April 15, 2024
Walking and health.

Our health and well-being should always be in the front of our minds. Walking and health, like many types of exercise are very important to our health. How we choose to stay healthy can vary from running, swimming, skipping or just going to the gym. But did you know that being fit and healthy also means living a healthy lifestyle. Rest, exercise, sleep and even how much water we consume, can make all the difference to our health. So, to be healthy we need to live a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how to keep it in your stride.

Walking and health.

Walking is one of the easiest exercises to do and almost anyone can improve their health, by participating in it. The calories burned and level of fitness does depend on how many steps you perform. To keep healthy it is recommended that we perform at least 10,000 steps per day. This is the easier way to keep fit and lose weight over time.  Walking and health are linked and beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

I have found that just walking can help to improve your general fitness and is enjoyable for everyone. Because it’s a low impact exercise and is easily performed most people. Yes, high impact exercises can improve your fitness levels quicker. But if, you’re new to physical activity or you are suffering from joint issues. A steady walk can deliver great dividends, without causing any problems.

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Exercise brings many rewards, such as:

  • Helps mental health.
  • Elevates stress.
  • Burns body fat.
  • Loose calories.

The benefits of a healthy regime is unlimited and priceless.

Walking and health are linked.

So, by now you should be getting the message that walking and health are linked and can be performed from anywhere. To be honest we all walk every day and without the thought of it making us healthy. For many walking is a means to an end. Or should I say It’s the chosen method we use if we can’t drive, catch a bus, taxi or get a lift. I would like us to start thinking of walking as a form of exercise.

After all, it is recognized as a sport. Even though, it’s not the average person walks. But speed walking, is still walking for sport and of course health.

The health benefits of walking.

So, what can we achieve from walking? First and foremost, walking is a natural exercise and it does promote burning calories. Admittedly, it will take a little longer, compared with running or weight training. But for someone who’s new to walking and health. It’s the ideal exercise, which also offers room to increase the tempo.

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Walking can improve physical and mental health for people of all ages. The health benefits of walking and health are recognized by the NHS.UK and health Harvard. The benefits of a long, brisk walk, makes walking an exercise worth doing.

Who could benefit from walking and health.

Burn calories, improve your blood flow, by stimulating your heart. As well as strengthen muscles and bones! Exercise is without a doubt, beneficial to everyone. Children, adults or even patients who are rehabilitating can take part and gain so much from walking! Before graduating to running, I believe there’s always different ways to get fit and keep fit. The only challenge most of us will face is deciding which exercise to start with.

Why not borrow a friends dog?  Walking is so much fun and I truly believe once you start, you wont want to stop!

Walking is a very gentle form of exercise that I would say is ideal for anyone overweight, suffer with joint issue or heart problems. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, the world of sport awaits you! I will be sharing my aspirations about walking at the end of this post.

Ramble, trek or just walk.

Did you realize that there’s so many ways you can look at walking? Rambling is termed as going for a long walk in the countryside. Which is great if, you’re all about getting out into the countryside, filling your lungs with fresh air. Or do you fancy a trek, climbing hills and exploring the great out doors. The health benefits of each type of walking is excellent and it goes to prove that walking is ideal for all levels and abilities.

Regardless, of what type of walking you choose to participate in, I believe it’s very important to do it with a friend, family member or partner. Make it into a recreational activity, walk, talk and relief stress and anxiety. As I have mentioned earlier, anyone can benefit from this gentle form of exercise.

My conclusion to walking and health.

There’s medical proof that exercise is good for our health. Walking and health is important and beneficial to our physical and mental health. I know that we all have different fitness levels and some would choose a more dynamic form of exercise. This is their choice, choose what works best for you. If, you can’t run, then you can walk. The main point I would like to make is walking is free, if performed out doors, it makes the whole experience even better.

Where possible take a gentle stroll with a partner or friend, it doesn’t even have to be a sunny day. The main thing to enjoy is the walk. In fact why not try it in the rain, although, I would advise you dress prepared.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and If, you have please share it with a friend, colleague or a partner.

To your health UTG.

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