December 5, 2023

XM - PRO Treadmill.


Xm – Pro III 2018 Review.


This review is about the Xm-Pro III 2018 review.  It’s a treadmill review that just seems to keep getting better!  It’s a technology update and how it just keeps on getting better.  I simply can’t get enough!  A prime example is the the Prestige Xm-Pro III treadmill.  It will hopefully follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.  This is the Xm – Pro III 2018 review and this review will be focused on this model only!

The new 2018 model is out and has been tweaked in so many ways.  To offer the best experience a running machine can give.  Products can change and ultimately will, but for now please enjoy this review.


It Just Keeps On Getting Better!


Colour Black.

Best buy from Only £209.90

There’s not many ways you can improve on a machine that’s already the bestseller and has lineage to back it up. The latest model is very quiet and offers the functionality of various speeds suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities. It’s very easy to set up and use. Prestige have given this product a lot of thought, it’s specifications are as follows:

The xm – Pro III 2018 review.

  • 1.0 Chp Powerful Motor.
  • 10 KPH Maximum Speed.
  • 8 Auto Programs + 1 Manual.
  • Fixed Incline.
  • Large Running Surface 1000 x 340 mm.
  • Simple LCD Display.
  • Full of Features.
  • Calorie Counter – 8 Auto Programs.
  • Time.
  • Distance.
  • Magnetic Safety Key (for emergency stop).
  • Towel Rail.
  • Drinks Holder.
  • Dimensions: 120 (H) x 48.5 (W) x 125 (L).
  • CM Maximum User Weight: 100 kg. 

Colour Black.

Best buy from Only £209.90.

A very lightweight running machine, designed with you the runner in mind. It offers a variety of incline levels to test the strongest and more experienced runner too. During a run a majority of runners like to listen to music, again this machine offers speakers for just that.

It’s a machine that has been given a beautiful upgrade without making it bulky or heavy, totally ideal for home use.

Why the Xm – Pro?  Running Machines Are All The Same – Right!

2 Year warranty.

Where to buy from Only £209.90.

Well no! The world of treadmills is quite vast. They’re all types, models and of course costs will vary and sometimes a lot!  The Xm – Pro III 2018 review, lets you know that this model has been designed for home use.  Can you get better? Maybe!  But when it comes to value for money you won’t go wrong.

Every piece of training equipment you buy will be very personal to your needs.  My advice is to try out as many models that you can, to find out which one feels good for you.

It’s a home professional running machine that offers a sensible price tag. Prestige are now offering five gifts with their machine, which makes it even more attractive.

  • A fruit infusion bottle. I’m sorry you need to supply your own fruit.
  • An aerobic twist disc with free resistance bands.
  • Free e books (3) titles are:
  • Get Fit Fast.
  • Healthy Eating.
  • Treadmill Maintenance Guide.


<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="gifts.jpg" alt="xm-pro III 2018 review">
Xm – Pro III Free stuff.

So, if you’re looking to buy a beautiful running machine that you have tried out.  Then just look at all the free stuff as a deal breaker.   There’s something for everyone.

Truly a beautiful running machine!


Colour Black.

2 Year Parts Warranty.

5 Free Gifts.

Where to Buy from Only £209.90.

Treadmills like any form of technology can change overnight, so please browse before you make a purchase.


I hope you find my Xm – Pro III 2018 review useful and please leave your comments and questions below.

To your health. UTG.














2 thoughts on “Xm – Pro III 2018 Review

  1. Looks good. And it certainly is a futuristic looking treadmill with all the bells and whistles. am i reading what you wrote correctly that it comes with speakers?? You can play music with it? And an LCD screen for movies. That makes a lot of sense to have a treadmill fitted with audio and visuals as well. I think its a good price.

  2. Hi Derek,

    That is very affordable! I know, because I bought treadmill some years ago, and I made a similar price, but no where near as good as the one you have here. The one I had was really cumbersome to move and your one looks like it’d be easy to haul around if you have to.

    I really could do with one of these you know. Sometimes I just don’t want to walk out of my place to take a walk. So having this in my home would help a lot on those days I just want to hibernate.

    Thanks for your article and certainly will give it some more thought.

    – Philip.

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