April 16, 2024
what is the importance of drinking water

what is the importance of drinking water

What Is The Importance Of Drinking Water.

What is the importance of drinking water?  Water is very important to our existence and our body cannot do without it.  This post will be focused on water, why we need water and the best ways to top up this vital fluid. No matter who you are, man, animal or regardless of your diet, you need water.

What is water?

Unless mixed with a cordial or juice water is a clear, tasteless fluid.  Its chemical name is H2O, this means that its composition is made of hydrogen and 2 parts oxygen.  Every cell that makes up pour genetic code relies on our water intake being regular and adequate enough to keep us hydrated.

What is the importance of drinking water.

Why does our body need water?

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What is the importance of drinking water.

The reasons for drinking water is simple, all parts of our body relies upon water.  Water helps to keep our organs functioning properly, when we sweat, the water that comes to the surface of our skin helps to keeps to cool us down. We constantly need to top our fluid levels because of what we lose on a daily basis, even without sweating!

I find that water can be quite boring at times and I always try my best to spice it up with a little cordial, this usually is an orange and pineapple tasting juice.

So, we now know that water is important because it helps to keep us hydrated. It keeps us cool and at times of sadness we lose it through our tear ducts. Water our bodies don’t need is urinated away. Our joints also benefits from water. So as you can see there’s so much that water has to offer us.

I find the hardest time to drink water, especially on its own, without a mixer is when it’s cold.  Yep, winter isn’t the best time.  As soon as summer hits, I can drink it by the pint, without any issues.  We are advised to drink approximately 2 pints per day but I totally disagree with this.

Not because I know what’s best, No!  My reasoning is that we are all different and we should drink when we feel thirsty, rather than just drinking because someone says we should!

Not all types of water are made the same!

Now, this is a strange statement to make but it’s true, we consume either bottledcarbonatedstill or tap water. The reason for this is the taste, I have found that tap water can have a weird taste and smell.  This is due to the chemicals used during the cleaning process.  A lot of people would say there’s no difference between the two but we all have our own views.

So, what would your choice be, in fact what type do you prefer? I’m sure you’ve tried both types.  Water quality is very important and unfortunately some countries advise you only drink bottled water.  This rule applies to countries such as Greece, India and Spain to name a few.

Did you also know that we also have hard and soft water, hard water can be recognized by the residue it leaves on taps and other water consuming devices, such as Iron’s, dishwashers and washing machines.

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What is the importance of drinking water.

The importance of water in sport.

In order to keep ourselves fit we need to eat healthily, exercise and drink water regularly.  Do you know the reason behind this?  Well let me tell you what those reasons are.  The first reason is to keep us hydrated, we need to consume between 1 – 2 litres per day.  If, we lose 5 – 8% of our body water we will become fatigued and have dizzy spells, but if we lose between 15 – 25% of our body water then death can occur, so as you can see drinking water is very important.

During exercise, we lose water in an attempt to cool down.  Our body releases water through our lymph glands.  This is why we are advised to drink regularly while exercising.  If, we don’t then the consequences, other than thirst could be headaches, cramps and you’ll notice a big drop in your performance on all levels.


Adequate Water intake recommendations
Age groupESFAIOM
Total water intakeFluid intakeTotal water intakeFluid intake
0-6 mo.0.68 (milk)0.68 (milk)0.700.70
6-12 mo.0.80 – 1.000.64 – 0.800.800.80
1-2 years1.10 – 1.200.88 – 0.90N/AN/A
2-3 years1.301.00N/AN/A
1-3 yearsN/AN/A1.300.90
4-8 years1.601.201.701.20
9-13 y. Boys2.101.602.401.80
9-13 y. Girls1.901.502.101.60
Boys 14+ & Adult Men2.502.003.302.60
Girls 14+ & Adult Women2.001.602.301.80
Pregnant Women2.301.842.601.90
Lactating Women2.602.103.402.80
ElderlyAs adultsGrown upAs adultsAs adults

Conclusion to what is the importance of drinking water.

Drinking water is a necessity, it’s something that we need to do and we need to do it daily.  Water allows our body to function to its optimum level on all fronts. We should understand what is the importance of drinking water and act up on the information we have been given to achieve the best from ourselves and keep us healthy.

I hope you have found this post useful.  And if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

To your health and well-being.  U.T.G

6 thoughts on “What Is The Importance Of Drinking Water

  1. We need water to survive and to stay healthy! We all suppose to be drinking water based on our weight to determine how many glasses of water we need. I admit I slacked on mine, but when I do drink water it sends you to the bathroom often. The benefits of drinking is phenomenal for it has great healing properties and can make us have clearer skin. Also, I drink alkaline water that has high levels like essentia. 

  2. He that gives water gives life. Water in itself is very important. Like you rightly pointed out all part of our body relies on water, it is very essential in keeping our system in the right state. Our skin is just like a system regulating the temperature of the body by evaporating the water out when needed.

  3. This post is the best post I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing such a great article among us. Here you have discussed in detail the importance of drinking water. We need to drink water regularly to keep ourselves fit. The importance of water in the human body is immense. Another name for water is life. Without water, no animal can survive. But the water must be pure. I learned Everything from this article on water. I’m so impressed. I think this article is useful for everyone. I want everyone in the world to know about this.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so that all people know about the importance of drinking water.Thanks.

  4. Every major diet or healthy meal plan encourages water consumption because of the many reasons you have alluded to. As I get older, joints are very important so along with proper diet  it is important to drink plenty of water. Clearly, it is important for every bodily function we have to drink plenty of water. 

  5. I recommend to all of the people drinking alchocol, beers, unalchoholic chemicals, coffe and everything that is not water bring everything of this down to the minimum, or even better, stop it! Our bodies are like machines, they will serve you the way that you serve them. Give your machines the best you can and stay healthy, it’s the most important thing!

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