February 19, 2024
Foods to eat and lose weight naturally.

Foods to eat and lose weight naturally.

Love it or hate it, exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. If you’re smart you’ll find foods to eat and lose weight naturally. I see this as the healthy approach to weight loss and if that’s not the way you’re thinking. I hope it will be by the time you’ve finished reading this post. The top and bottom of this post is that everyone needs to eat. So why not make your food work for you.

Foods to eat and lose weight naturally.

We all need to eat to stay alive, this is a basic fact. Some types of food can make us put on weight and some can make us lose it. Choosing what we eat can have a devastating effect on our waistline and organs. Trying to mix your training around the type and times we eat can be tricky, but it needs to be done. Athletes all over the world have had to deal with the same problem, yet the standards in performance keeps getting higher and higher.

Personally, I found this a challenge, it took me a number of years before I found out what I needed to do to make improvements with my training. If you’ve already made that connection, then that’s great! If you haven’t then, this post should help in pointing you in the right direction.

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Do you eat when you’re not hungry?

This might sound like a weird question, but most of us eat because we should. Give the question some thought, I’m assuming you’ll find that you eat in relation to your clock! Hunger doesn’t have a say in when you eat. This is one of the biggest mistakes some people make. A sports’ person is totally different, his training times and methods can vary. This will affect what they eat and when we eat it. They have a full list of foods to eat and lose weight naturally, even though it will also be performance based.

What they eat is very important to achieve the right results. What I would like you to do now is take a look at when you eat. Work out if you’re eating before you really need to. Now I’m not saying you should be starving yourself, the idea is based on helping you to eat more purposeful food. That will do more for you, in other words try to utilize quality over quantity!

Understanding how water affects your body.

If I’m going to talk about food, then I also need to talk about what we drink too. It’s all a part of the same puzzle and one change will undoubtedly affect the other. Water plays a very important role in losing weight and to be honest it’s quite simple. Our bodies require a certain amount of water per day. The recommended amount is 2 litres to be exact, this should be drank throughout the day.

This is what is required to keep our bodies working at its optimum level, on a daily basis. The trick that helps us to lose weight is this.

Drinking 500 millilitres of water before a meal will cause us to eat less!

It’s that simple! I’ve also heard that drinking cold water also helps us to lose weight. Now I’m not endorsing this method because I believe the damage to our organs, outweigh the benefits! Did you also know that milk gives us better hydration than water? Well it does but even so, it depends on what works best for you.

The Best foods to eat to lose weight naturally.

Before I give you a list of foods to eat and lose naturally, I would like to give you a breakdown of why these foods have been selected. Everything we eat should give us something, for instance we eat:

Protein – helps our body to grow, makes enzymes and hormones. It repairs damaged tissue in bone, muscles, tendons, hair and skin. Protein is regarded as a macro nutrient and our body needs it in great amounts. This can be consumed by eating meat, nuts, seeds, cheese, lentils, yogurt, beans, fish and eggs. If you need to consume more, then there’s always protein powders. When we eat it our body burns more calories to digest it.

To gain any benefits from eating protein, we must consume the right amount.  This is 0.8 grams, per kilogram of body weight. If you’re a chosen sport is bodybuilding or you’re a professional athlete, you might need to consume more than this. Especially if you’re trying to put on weight.

Rapid weight loss.

If you’re looking to boost your weight loss, try garnishing your meals with hot peppers. To get that kick you could use the raw vegetable or use a sauce. The result will be the same, a body burning reaction. This is just another way to keep burning calories naturally.

Drinking coffee or green tea also delivers fantastic weight loss results. This is due to the caffeine content in coffee. The properties that cause weight loss is caffeine and flavonoids. I’ve spoken about green tea before, I complemented its effects on the body. But I hated the taste, I think it’s each to their own.

Don’t forget that you should always keep your meals balanced. Carbohydrates or vegetables are not super weight loss foods. But your body needs them, carbohydrates are needed to burn protein efficiently and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. An essential addition to any healthy eating program.

If you’re physically able and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, give some thought to an exercise program. It doesn’t have to be super intensive, even though it wouldn’t hurt. I would advise you keep it simple and focus on the long term sustainability, over the short term.


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Conclusion on foods to eat and lose weight naturally.

Losing weight can be and should be fun. Especially if you’re not trying to lose weight! Getting to grips with foods to eat to lose weight naturally. Will make a significant difference to anyone, who’s has tried to lose weight by going on a diet. And ended up falling short. The principles I would like you to adapt are simple.

  1. Enjoy your food.
  2. Keep all meals balanced.
  3. Keep your protein intake steady.
  4. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Lose weight.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. The aim is to help you achieve weight loss with ease. I would like to wish you success. If you have any questions or comments. Please leave them below and I will answer them as soon as possible.

To a natural life.

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