How To Change My Life For The Better – 1 Day at a time.

How to change my life for the better.

how to change my life for the better.

Becoming fit and healthy should be a duty of everyone. My post today is about how to change my life for the better. This topic will cover every aspect of daily living.

How we eat, drink, sleep and how much we eat. I will reflect on my 40 years experience, has a martial arts’ competitor and international coach to direct you to better, healthier you.

How to change my life for the better!

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How much and how often do you eat?

Making a change to your lifestyle, that makes a difference and more importantly one you can sustain, isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible! Let’s find a starting point.

I think the first things to consider is:

  • How much sleep you get and need?
  • Do you have a good balanced diet.
  • Does exercise factor in your lifestyle?

The Importance Of Sleep.

Getting the right amount of sleep should leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up and this is the key. We are all unique in many ways and this is another of those ways. The recommended amount was 9 – 8 hours, but some people feel that’s too much.

I’m among that particular group, for me 6 to 7 hours is plenty. If I have more that It makes me very drowsy and lethargic. Sleep is the time when our bodies conducts its maintenance program. This is an important time and one we should give some priority to. You are now well on your way to understanding, how to change my life for the better

One other important aspect of sleep is that it helps us to lose weight. Now this process is relevant to its inability to produce Insulin, which is needed to transform sugar, starches and food into energy. This then ends up being stored as fat, hence we gain weight.

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A Balanced Diet.

So you’re getting plenty of sleep and you feel great! I have a question for you, are you eating well or do you miss out on that vital meal? You are deep into the process of changing yourself for the better and as such, all aspects of your daily, weekly and monthly routine needs to be fine-tuned.

We all know that food is important to how our bodies perform and grows. It’s our fuel and consuming good fuel will help us to achieve good results in all parts of our lives.

This is how to change my life for the better! These little steps will help to make big things happen, so stay with me as I go deeper.

Do you get enough exercise?

Everything I have mentioned so far are all linked, for instance if you eat a well-balanced meal. It will fuel your body and promote activity. From all that physical activity you’re going to want to sleep!

The connection is relevant and very important to changing yourself for the better. Exercise is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle change because exercise benefits your vital organs. The organs in question is your heart, lungs and immune system.

Now this wouldn’t be possible without a good night sleep and a well-balanced diet.

Keeping ourselves hydrated is Important.

Water is another part of our energy system that shouldn’t’ be overlooked. All the above wouldn’t happen, if we are not drinking enough water. Our bodies needs water and that’s a fact! We cannot overlook this!

Get this right and every part of your life will benefit.

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Do you need to diet?

Somewhere in our lives we will feel we need to do this but is it really necessary. By entering a little information about yourself below, you can calculate what your B.M.I should be.

Now, what you need to understand is your B.M.I (Body mass Index) is really a guideline to what you should weigh, in relation to your height. It doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy, this is from my own personal experience. Doctors tend to use this has a guideline to your personal health but they never take into consideration your sporting background and it’s a fact that muscle weighs more than fat due to muscle density.

Do you understand how much sleeping affects your health.

Some people can sleep for England, has the saying goes. Sleep is a very important requirement for good health and as such we should try to get the right amount that allows us to function at our best. I have stated earlier that the recommended amount is between 9 – 8 hours sleep per night, but we are all different and our body will dictate what it needs.

The best advice here is to have what works for you. If you have too much you’ll feel groggy and lethargic and the same will happen if you don’t have enough, so this will require a little trial and error!

My conclusion: How to change my life for the better.

I have looked at parts of your life that you would need to change completely or modify to improve your lifestyle. Making subtle changes here and there can improve your health which will in turn increase your longevity. I would also like to emphasize that we are all unique and you should use what I have written here as a guideline to what you should be looking at, when it comes to understanding how to change my life for the better.

As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will reply as soon as possible.

To a better, healthier you.

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