February 19, 2024
How can I keep fit.

How can I keep fit.

Today’s focus is how can I keep fit. I have written a few posts about the benefits of keeping healthy and I have stated that it will require exercise. I remember as a child at primary school, exercise was a part of our daily routine. We did it because we were told to do it but I didn’t really know why?

I’m a lot older and I know now, why physical activity was important, unfortunately a lot of people have forgotten or have not remembered the things that made them laugh. All the games they used to play and how you felt after playing them. I’m going to be taking you down memory lane, to re introduce you to the joys of physical activity.

What does being fit mean – Knowing your body.

What does being fit mean to you? For many it means being able to walk to the pub a couple times a week or running down the garden path and back without gasping for breath. That’s a great start but it isn’t the full picture. Fitness is a feeling you get when you’ve been out with your friends and you’ve played a game. This could be football or another activity of your choice, the important thing is that it took you out of your comfort zone.

What is my comfort zone, you might ask. Well your comfort zone is your safe zone, it’s a place where you are truly comfortable. To leave it or push the boundaries you would need to work hard enough to make you heart level rise, to an abnormal level. Your fitness is measured by how quickly it takes for your heart rate to return to its normal level.

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I would also like to add that during your physical activity you shouldn’t be struggling to breath. You should feel at ease, performing exercise at a high level, for a reasonable amount of time.

Can everyone stay healthy – Yes!

What most people forget, is that they already have, a level of fitness. So I’m very confident, I don’t need to show you how to keep fit, I really only need to remind you. As a child we took part in physical activity, from dusk till dawn. So unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from taking part in physical activity. You should have nothing standing in your way.

The key thing that you should bear in mind, is that if you’ve not taken part in physical activity for a while. You should first and foremost consult your doctor. If your doctor gives you a clear bill of health, still remember you cannot workout like a professional athlete.


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How can I keep fit – Train daily.

Your body’s going to need a few things on the way to fitness. The first basic requirement is food, food is your body’s fuel and food provides the basic nutrients you’re going to need. You should also make sure you have an hydration plan in place. Now all you need is an exercise program. Depending on your body here’s a few exercises to consider:

Skipping – This is also referred to as jumping rope and is known to burn more calories than running. You can burn between 200 and 300 calories every 15 minutes. Before you jump straight into this form of exercise, please make sure you do not have any joint issues! (You can burn 25% more calories than running)

Running – A very good workout that can be performed anywhere. You should be aware of your joints prior to running. Make sure you’re fitted with a good pair of running shoes.

Swimming – If you’ve got joint issues, this is the ideal form of exercise for you. If you can’t swim, then it’s a great time to learn. Swimming the breaststroke, can burn between 75 – 140 calories every 15 minutes. (Performing the front crawl will increase your calorie burn by 10%)

Circuit training. (Performed at your local gym) – Circuit training consists of a variety of exercises, which is designed to test your strength and endurance. Depending on your weight, you can expect to burn between 120 – 148 calories every 15 minutes.


What can I do to stay healthy.

We are all unique in what we do and how we think. Your choice of exercise to keep fit would be different to mine. My experience with exercises and weight loss is different to yours. So I’ve tried to explain how to keep fit and I’ve chosen exercises that anyone can do. That will allow you to do just that. I would advise you to try to exercise 3 – 4 times a week and try to include a stretching routine, to minimize the risk of injury and soreness.

Conclusion on how to keep fit.

Learning how can I keep fit is only the tip of the iceberg. The main component is the will power to find a program that fits into your life. Hopefully, when you find something that suits you. You would do your best to perform your chosen routine on a regular basis. I would encourage you to be strong and persevere, it will take some time. But it will happen!
I hope, as always you’ve learned something new and you’re able to follow my guidance. If you need anymore information or you have any questions or comments.  Please leave them below and I will answer as soon as possible.

To your fitness.

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