April 16, 2024

About Derek

About Derek

About Derek.

Hi everyone welcome to Ultimate Training Gear. This page is all about Derek, I have been involved in Martial arts for over 40 years and I’d like to say it’s been a blast. I have represented my country on many occasions, I have met a lot of fantastic fighters/competitors and seen some beautiful places.

I enjoyed every minute of it!

Although, I must admit there’s always been that little element of danger. This can come in many forms, here and now I want to discuss matting. This is the basic foundation in most Martial Art disciplines and on one occasion the promoters fell a little short!

About Derek.
About Derek.

My story points to carpet matting the type that came in a roll. Not the best I’d like to say and I’m very sure it no longer exists. I discovered the hard way that all mats are not made equal and luckily I still have my toes to tell this story.

Yes you heard me right my toes!!

Hopefully it’s a mistake that no one else should endure, times have changed and with it safety matting.

The Ground Game – about Derek.

My aim is to provide you with my knowledge based on 40 years experience as a competitor and coach in Martial Arts. I hope to steer you through the maze of safety in all aspects of training and participation in sports. When I write a review I write it with you in mind.  Making aware of the best product available, which will assist you in choosing the best product at the right price.

Like I mentioned earlier times have changed and with it the quality of many products available to you and I. I am simply here to help.

My knowledge and experience is at your disposal.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Ultimate Training Gear will cover a multiple of topics regarding safety in sport, training tips and health related issues. I will also cover the odd online business idea and all the training elements surrounding it.  My aim here is to give you the best view regarding your choice to avoid the scams that exist on-line. This is a passion of mine and one that I look forward to sharing with you in greater detail in all my posts and reviews.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, feedback is very important and always welcomed.  So now all that’s left is for me to wish you success in whichever sport you enjoy and hope you gain knowledge from my site.

All the best,


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