December 5, 2023
sports protective gear

sports protective gear

Most sports requires the participant to wear sports protective gear.  This can range from a simple gum shield to a pair of football boots.  The item might be really basic but they all serve a safety requirement or need.  So, this review will be focused on why and who should wear sports protective gear.

Sports Protective Gear.

Why?? You may ask.

Sports protective gear is key in every activity we participate in. It requires some kind of protective wear and so sports protection gear is required.  The more extreme the activity the better the protection needs to be.  A very large proportion of our society takes part in sport and recreational activities.  To take part and to do it safely, sports protection gear must we worn.

This depends on the sport and as mentioned previously, how extreme that may be.  But all sports will require some kind of equipment.  If you’re unsure of what you need, then I would suggest you Google your chosen sport before you commence training!




Choices and Consequences.

So you want to play! Have you considered what you may need?  Not many people do and that’s when things can go wrong. In most cases what we need could be very basic but necessary, starting from head to toe this could be.

  1. Head protection – head guard. This is used in a variety of sports and is often compulsory in a lot of sports.
  2. Mouth – gum shield. Not usually compulsory but this item tends to lean on the side of being sensible.
  3. Body – chest protection for women or body armour for extreme sports.
  4. Genitals – groin guard. This can come in many forms for male and females and is usually a compulsory item.
  5. Thighs and shin – Pads. This comes in the form of pads and usually is only used in extreme sports.
  6. Feet – boots. Protective Wear Home Fitness Training – 1st.Blood Sweat And Tears. here in most sports is a necessity and sometimes compulsory.
  7. Feet – mats. If bare-footed training mats.
  8. Hands – gloves. Hand protection using specified gloves (Sport related).

Sports protective gear – Clothing to the rescue.

<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="man climbing indoor wall.jpg" alt="sports protective gear"/>

Every piece of equipment is required to give you, the wearer a safe and enjoyable experience.  Sports protection gear in all its forms does just that. To not use the relevant safety equipment could expose yourself to danger and unnecessary injury.

All the items above are advised to minimise the risk of injury, it can not stop it but you have taken the relevant precautions.

  1. Head guard – Concussion or fractured skull.
  2. Gum shield – Loss of teeth or broken or dislocation of jaw.
  3. Body protection – Broken ribs/bones, punctured lungs, bruised ribs.
  4. No groin protection – Ouch! Damage to groin area and possible infertility risks!
  5. Thigh or shin protection – Bruising and possible breaks.
  6. No feet protection – Damage to toes and ankles (The same for both circumstances).
  7. No hand protection – Risk of damage to fingers, wrist or other competitor.

The possibilities are endless!

<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="man cyclist.jpg" alt="sports protective gear"/>


Ground rules.

The game is a simple one and so are the rules.  Participating in any activity will require you to wear some kind of sports protective gear. Follow the safety guide relevant to your sport or activity and follow it to the letter. This is usually for your protection and protection of others.

Sports protective gear conclusion.

<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="woman weight training.jpg" alt="sports protective gear"/>

Do also bear in mind that having the right training equipment in relation to your sport can enhance your performance and increase your enjoyment.

The risk to yourself and others is too great and easily avoided.  I hope this simple guide of sports protective gear, sports will encourage you to make the right choices that will keep you safe, but make you super fit in the process.


I hope you enjoy this little post and you choose to take the advice I am offering. If you have any comments or questions.  Please leave any comments below. I will answer them as soon as possible.

To your success UTG.


4 thoughts on “Sports Protective Gear

  1. This gives great reasons to purchase protective gear when you are playing sports. I was a bit too cautious when I played soccer. I don’t think I ever really needed my shin protection because I stayed away from the ball. However, real players should definitely have them.

  2. Greta article, people need to be more aware of the possible consequences of not wearing proper protective gear. I’ve known way to many people that have had accidents over the choice of no protective gear, which they now regret.

  3. Thank you so much for all this really useful information. I tried skiing once, the hire of equipment was thankfully included in the price. If I were to take up this sport on a regular basis, I would definitely look into investing in this equipment. The sport i dangerous without it.

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