June 25, 2024
what's the best running shoes for bad knees.

what's the best running shoes for bad knees.

We all need to take care of our bodies. Especially our knees and if you enjoy running, you should know, “what’s the best running shoes for bad knees.”  Eating the correct food is a big start, getting quality sleep and of course getting regular exercise. This is the basics that everyone should be looking at, but what do you do when your body is injured.

Your joints have become inflamed but you still want to workout. Well, you do the best you can to manage your ailment and if you’re a runner you find out what’s the best running shoes for bad knees.

This is taking a massive step in the right direction, which points to a big win, win scenario.

What’s The Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees.

I’m very big on prevention when it comes to training and if for some reason you are injured, then you should do your best not to take care of your injury. Luckily in our world there’s always going to be many ways to still keep doing what we love without causing more injuries. We should find out how our injury occurred in the first place and try not replicate it.

Then moving forward adapt our training equipment to assist in preventing any further injuries. So what and where would we find the best running shoes that will help to protect our knees? Well I believe we need a shoe that is designed for comfort, offers great support to the arches of my feet and is also tailored for how I run.

When Not Just Any Running Shoe Will Do!

Choosing the right shoe to accommodate your aching knees isn’t going to be an easy task. In our society there’s so many people selling products, that often enough doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. So trying to find what’s the best running shoes for bad knees won’t be much different.

Here’s what I believe will be good for anyone who is suffering with bad knees and requires a running shoe that will not aggravate their situation. The running shoe must contain gel in the heels and preferably in the soles, It must give good support to the soles of your feet if you have a high arch or good support if you’ve got a collapsed arch.

It must also offer good support to the outside and inside of your feet, depending on how you run.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 24 (2e) Training Shoes.                                         What's the best running shoes for bad knees

I have reviewed this running shoe in another post, as being one of the best running shoes for men. To find that it’s one of the best shoes for protecting runners with bad knees re-enforces my decision about its quality and performance.

This running shoe offers great comfort due to its gel composition and meta clutch heel counter. The sole of this running shoe is made of 2 ply springy super – speva and flite foam which helps the shoe retain its shape during impact when running.

The price of this shoe ranges between £100 – £300 which is pretty average. But you will gain so much more for your knees.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes.

This model is best suited for women and even though this model is 25 it bares the same properties. So giving the wearer great knee and joint support. Both running shoes are designed to also offer great comfort to overpronators. Asics have a great range of running shoes and this model is just one of them.

Best deals from Amazon.

New Balance offers a range of shoes which ticks all the boxes I am looking for. This model is tailored for women and offers great midsole cushioning. It boasts comfort on hard terrain and lasting comfort with every step. I must admit this is quite impressive, New Balance’s range of running shoes all offer great comfort through study and design.

New balance men’s fresh foam 1080 v9 running shoes.

From what I have found New Balance have designed their running shoes on actual data and information from runners. This does change the playing field somewhat. Asics is a great brand and they have always been very close to my heart, I have found their shoes very comfortable and the support they give has been great.

But New Balance have taken the time to find out exactly what a runner wants, which allows them to design their running shoes for purpose.

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Fit for purpose – designed to succeed.

Finding what’s the best running shoes for bad knees has been easier than I thought. Running shoes offers its wearer a number of benefits, this can range from comfort, weight advantage and durability. Choosing the right brand will often give you the right advantages.

Protecting your body from injury should be at the top of your list and wearing the right running shoe is a big step in the right direction!

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees

  1. This is amazing Derek,

    I don’t have bad knees but I do have bad heels which sometimes hurt when I run too fast and I’ve been looking for a suitable pair of shoes everywhere! I found one called Medshoe but they’re fragile and are not made for running so you have no idea how happy I am to come across the ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 24 (2e) Training Shoes! Loving the meta clutch and spring system, are there other colours besides black?

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