November 28, 2023
The best cushioned running shoes.

The best cushioned running shoes. Finding the right shoes for your feet just got easier.

The best cushioned running shoes.


We are all unique in many ways, how we talk, move, habits, likes and dis-likes. Yet most of us have the same standard equipment, by this statement I mean limbs. Two arms, legs and of course attached to our legs the most peculiar things called feet. They take a lot of punishment and when it comes down to sporting activities they require a little care. After all they need to last a lifetime.

So when it comes to sport and more specifically running, where can I buy the best cushioned running shoes for my feet.


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Knowing you, is the key.


Where do I start? There’s so much choice, brands, costs, colours and style. Let’s take it back to the beginning, it’s all about you and even though there are loads of choices, you know what you want!

Question number 1. What type of feet do you have?

Question number 2. Have you had them checked professionally?

Question number 3. What type of running do you intend on doing?

Question number 4. Have you ran before?


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We are all unique and have specific needs, you will need to know if you have wide feet, high arch, no arch and how you run. these can and should be known to you before purchasing any foot wear and definitely before buying a running shoe.

Have you ran before and was it on a treadmill or outdoors? This will enable you to make an educated choice for choosing the best cushioned running shoes for you.

Tip toeing through the top brands.

Now we have some well needed information we can start browsing through the market. Let’s take a look at them in turn.

  • Nike steps up with the Nike Zoom Superfly 4% – a superb all round running shoe aimed at the elite runner, comfortable and durable and Zoom Superfly Elite Fly print which was on of the top shoes at this years London marathon.


  • Adidas. Gives it the Ultra Boost an everyday kind of shoe that comes in a variety of colours Grey ash, black and solar red and prime knit white.

  • Asics. Kicks in with Gel Kayano a seasoned line of running shoes, that offers amazing support which makes it suitable for long distance running.


The sports world is pretty much dominated by these three top brands. But they all offer a different product so choosing the right product solely depends on your needs.

Stepping up to the mark.


So now you have a range of shoes in mind, all that needs to be understood is what you plan to do with them. Is your quest for a running shoe for short or long distances? This will narrow down your choice of shoe and with only really three top brands to choose from it would be a great if you had the answer.

If the answer turns out to be running out doors and for short distances, then your choice of shoe would be pretty much selected. Now considering when we started looking it was like entering a minefield but after asking ourselves a few targeted questions, we have a small range to choose from.

The best cushioned running shoes are now easily selected, all that remains is for us to choose a colour. Yes we forgot the colour!

I have my own favourite as will you, your choice can be a number of colours but please remember you chosen running shoe has been chosen for it’s running capabilities and comfort and not for it’s colour, so please don’t make colour a deciding factor.


<img src = "black jogging shoe.jpg" alt ="the best cushioned running shoes"/>


Test drive – stepping out.

It’s time to test drive our new shoes, wow! Finally!

But first things first, try to use proper running socks where possible. They do offer better support around the ball of the foot and the heel. My advice would be to start slow, a little jog and then open up to a full run.

Please also make sure you cover all your basic stretches before you start, the last thing we’d want to do Is take the time to find a beautiful pair of running shoes and then injure ourselves and not be able to use them, because we’ve pulled a muscle!

Crossing the finish line.

All said and done it’s been fun. It’s not every day we search for a new pair of running shoes, searching online, asking friends for their recommendations and then finally finding the one! It’s almost like choosing a car, so many colours, styles and brands! Now doesn’t that sound the same.  Making the same comparison between a car and a running shoe, they all handle and drive differently too!

My final words about the best cushioned running shoes.

A pair of running shoes don’t make the man or woman!  But a good pair of running shoes will help protect your joints, which will enable you to perform at your best. While staying injury free!  Running is one of the best ways of keeping fit but if we are unprepared for it, it can result in lasting injuries.   Enjoy your well-earned run and take care.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and you’ve taken on board, all the advice I have given.  If, you have  benefitted from what you have read, please leave a comment and where possible share it.  I will answer your questions and comments as soon as I can.

To your success.






10 thoughts on “The Best Cushioned Running Shoes

  1. My all-time favorite shoes are the Asics. I ran competition in those. I went to Nike for quite awhile, but the next pair of running shoes will be Asics for sure.

  2. Hey – thanks for sharing.

    I really liked the boost technology in my snowboarding boots, so I wanted to get the same for my running shoes. So, I went with Adidas to get Boost. I couldn’t afford the Ultraboost, but I went with the Supernova. Great shoes. Really notice the extra spring I get compared to my old running shoes.

    Great point about having your feet professionally assessed. I didn’t do it, but I think I got lucky this time around as they seem to fit great, but I will keep that in mind for next time. I have quite flat feet, so maybe i can better accommodate that.

  3. This is great, I actually really need a new pair of running shoes.

    I was with Asics for the longest time actually because I believe that they were what I needed. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I have really wide feet and Asics are meant to help overpronators with extra support on the outside edge. I am sure they have diversified from when I was going through my ‘stage’ but it is good to know what the top three brands are.

    Quality always shows in ratings.

    Cheers and thanks for the info!

  4. I wish I had seen this sooner. I just bought a pair of New Balance shoes. They aren’t cheap and I’m not so sure I am comfortable with them. Now I’m wondering, are the Adidas or Acis better than New Balance? Just what is the proper way to fit and how many steps do they tell you that you can get out of a pair? I’d like to make sure if I’mm ordering them online without trying them on.
    Thanks! ~Rob

    1. Hi. Thank you for your comments, trying to choose between Adidas and Asics isn’t easy and I would say it comes down to personal choice. I have used Asics for years and I wouldn’t choose anything else. The best way to make sure your fitting is correct is to have your feet professionally measured and that will give you all the answers you need. I hope that helps?

  5. I actually think of buying Gel-Kayano series. Do you think that it offers good value? And my feet sweat a lot. Is this series suitable for me?

    1. I think they’d be great, the price is right and I have found them to be great for allowing fresh air to your feet while your working out.

  6. I am an athlete and I am always looking for best training gear. This article has helped me know the running shoes to choose from. Thank you very much

  7. Great article. i am an athlete and I am always looking for sports gear and these running shoes options are the best. Thanx for the options, I will check it out for my training

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