flexibility is regarded as health benefit.  This is often a test in some Police forces.

Q.  Do I have to eat vegetables to be healthy?

A.  No, being healthy involves a number of things.  Getting the right balance with rest, food and exercise will help.

Q.  Can I lose weight without exercise?

A.  Yes, it is possible to lose weight without exercise but your progress will be slower, than someone who exercises.  Exercise also helps to target specific body areas, as well as improving general health.

Q.  Is it true that vegan’s, weigh lighter than meat eaters?

A.  Yes, that is totally true.  Meat eaters are heavier than vegan’s, this simply is because meat is high in protein.  Protein is an important requirement for building muscle and muscle weighs heavier than fat.

The way forward is to ask questions, but not just any question!  You must ask the right questions to get the right answers.  I’ll be constantly updating this page, with every question that I can possibly think of.  I hope you find the answers to what you are looking for.


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