February 19, 2024
Best exercise equipment for weight loss.

Best exercise equipment for weight loss.

Choosing the best exercise equipment for weight loss, is like having a friend sharing a journey with you. They’re there to help you through the highs and lows. But no matter what they never leave your side. I would like you to look at losing weight as a journey, a journey that is very important to you.

Not many people will understand your reasons for wanting to lose weight, but it’s not about anyone but you! I would like to introduce you to the best equipment for weight loss, that will help you achieve your weight loss goals in a short space of time.

Best exercise equipment for weight loss.

Your body deserves the best. The best advice, best programs and the best exercise equipment for weight loss! I would like to say that having the right equipment, is a great improvement to any program.  But it also needs an able body person too.  If you’re in good health, having the right equipment in your living room or garage can help you achieve the rest.

The best approach would be to lose weight slowly.  Losing weight in this manner gives you a better chance of keeping it off!  This should be high on your list of priorities.  There’re many diets that talk about delivering extreme weight loss.  But not many of them will tell you, that you’re going to put back on every pound you’ve lost.  Once you’ve left the program!


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Training to lose weight is very different.  If, you’re prepared to work hard and sweat to achieve your weight loss goals.  Using the best exercise equipment for weight loss to aid you goal, is an excellent idea.

Losing weight safely.

I will always explore your safety, before anything else!  Our bodies are designed to do a lot of things and sometimes we are almost helpless in how things are done.  Putting on weight is one of those things that our body does so easily.  Yet losing weight is such a chore!  I’m sure, I’m telling you something you probably already know.  We’ve all experienced this sometime in our lives and it’s an experience that we all keep re-living.

Keeping in shape can be a challenge at times.  Fitting into that little black dress or that tailor made suit, as never been harder.  But it’s a part of life, just another thing to think about.

The best exercise equipment for weight loss.

Finding the right equipment that will allow you to burn calories efficiently. Which in turn will allow you to drastically drop weight with every workout, isn’t easy.  Not because it doesn’t exist but because choosing the best exercise equipment for  weight loss.  Is no different from any other piece of equipment.

What makes the difference is how you intend to use it.  It’s like a workman blaming his tools, when a job goes wrong!  My advice is choose a piece of equipment that you’re happy with.  And build your weight loss program around it.

Your very own treadmill.

The first piece of equipment that should be using in your workout program is a treadmill.  Now, that’s also another way of saying you should be running.  Running for fitness or for weight loss is great, providing you are injury free.  On average, you can burn 100 calories per mile.  Using a treadmill just allows you to workout in all weather conditions and in the privacy of your home.  Boosting your cardiovascular system, which is one of its main health features.

A rowing machine.

My next best exercise equipment for weight loss, as to be a rowing machine.  Why you might ask? Well rowing will help you burn calories, but that’s not all.  Like a treadmill, rowing will improve your cardiovascular system, tone your legs, arms, shoulders and back.  Your calorie expenditure for the average person is between 500 – 700 calories per hour.  I believe for an all over body workout, that’s not bad!

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How to gain extreme training results.

Have you heard the saying, “It’s what you do with it that matters”.  Well isn’t that the truth. Getting the best result from your high tech piece of equipment, depends on you.

Here’s the basics:

Men should consume 2500 and women 2000 calories per day – our daily expenditure on average, without exercise is 350 calories per day.  Having a high muscle mass could alter this figure, which also takes your age and sex into consideration.

So, without exercise the average man has consumed 2150 calories.  The average woman has consumed 1700 (Taking into consideration the muscle difference).

Now it’s time to get active!

  • Men – Taking a 5-mile run ( 500 calories burned) and 1 hour of rowing (500 – 700 calories burned) will reduce your caloric intake to a possible 950 calories!  Now, this is assuming you’re eating healthily.
  • Women – Doing exactly the same type of workout, would start with 1700 calories. You could lose around 1200 calories, leaving you with a small intake of 500 calories!

The maths speaks for itself, using your best exercise equipment for weight loss will cause you serious weight loss.


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Burning more than you eat is the key to weight loss success

The approach we have taken here is all based on weight loss through training.  But for us to obtain great results, we need to have a nutrition plan in place.  Our bodies can do the work we ask of it, providing we give it the right fuel it needs!  In other words eating a balanced meal that contains the basic building blocks that we need to recover, repair, energize and grow.

This means eating:

  • Carbohydrates – Potato, pasta, rice, yams and sweet potato.
  • Protein – Lean meat, nuts, eggs and fish.
  • Minerals Vitamins – Vegetables, green leaf vegetables, beans, whole grainsavocado and lentils.

The best exercise equipment for weight loss conclusion.

There’s many ways to get to the same destination.  But some routes are safer and longer than others.  Losing weight or just trying to improve your fitness, can be achieved in many ways.  Again, some ways are safer than others.

Using the best exercise equipment for weight loss to achieve your weight loss target, is great.  But there needs to be a nutrition plan in place and your program.   Whichever you choose, should be sustainable.  Small steps will cover great distances!

I hope this points you in the right direction and allows you to make safe choices.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  I will answer them as soon as possible.

To Elite fitness – UTG.



2 thoughts on “Best Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

  1. Weight loss is a very popular topic now in our world because a lot of people have been looking on how to put themselves back in shape. One of the best ways though is through exercising but what exactly is needed to keep this exercising in the right time. I think I have to try that rowing machine you mentioned here since I’m also on the whole lose weight journey myself!

    1. I agree, weight loss is a on going problem and providing you are fit and healthy a rowing machine will help you shed the extra pounds!

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