February 23, 2024
Weight loss budget.

Weight loss budget.

Having a pocket full of money is always useful in life, but for many people that’s not an option. Weather that’s for day to day life or for a weight loss budget. Money does make the world go round! And unfortunately, rich or poor, there’s no stopping it. Knowing this fact shouldn’t stand in your way of living a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to lose weight without spending a small fortune, In fact, losing weight is easy, if you know how.

In this post I’m going to explain how to adapt a healthy lifestyle without over spending your budget.

Weight loss budget.

The cost of living is constantly rising, causing us to constantly re-evaluate the best ways to get things done. By get things done, I mean maintaining a healthy body and mind. Trying to achieve weight loss on a budget, isn’t complicated. In fact it’s easy, what is difficult is maintaining the desire to achieve your goal.<img src = "woman exercising outdoors.jpeg" alt="weight loss budget"/>

The best piece of advice I can offer you to help you stay the course, on your weight loss budget. All it takes is a change in your lifestyle! The change of a lifestyle is the major key to weight loss. I have discovered it doesn’t take expensive gym memberships or equipment.  All it takes is will power and determination to succeed!

Budget weight loss ideas.

There’re many ways to control your weight but I’d like to point out one important point and that is, your focus should be on you! How, what and when you eat? Combined with how much R and R you receive.

This is the basic blueprint to living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. So, now we’ve established the basic things you need for a weight loss budget, let’s run through a few exercise ideas.

  • Running.
  • Skipping.
  • Build your own H.I.I. T circuit.

There’re no costs involved to what I have put forward, you can run, skip or workout to your hearts content.

The benefits of running.

Running is a very popular exercise regime, that is undertaken by many people, the world over. It’s free, it can be performed anywhere at anytime, by anyone. The only draw back is a risk to knees, hips and ankle joints, especially if you’re overweight. Or not wearing the right running shoes!

The reason why running is a great form of exercise and would fit in any ones weight loss budget. Is because 30 minutes of running could burn between 280 and 520 calories, depending on your weight and your pace.

Skipping to a new you.

Anyone can skip but not many people have ever skipped. Now, I find this really hard to believe, considering I grew up skipping for fun.  Now, skipping is regarded has a great form of exercise, weight loss and co-ordination. Just like running, skipping is free to do, all you need is a rope and a little space.

The calories burned could be anything between 200 and 300 every 15 minutes.  I would like to advise care for anyone over weight. Skipping is a fun workout, but skipping on a hard floor, without the right footwear could cause joint problems.  But the benefits speaks for its self.

High-intensity interval training at home.

If you’ve tried losing weight before and unfortunately, you were unsuccessful. You might have a few weights lying around, if this is the case, why not build your own HIT circuit (High – Intensity interval circuit). This type of workout involves between 6 – 8 types of exercises, performed over a period of 30 to 60 seconds each.

This would be at the top of most people’s list, looking to lose weight on a weight loss budget.  The advantages are great but to be honest, it’s a combination of a few exercises rolled into one. Run, skip, climb stairs and even add some kettle bells.  The benefits and results are amazing too, a typical 30-minute workout can help you burn up to 500 calories.

This is all depending on your muscle type. Please bear in mind that women and men, have a different muscle mass and calories burned will vary.

<img src = "woman working out.jpeg" alt="weight loss budget"/>

Staying positive on a weight loss budget.

Trying to lose weight is hard but doing it on weight loss budget is even harder, mentally that is! The strength required to lose weight, shouldn’t be under estimated. It will take some planning and starting with small goals but keep an eye on the bigger picture.

  • Start with small goals.
  • Think yourself thinner.
  • Get support.
  • Give yourself rewards.

Take each day at a time and be patient. When you’re working with a budget results might come slower but remain positive. This is the greatest tool you possess and it’s free. Learn how to tap into your desires and watch your dreams materialize. Once you have set your budget, try to fix the thought in your mind, that reminds you that you can’t buy fancy diet plans. Or flashy equipment, all you have in abundance is open space and a will of steel to achieve.

But if you start to flake, keep yourself surrounded with positive support. People who share your dreams and knows that you’re on a weight loss budget and will steer you back on track, when you stray.

Rewarding positivity.

Our food can be filled with many calories and unfortunately, the foods we are drawn too contains even more! Now, this means chocolate, biscuits, cakes and of course alcohol. But these items don’t have to be seen as bad, especially if you are strong enough to sample them in small doses. For some this would be seen as playing with fire, but let me assure you it’s possible!

Here’s how I do it! My taste buds fancy some biscuits, before I’ve even touched a crumb, I’ve already set my target on 3 and only 3. I’ll take them from the packet and before I take a bite, I’ll put the rest away! This confirms in my mind that I only have 3 and no more. It’s a great test of strength, try it, you’ll be very surprised!

Conclusion to your weight loss budget.

I strongly believe that the only way to undertake a weight loss budget and succeed, is to adapt a lifestyle change. Combined with regular exercise and a rock solid positive aptitude. Anything can be undertaken and achieved, because life is for living. Trying to lose weight can take over other parts of your life, leaving you feeling uncertain about yourself. Keep a firm grip on what you are trying to achieve but don’t forget that it will take some time, so enjoy your life and the rest will fall in place.

I hope you have found this post an interesting read, if you have any concerns, questions or comments please leave them below. I will respond as soon as possible.

To better health.

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