February 19, 2024

Trying to lose weight can be a very daunting task and yes, I know there’re many ways to do it! This post is about how to lose weight by skipping rope. My aim is to direct you on how to lose weight by skipping rope, this might not be the best approach for you but if you use this post as a guide you’ll be in good hands.

How to lose weight by skipping rope.

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How To Lose Weight By Skipping Rope.

First and foremost we need to understand what our goals are? YES we want to lose weight and YES we would like the easiest route! I would like to stop you right there, losing weight is possible but to be totally honest with you, there’s not really an easy route. It will require hard work on your part and a lot of mental dedication to achieve a lasting result.

Skipping rope is a very cheap and common way of losing weight but usually it’s not the best start for someone who is vastly overweight.

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Let me explain – how to lose weight by skipping rope.

Being overweight and jumping around could cause more harm than good, our objective is how to lose weight by skipping rope and not to injure ourselves in the process. When it comes to jumping rope we need to take a few things into consideration:

  1. Our weight.
  2. Joints. (Ankles, knees and hips)
  3. General health.
  4. Shoulder Injuries.
  5. Wrist Injuries.
  6. Trainers.

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Always start with a little warm up routine. I advise you to target points from above, a few hip rotations in each direction. This is done by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and circling your hips. A quick warm up for the knees is to stand with your feet together and place your hands above or below your knees and slowly rotate in one direction and then the other. Do this around 3 times in each direction.

To warm up your ankles stand near to a wall for a little stability and using one foot at a time, touch your toes to the floor and circle it in both directions, again a few times in each direction will do.

Jump to it!

Your last points of interest is your shoulders and wrists, we can cater for these by doing simple circles in both directions. Now we’re ready to work!

In order for us to make progress in our skipping weight loss program we need to make sure thought has been given to the above points.

Losing weight is your goal and skipping is your chosen method or part of your weight loss program. Skipping will require you to jump at a reasonable pace for approximately 6 minutes. Now this is what I would recommend for someone who has never skipped before, hopefully this will give you a taster of how it feels.

Jumping for fitness.

This should also be enough for you to see how your joints feel. I would also like to point out that wearing a good pair of trainers would also be a good idea and where possible try to skip on soft ground.

Now, that you’ve taken these points into consideration let me explain why I have suggested 6 minutes. I look at training from a fighting point of view and in this case boxing. A round of boxing is 3 minutes, which is quite a while if you’re unfit.  Now, attempting to fight for 6 minutes would be very unwise at this stage, but being realistic with yourself and taking a small break when needed makes 6 minutes possible.

Left foot, right foot.

There’re many ways to skip and some are more complicated than others. This isn’t the focus of this post so I won’t go into it. Our focus here is how to lose weight by skipping rope and for that reason the simplest routines are best.

Start by jogging lightly on the spot, get into a rhythm and try to maintain it for a minute. When it comes to skipping beginners forget the rope is only a few millimetres thick, but most beginners will jump around 8 inches from the ground. This means they have to work harder than necessary and often end up losing their rhythm.


<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22http://www.w3.org/2000/svg%22%20viewBox=%220%200%20494%20456%22%3E%3C/svg%3E' data-src="woman skipping.jpg" alt="how to lose weight by skipping rope">


Once you have established a comfortable jog without any complications try it with a rope!

Now, don’t get excited, start with either foot first and has the heading says, use one foot then the other. When you get going you’ll find it quite easy, try to keep your breathing steady. Skipping is a great way to lose weight but does require focus, timing and coordination. This is why most fighting styles swear by it.

Tightening the screw.

Now you’re in a steady flow try increasing the pace. Remember keep your mind focused on the timing of the rope, listen to sound of it hitting the ground and slowly make it quicker. Try to maintain this pace for a minute but don’t worry if you can’t. It’s just something to try when you feel more relaxed in your training.

I have also found that working out to music helps to maintain a good tempo, although secretly I do believe I like listening to music because it drowns out my moans and groans. Try it and give me your opinion!

The final hurdle.

Although, skipping is an easy form of exercise, many people find it difficult. I suppose I was lucky because I had a couple of sisters and their games often became my games.  At the time it wasn’t something I realised would be of benefit to me but now I do. The benefits are great and the outlay is cheap. Skipping can and will give you results but please be aware of body limitations and fitness levels.

I never thought I’d be explaining how to lose weight by skipping rope. Which involves a rope or when I was skipping, was a length of washing line. Isn’t funny how much times have changed!

Please follow the information above, use what is relevant to you and take care.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Train safe UTG!







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