February 19, 2024
sports prep wear.

sports prep wear.

Learning how to use sports prep wear is easy.  If, you follow my simple guidelines.  Take the bull by the horns, step out and make a great impression. Getting ready for your daily training routine should always be a pleasure, especially if you’re taking the right steps. This could mean rash guards, trainers, bandages or compression bandages.

Training wear is a big part of everyone’s training regime, especially if you want to succeed.  Most sports men and women don’t realise this, mainly because this part of our training regime is done without thought. I would like to talk to you about the precautions that we all should be taking, pre workout.

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Sports Prep Wear.

I believe you should never underestimate the power of knowledge. It is the most powerful thing we possess, knowledge is the key to success, which is what I love sharing with you. You should always take certain precautions before you start a workout.

  1. Warm – up.
  2. Stretching.
  3. Mobility drills.
  4. Wear the correct clothing.

Warm – up.

It is a fact you should try to warm up prior to any strenuous activity. The reason behind this is to hopefully prevent any injuries occurring. The human body is very complicated, resilient and yet very easy to damage, muscles and joints need to be prepared for exercise.

Our warm up can come in a variety of ways but should be sports specific, which means we should do warm up drills relevant to your sport.

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Stretching for performance.

Once you have taken the time to get your body warm and ready for exercise, you should gently stretch our muscles. The reason behind this is to increase the movement in our major muscle groups prior to starting our exercise routines.

I believe this is invaluable but a lot of sports coaches will disagree with this. I have been involved in sport for over 40 years and I have never needed to have any operations due to incorrect training methods or bad stretching. In my opinion stretching prior to any form of exercise is very important.

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Mobility drills.

This can also be referred to as dynamic stretching. The movements you perform here should be relevant to your exercise routine. If, your workout is based on running then your warm up could be alternate high knee raises to your chest or it could be light sprinting on the spot, slowly increasing the time and pace of the sprint until it comes closer to your workout routine.

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Wear the correct clothing.

We should take great care and intelligence in what we wear.  I, would say a big part of understanding the benefits sports prep wear, Is about training naturally. I believe in prevention and not cures, so my aim here is to educate you in preparing yourself for exercise.

If you have followed the steps above you should now be ready to work but have you made any provisions for any previous injuries you might have? In most cases this could be weak knee, a sensitive elbow, an aching ankle, poor wrists or a stiff shoulder.

The list could be endless but as you can see are all very relevant. Knowing how to use sports prep wear. Is very important to your performance.  If you have had a previous injury, you should do your best to maintain whatever it is and try not to let it get any worse.

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Tools for success – improving your P.O.B.

Making sure we can perform to our best is very important and this is always possible if we take the necessary steps. We have placed our bandages where they are required. Our joints are warm, stretched and in most sports we are wearing the right clothing and footwear.

I have found that to achieve your best you need to be in the best condition, this means physically and mentally. Everyone will get injured from time to time and that’s not really a problem. The problem comes when we don’t manage, maintain and contain the injury. Now, some athletes believe that the best way is to use creams and ointments first and bandages usually come second!

Personally, I would work with the things I can see and if that fails, then I would try the alternatives. I believe that knowing how to train the body was key to my success and as always been a priority to me.

Managing pain.

I thought I would take a very quick look at this area, the reason for this is I have mentioned bandages and creams. A very large percentage of athletes and sports men/women will have experienced a painful limb either pre or post exercise.

Most of them would have controlled it with pain relief remedies. This is an area that does cause me concern. The human body is a complexed machine, it does a number of things for us without our intervention.

Sports Prep Wear – Success In The Making.

When it sends us messages of pain, it’s because something’s wrong! Now I know that when it comes to pain most of us would sooner not have it.  I’m no different. But on the subject of sports prep wear.  And the things we should do to enable us to train or compete at our best.  All aspects must be taken into consideration. Personally I would say manage the pain or any discomfort that you are feeling.  But try not to take anything that stops your body from communicating with you!


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Train hard or go home with Sports prep wear.

I have tried to give you an insight into sport preparation, from the mind of an athlete. I have given you a number of guidelines in relation to keeping yourself in tip-top condition, regardless of whether you are training as an amateur or professional. We all need to be aware of the simple basics. Because these little things are what will make all the difference to how we train and what injuries we will sustain along the way.

I would also like to say, these views are mine and mine alone. What I have said about using sports prep wear, is my view.  I am not a doctor!  I am an athlete who is sharing his sporting knowledge with you. If you do have any injuries that are stopping you from achieving your best.  Please speak to your doctor at your earliest convenience.

If you have any other questions or comments.  Please leave them below and I will reply to them as soon as possible.


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