April 18, 2024
5 Benefits of regular exercise.

5 Benefits of regular exercise.

In this wonderful world we live in, there’s not much we can control.  But luckily our health isn’t one of them! When we exercise there are major benefits to our bodies.  This post is going to update you on the 5 benefits of regular exercise.  When we exercise, we usually have a target in mind, this usually is to lose weight.  But your body will and does benefit from so much more. To keep yourself fit and healthy please read on.

5 Benefits of regular exercise.

5 Benefits of regular exercise.

I believe there’s nothing better than having sweat dripping from your head, your breathing slightly elevated and feeling your heart pounding in your chest.  This is what exercise is all about and exercise is one of my passions.

A passion that I’m going to share with you with every post I write.  Often enough we are quite blinkered with our approach to exercise and fitness, most of us will exercise to lose weight and keeping fit is a by-product of losing weight.

When, If we kept ourselves fit we would ultimately lose weight or find maintaining a healthy weight easy.  The big question here is, “What type of exercise should we be doing and how often?” That’s a great question and it deserves a great answer!  Well anyone can exercise and that’s a fact.  We might exercise in different ways and different levels but we can all exercise.  I would say the definitive factor here, is in how you have lead your life, up to the moment you’ve decided to add an exercise routine to your lifestyle.

Please let me explain what I mean, If you’ve lead a lifestyle which consisted of very active social life, alcohol and clubbing.  Your body is going to not like you very much when you start putting it through its paces.  In fact it’s going to take quite a while for you to adjust to a regular training regime.  On the other hand if you’ve always led an active lifestyle, then a reintroduction to physical exercise shouldn’t be a problem.  Let’s take an in depth look at what the 5 benefits of regular exercise are.

1. How exercise benefits the heart.

Our heart is one of the most important organs in our body.  The role it plays keeps us alive, regular exercise helps to keep it healthy.  At the end of the day our heart is a muscle, a muscle that pumps blood with every beat it makes.  The healthier it is, the better our blood and oxygen flow will be. This doesn’t even have to be for long periods of time, an exercise routine that lasts for 30 minutes is sufficient, although it must be challenging enough to raise your heart rate.

2. Improving your lungs for performance.

There’s no secret to what having healthy lungs can bring.  Regular exercise will not only maintain your lungs but it will improve them too!  During exercise our heart and lungs are put to work, to deliver a steady supply of oxygen to the bloodstream and working muscles.  Although, the whole body will benefit from a rigorous workout, the heart and lungs play a special role.

3. Healthy bones, ligaments and joints.

The human body is made of bone, flesh, organs, ligaments and blood.  Regular exercise will benefit every part of our bodies.  The recommended amount of exercise we should do is 30 minutes per day.  When we take part in a physical activity our heart rate rises, we might sweat and in some cases we can even be out of breath.  As time goes by our body will improve in the amount of output and the duration of time we can exercise for.

Our bone density will increase and our ligaments, which is the tissue that connects our muscles to our bones will strengthen.  I would like to point out that having a strong healthy skeletal system is important, regardless of age.  Although as we age our bone density declines.  This tends to affect women over 50 especially in their menopausal years, although men are affected too.  Making bone breakage becomes more likely for both genders.

4. Stress relief.

Taking regular exercise will do wonders for your body, it’ll help you to relax and help you sleep.  This is all down to taking part in regular exercise.  Stress is one of the big killers of our time, because we are not managing our stress levels!  Exercise reduces anxiety, controls fatigue and depression, which will leave your body feeling fresh and energized.

This is because of the endorphins our body produces when we exercise.  There’s no need to exercise for long periods of time, 15 – 30 minutes will do the trick.  We tend to live busy lives, but we should make time to improve our health, by managing our physical and mental stress levels.  So, now I’ve given you another good reason why you should make regular exercise a part of your daily life.

5. Improved Immune system.

Healthy body, healthy mind and an immune system strong enough to tackle all types of bacteria. I have found that when you exercise on a regular basis and by regular basis, I mean a few times a week. Your body becomes resilient to coughs and colds and other illnesses, because when we workout our body flushes toxins and bacteria from our body.

Exercise improves the way our white blood cells perform, making them detect and irradiate potential illnesses sooner rather than later!  There’s even been talk about exercise helping to prevent cancer, this has not been scientifically confirmed, so I’ll leave it there!

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5 Benefits of regular exercise – building a healthy defence.

Do you look at exercise as a chore?  If you do then I think It’s time to look at exercise differently.  Take up a sport, try a sport you used to play when you were at school. My main sports at school was basketball and football from time to time.

The only problem is that these are both team sports, even though you can still practice various bits from each sport but it’s not the same. Although both sports involve a lot of running, so, you could make running your starting point!

Take it slow and make great steps forward in improving your health and fitness.

Conclusion to the 5 benefits of regular exercise.

The human body requires a few things to help it to perform its daily chores, it will need quality food, rest and exercise.  Eating healthy foods, getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night and taking regular exercise each day will help our bodies to achieve and maintain an optimal level.

I have been talking about the 5 benefits of regular exercise and hopefully I have helped you to understand why exercise is important to us all.  Combine your exercise routine with a healthy lifestyle and without doubt you’ll start noticing the difference in all parts of your life.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will answer as soon as possible.

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7 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Regular Exercise

  1. Thanks for helping me understand that exercising regularly provides you a way to unwind and release stress. My friend is trying to lose her weight recently, but she’s having a hard time doing so. Maybe she should try looking for exercise equipment that might motivate her to try out!

    1. Hi Zachary, thank you for leaving a comment. Finding the right type of training equipment makes all the difference to enjoying your training and losing weight.

  2. Biggest benefit I find with regular exercise away from the physical benefits is definitely the reduced stress levels. There is so much appeal to going for a walk to clear your thoughts, or perhaps taking a spin class to re-focus the mind. I personally enjoy a HIIT circuit to leave the day to day stresses behind.

  3. Hi there, getting regular exercise can indeed benefit our overall health and wellbeing. Apart from being good for your body, it can also help tremendously with the “feel good factor” and easing your mind. 

    For many people it is the idea that they have to go and exercise and it is a chore and they don’t have the time for it, that they put it off. But if you start slowly, even just 10 minutes a day, and then gradually increase it by a few minutes every day or week, you will soon reap the benefit of exercising regularly. 

  4. Very informative, Thank you. No doubt that Exercising will help to improve your life quality, and while not everyone has time to do it, you can exercise in many different ways in your daily life. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, walking or cycling instead of taking the car, and so much more.

    Thank you for sharing.

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